Local Authority APR Template 2014-15

Annual Performance Report (APR) 2014/15
Local Authority Wiltshire Council
Part A. Key Performance Targets
Level of performance measured against the following key performance targets for registration
Waiting times
Where an appointment system is
operated ensure availability of an
appointment within the agreed
Level %
(Target: 95%
Timeliness of registration stats taken monthly from
Agenda appointment system and monthly mystery
shopper shows on average an appointment is available
within 3.5 days throughout 2014/15.
(i) birth registration/declaration within 5
working days
3.5 days =
(ii) still-birth registration/declaration
within 2 working days
1.1 days =
Timeliness of registration stats taken from Stopford
Agenda system, average across 2014/15 an
appointment is available within 1.1 day – This is also a
requirement of the local authority service delivery plan.
(iii) death registration/declaration within
2 working days
1.9 days =
Timeliness of registration stats taken monthly from
Stopford Agenda appointment system and monthly
mystery shopper shows on average an appointment is
available within 1.9 days throughout 2014/15.
(iv) notices for marriage and civil
3.33 days Stopford Agenda appointment system and monthly
mystery shopper shows on average throughout 2014/15
partnership within 10 working days and
= 100%
a Notice of marriage appointment is available within
therefore to allow the marriage/CP to
3.33 days.
proceed at a time and venue of the
customer's choice where reasonable
and practical
Monitoring methodology used (e.g. Data from electronic diary; exception reporting; spot checks of diary).
Data for births, still-birth, deaths and Notice of Marriage appointments are taken availability of appointments via
the Stopford Agenda electronic diary system and monthly secret shopper exercises which are recorded
throughout the year, averaging in the waiting times stated in the comments boxes above.
We cannot guarantee that clients will be seen at the office of their choice within the prescribed timeframe but
they will certainly be offered an appointment at one of the offices within the district. Occasionally they will
decline this offer, preferring to wait until the next available appointment at the office most convenient to them
which could impact on the death registration results.
In the early part of 2015 we have noticed an increase in the level of death registrations which has meant we
have had to re-evaluate our appointments system to reflect the need to offer more death registration
Customer satisfaction
Level %
Customers should be dealt with (Target: 95%
courteously, with sensitivity and in a satisfied
personalised manner. To evaluate this customers)
and other aspects of service delivery,
the customer should be asked a set of
questions covering:
• Courteousness;
• Accessibility (e.g. initial contact and
• Appointment availability;
• Office accommodation;
• Future service provision/planning
needs (optional).
The result of this customer survey showed a
return of 135 surveys out of the 250 originally
distributed; a return rate of 54% across all the
surveys, which is a very good return rate. This
year, the surveys had been distributed with more
of a personal touch, by the person actually
supplying the service. We are pleased by the
satisfaction rate of 99.5% with many positive and
heartfelt compliments written by our satisfied
customers, but we know that there is at least one
person contacted by the survey whom we have
failed, so there is always room for improvement.
Annual Performance Report (APR) 2014/15
Monitoring methodology used (e.g. Periodic customer surveys; Customer comment cards).
It had been decided to target smaller but specific areas of our customer base during this year. This had shown
a greater percentage of returned surveys than our previous, less personal, method.
We targeted 200 parents towards the end of 2014 who came in to register the birth of their babies. The return
rate was 22%, with 100% of that number rating the service they had received as either “good” or “excellent”.
Although there were few personal comments in this category, it was satisfying to see that everyone was happy
with the way in which they had been treated by the Registration staff, with comments such as professional,
knowledgeable and caring being used to describe their appointment time. One third of the parents had
received information about registering their baby by a healthcare professional, one third by accessing the
Wiltshire Council website and the final third by direct contact with the Service by telephone or in person at one
of our offices.
A further 200 customers were surveyed, where appropriate, following the registration of a death. This is often
an emotional time and the registration team are mindful that it can be seen as insensitive to be handing out
surveys as this time. However, it is done with sensitivity and the suggestion that perhaps it can be done at a
quieter time; we would never knowingly upset someone or force the survey upon them. The comments
received in this category reflect that calm and professional approach, with many people acknowledging the
need to maintain a slightly impersonal, but never uncaring, attitude to the business in hand. The return rate
was 22.5 % and 99.5% of these customers recorded that they had received either “good” or “excellent” service,
with many recording their thanks and relief at being guided so kindly through the proceedings. Just over a third
of these customers were provided with information on the process of death registration by either funeral
directors or healthcare professionals; a slighter lower number contacted the Wiltshire Council website and the
final third preferred the personal touch given over the telephone or by calling into one of our offices.
In October 2014, 52 surveys were conducted by e-mail, over the phone and in person with customers who had
used the Copy Certificate Service. 88.5% of these customers responded, with 100% of them satisfied with the
service they had received, rating it as either “good” or “excellent”. Many of the comments received spoke of the
friendliness, knowledge and excellent customer service received from the team and of the swift turn-around of
the certificates. As we deal with many family history enthusiasts, some are returning customers who use many
other local authorities in their quests and it is very satisfying to know we are considered so highly by them.
As well as customer surveys, 139 cards, letters or e-mails have been received by the offices from grateful
We have dealt with 9 complaints this year with all being resolved at stage 1 of the formal complaints process.
Only 2 complaints were upheld.
This year we will be looking at surveying all of our service areas in some way and work is in progress to design
an on-line form to cover notice appointments. We also look to improve the way we ask for feedback on
ceremonies, as the type of ceremony the Registration Service in Wiltshire can offer expands.
We will continue to seek to improve the methods of collecting information and act on our customers’ comments
and suggestions, where relevant, to improve the standard of our service.
March 2015
All complaints are referred to the Head of Service and full records retained. Appropriate council procedures
have been used and the expectations of the council’s behaviours framework and registration customer service
have been made very clear. Although we received
Part B. Statutory and Other Operational Delivery Standards
B1. Statutory Standards
Please report on performance against these standards in the Good Practice Guide. As appropriate include details of
any work planned, in progress or undertaken to address any areas where standards have not been met.
All Standards met
If No, list Standards not met and planned remedial action
Standards met
Standard 1
Standard 2
Annual Performance Report (APR) 2014/15
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 5
Standard 6
Standard 7
Standard 8
Standard 9
Standard 10
Standard 11
Standard 12
Standard 13
Standard 14
Standard 15
Standard 16
Standard 17
Standard 18
Standard 19
Standard 20
Standard 21
Standard 22
Standard 7 – there is no official out of hour’s service. However funeral
directors, nursing homes, marriage venues and the local hospital have the
contact details of all managers’ work mobile phones and they would
organise appropriate service if required before the next normal working
Standard 10 – Stat ceremonies currently offered at WRO Mon-Sat each
week. This will change to Mon-Fri from 2 Sep 2015.
Standard 16 – indexing we are up to date on all indexes prior to RON and
the majority of all registrations are accessible on Wiltshire BMD. RON
entries are identified by staff on the computer system for clients. Please
confirm if hard copy indexes for RON should be printed off.
B2. Operational and Service Delivery Standards
Please report on performance against these standards in the Good Practice Guide. As appropriate include details of
any work planned, in progress or undertaken to address any areas where standards have not been met.
All Standards met
Customer Service –
Waiting Times
Customer Satisfaction
Stakeholder Consultation
Information about service
Complaints & Compliments
Service Delivery Plan
Developing and leading service
If No, list Standards not met and planned remedial action
Stakeholder consultation:This has not been conducted for
several years and will be re-introduced in 2015/16.
Website being redeveloped throughout the council during
2015/16. Online bookings being introduced in May 2015.
Technical assessments have now been completed for all Registration
Officers during 2014/15 year.
Annual Performance Report (APR) 2014/15
Leading continuous service
Managing systems
Induction and training
Improve and Achieve
Two members of staff are currently undertaking the NVQ qualification –
regular training for all staff is undertaken e.g. sham marriages, DOLs,
Terrorist threat training through guest speakers, Council learning and
development team and Registration training officer.
Part C. Performance against Service Delivery Plans; Local Service Developments
C1. Please provide a summary of attainment against your service delivery plan for 2014/15 and
consider completing a Good Practice Summary in respect of any new local initiatives or practice.
Customer Service: From 2 March 2015 the service has taken responsibility for offering Part 2 of Tell Us
Once from the Customer Services team. Already uptake has improved by 15% rising to 84.1% face to
face consultations during the month of March 2015.
The registration service has formally adopted the National Technical Standards for assessment of all
Registration Officers. Technical assessments commenced in Oct 2014 and were completed on 2 April
2015 with excellent results in competency recorded for all Registration Officers. Technical assessments
for all ceremonies officers are due to be conducted through 2015/16.
Online booking appointments are due to be tested in May 2015 with roll out in June 2015. Clients will be
able to e-book appointments for birth and death registrations and notice of marriage and civil partnership
A new marketing strategy is in place to help grow the ceremonies side of the service. A new local authority
website is being developed and the registration service has been identified as a priority area to revamp
and update its web pages. It was felt that this corporate approach was a better option for the service
rather than developing its own dedicated website.
A wedding fayre was held in the Atrium at County Hall, Trowbridge in October 2014 which was extremely
successful in promoting the new ceremony rooms.
Progress has been made to provide a further outstation in Larkhill, Salisbury Plain to meet the needs of
Armed Forces families moving into Wiltshire. It is scheduled to open in January 2016.
Following the GRO stock audit in January 2015, the electronic stock control system has been upgraded by
the County Registrar to incorporate the suggestions put forward following the audit. These include dates
when certificates are checked (to ensure none are missing) in addition to being brought into use and the
signature of the person checking that all are correct. This is monitored regularly by the County Registrar.
In addition physical spot checks at the various offices are being conducted by members of the
management team to ensure that the data recorded reflects the stock levels accurately.
An online booking form has been introduced to enable couples to submit their choices for their ceremony
electronically. This form can then be stored electronically within their Stopford booking to enable the
celebrant to access their choices and view all details of the wedding booking on the Stopford system. This
has proven to be a very popular addition with our customers. We also now confirm by email, date, time
and venue for all appointments (births, deaths and notices of marriage/cp) throughout the district. This
email also reiterates the documentation required for the appointment.
Good Practice
We would be grateful if you were able to complete a good practice summary template for each
item, list them below and return with your Annual Performance Report. However, if this is likely
Annual Performance Report (APR) 2014/15
Template provided in
‘Local Authority
Annual Performance
Reports –
Guidance on
to delay return of the APR, please email summaries separately to your DPU Account Manager.
▪ MDA form – on line ceremony choice form which clients can complete and return
Good Practice
Tick As
To Follow
SR writing up good practice template to submit.
Part D. Counter-fraud and Public Protection: Annual assurance to the Registrar General on the
application of national standards to guard against and report fraud and to protect data.
D1. GRO Guidance Please confirm that you have referred to the GRO guidance on annual assurance
GRO Guide Annual Assurance
Statement provided in
‘Local Authority Annual Performance
Reports – Supplementary Guidance
on Completion’.
Updated form at Annexe A.
D2. Please confirm that the requirements of the GRO Guidance have been met in respect of the
following: (where not, provide full details of issues and planned remedial action).
Suspicious Certificate
1 application submitted Jan 2015. All staff reminded of the importance of
being alert for suspicious certificate applications. Certificate team based in
the History Centre use the GRO Reporting Suspicious Applications for
Birth Certificates consistently as a checklist and are competent and
confident in reporting suspicious applications.
Monthly record maintained of the number of suspicious certificate
applications reported as part of annual statistics. Data monitored by Head
of Service.
4 applications submitted 2 in Jun 2014, 1 in Sep 2014 and 1 in Oct 2014.
Suspected Sham Marriage
Data Protection
Data controller is the SR who is registered with the ICO. There are 8
principles for data control and protection which must be applied to the way
personal data is collected
It must be processed fairly and lawfully
Obtained for Specified and lawful purposes
Adequate, relevant and not excessive
Accurate and up to date
Not kept longer than necessary
Processed in accordance with the individual’s rights
Securely kept
Not transferred to any other county without adequate protection in place.
Registration Online System
Limited number of Systems Administrators appointed. SR responsible for
removing leavers on date of leaving or asap afterwards. SR also removes
members of the team who have not accessed the system within the last
28 days.
Training on sham marriages with the implementation of Part II of the
Immigration Act 2014 was conducted for every member of the team on
24/25 Feb 2015 for implementation from 2 March 2015. All staff have
been reminded of the requirements for reporting suspected sham
marriages and civil partnerships and are actively encouraged to undertake
the GRO e-learning modules. Copies of s24 reports provided to county
SR for onward submission.
Monthly record maintained of the number of sham marriages and CPs
reported as part of annual statistics. Data monitored by Head of Service.
Annual Performance Report (APR) 2014/15
Part E. Scheme related issues and Service Delivery Plan
You are only required to submit a service delivery plan (SDP) for 2015/16 if there have been changes to
the prescribed content or significant changes to service provision during 2014/15.
Service delivery plan – prescribed content
Please confirm that the following information, which is required for scheme purposes, has or will
be included in your 2015/16 service delivery plan or has not been subject to change since submission
of your previous plan to GRO.
Any Change
The number, names and boundaries of
registration districts and sub-districts
within the local authority
The number of principal officer posts
appointed within each district and subdistrict
The location of register offices, head
offices and other service delivery points
within each registration district (e.g.
including hospitals and other outstations)
Access and service availability times
including emergency ‘out of hours’
arrangements; telephone numbers
Changes to Registration Service
Provision Please provide details with dates.
Planned for
If yes, please provide details at E2
If Yes please provide details
(i) Boundaries and districts
(ii) Principal Officer Posts abolished
and/or created
(iii) Service point locations
(iv) Service opening times; telephone
A new outstation may be
opened at Larkhill Garrison in
arly 2016 to help cope with the
expected uptake in registrations
with the large influx of military
personnel and their families to
the district. A recent army
survey established that per 100
households nationally there are
11 births per year. In army
quarters this raises to 23.5 per
Annual Performance Report (APR) 2014/15
E 3 Service Delivery Plan Summary - 2015/16.
Please provide details of the key developments and deliverables planned for the local registration service for 2015/16
below or, for convenience, you may choose to submit an updated SDP
Tick as
See attached Service Delivery Plan
(i) 2015/16 Service Delivery Plan Attached
(ii) 2015/16 Service Delivery Plan not Attached (Key Deliverables Summarised Below)
SDP has been attached as the council has developed a corporate plan which the registration service must
link into. It does not enable the inclusion of boundary information, organisational chart, opening times etc
so those have been added to the Annual Report which is also attached. Both documents will appear on
the council website.
Business Continuity Plan
Please confirm that a business continuity
plan is in place and has been reviewed
and updated as necessary?
If no, when will this action be taken?
There is a plan in place currently however the
council is developing a new format for the
corporate plan which the registration service is
linking into so this new plan will replace the old
version by summer 2015. An exercise to test the
plan is being organised by the Council for later in
2015 when we will be testing our resilience
Part F. Acknowledgement
The local authority continues to commit to meeting the national standards contained
in the Good Practice Guide.
The local authority continues to commit to the principles of the Code of Practice
The local authority agrees to sharing statistical data contained in this report with
other local authorities.
26 April 2015
(Proper Officer for
Registration Matters)
The completed report should be returned to dpsupport@hmpo.gsi.gov.uk by 30th April 2015.