Sage FAS Barcode Reader: Intermec® CN

Sage FAS Barcode Reader: Intermec® CN3
A durable and robust barcode reader:
Implement a complete fixed asset inventory solution by combining FAS Asset Inventory with
the Intermec CN3, a rugged barcode reader. The Intermec CN3 enables a mobile workforce to
efficiently record and store information about the fixed asset inventory by scanning asset labels
and verifying its attributes. This information can then be downloaded into the FAS Asset Inventory
database, ensuring that once the data is tracked and updated, it can then be reconciled.
D E S C R I P T I O N S peci f ication
Operating System
Windows Mobile 5.0®
Intel® XScale PXA 270, 520 MHz
Memory and Storage
RAM: 128 MB
Flash ROM: 128 MB
Standard Communications
USB 1.1 Host and Client
Ethernet via desktop single dock
Standard Battery Pack
3.7V, 2200 mAh (8.1 Watt hour LI Ion)
3.5 in (89 mm) QVGA (240x320) pixel 64k color
Transflexive TFT-LCD, LED Backlight
14 oz - 16 oz (397 - 454 g)
Drop Specification
5’ (1.5 m) 26 x all faces, sides and corners
Optional Accessories
Extended Battery Pack 3.7 V, 4000 mAh
(14.8 Watt-hour LI Ion)
Extended Warranty
End-to-end solutions. Expert advice.
Ongoing support. That’s Sage 360º.
Asset Inventory Labels
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