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JOVYATLAS – Your professional, reliable partner
for all aspects of energy supply!
Take a look through this leaflet to find out more
about our products and services and discover our
extensive product range! You will find a detailed
description of our wide array of products on our
website at
For over six decades JOVYATLAS has been supplying
reliable energy systems for a wide range of applications in business and industry.
As a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply
(UPS), rectifiers, inverters, frequency converters and
resistors and as a supplier of various types of
batteries we provide an extensive range of products
using innovative technologies and providing specific
solutions to meet our customers’ needs.
Our in-house technical development department
adapts our range of products to the current needs
of the market and to the individual wishes of our
customers. We can provide the optimal technical
solution to accommodate almost any customerspecific requirement. Individual advice and reliable
24-hour service add the finishing touch to our
customer care.
With JOVYATLAS you will always have the
perfect partner at your side!
You might also like to make use of our price list
with the new product navigation
system. By the JOVYATLAS
price list you will now be able
find the product you are
looking for even more easily. The
clear color coding will lead you
straight to the product you want.
You can obtain the JOVYATLAS price
list and product catalogue in printed
form or as an interactive PDF file on CD.
C o n t a c t our sales department to request your copy
– you can easily do so by using the last page of this
leaflet. We will be happy to send our price list to you
in the version you prefer!
Uninterruptible Power Supply /
Hospital UPS-Systems
Our product range in the field of uninterruptible /
hospital UPS systems is nearly unlimited by their
areas of application and possible uses.
We provide you with the right solution for every
application and for any problem: from protecting
PCs or home offices through to safeguarding large
networks and server systems, whether on land or
water, in the field of health care or for industrial
processes. Uninterruptible/battery-based power
supply units from JOVYATLAS provide reliable
service throughout the world and offer secure
protection against damage or adverse effects
from power failure, undervoltage or overvoltage,
changes in frequency and harmonic distortions.
Make the most of our many years of experience –
we will be happy to advise you on a multitude of
individual applications and show you solutions for
critical consumer loads.
Our product range is complemented by our matched
service: in addition to maintenance and repairs our
service technicians carry out commissioning and
training, both on-site or at JOVYATLAS.
For over 65 years the broad range of products
offered by JOVYATLAS has included a multitude of
standard rectifier products, as well as rectifiers tailormade to meet customer requirements, all of which
are used throughout the world.
Whether you require our 24-hour-service-hotline, equipment for hire, our wide range of spare
parts, maintenance work, network analyses and
load tests, or the commissioning of new systems –
JOVYATLAS is your reliable, professional service
Our rectifier product range includes lamp rectifiers,
battery-supported rectifiers (DC-UPS), switchedmode rectifiers, PFC-rectifiers, 6-pulse/12-pulse rectifiers and rectifiers for submarine technology.
Our technology is always adapted to the market and
its current requirements – whether it’s to the special
needs of the submarine segment or to the demand
for ever more compact and more economical system
solutions on the international telecommunications
Our 24-hour-service guarantees that you will be
able to reach our expert staff at any time – 24 hrs,
365 days a year.
Professional courses and training programs in the
field of power supply technology complete the
range of services that we offer. Customers and
partners can receive training tailored to their
individual needs and systems, either in-house at
JOVYATLAS or on their own premises. Once you
have been trained, we will always keep you up-todate with the latest developments.
JOVYATLAS training courses are designed for
specialist dealers, planning offices, end-users and
installation companies.
Special Devices
Inverters, Frequency Converters
Make an application for information:
I‘m interested in the JOVYATLAS - price list
printed type / catalogue
digital type / CD
I‘m interested in the JOVYATLAS Newsletter
and would like to get actual information
about products and special offers per mail
I‘m interested in a personal no-obligation
consultation. Please get in contact.
Special Technology, Inverters, Frequency Converters
JOVYATLAS imports batteries from First Power and
sells EXIDE, Hoppecke, Hawker and CTM batteries.
JOVYATLAS has built up a strong reputation
in the field of special technology by manufacturing customer-specific products.
Job / task
Please use fax: +49 (0)491 6002 - 48
JOVYATLAS Elektrische Umformtechnik GmbH
Groninger Straße 29-37, 26789 Leer, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)491 6002-0
mail: [email protected]
In accordance with battery design and classification,
we distinguish between the following battery types:
AGM batteries, OPzV batteries, OGi batteries, OGiV
batteries, GroE batteries and OPzS batteries.
We not only supply the right batteries but also provide the corresponding service!
In order to guarantee the optimal performance of
the battery you are using, we recommend regular
inspection of the battery condition by our expert
staff. Checking the batteries is essential to ensure
that a UPS unit remains in perfect working order.
That’s why we always include battery inspections in
our maintenance contracts UPS units – however, our
service staff will also be happy to complete separate
battery checks, irrespective of the field in which they
are being used.
Our service technicians carry the appropriate load
banks on their vehicles to check batteries, no matter what the consumer load or manufacturing process involved. In this way, defective or weak battery
blocks can be identified at an early stage.
Please remember: any battery unit is only as strong
as its weakest battery block.
Whether it’s in the maritime or military sectors, in the
field of renewable energy, in mining, rail technology
or industrial production and process automation:
JOVYATLAS is your professional partner.
We manufacture inverters to supply a very wide
range of consumer loads with single-phase or
three-phase connections, especially for communication equipment or as an emergency battery power supply for sensitive AC loads in power stations,
production sites, etc.
In addition, our range of frequency converters
provides the ideal solution for converting the
existing network frequency into the specific frequency that a customer requires.
Our wide product range also includes shoreside converters, GPCs (global power converters), which are used for yachting and motor boats to adapt the land network to the
existing on-board power supply, no matter what
the voltage and frequency of the supply in the port
In addition to that we also manufacture converters
that make it possible to charge/discharge submarine batteries in a fully automatic process.
resistors has a long
tradition at JOVYATLAS,
as does development and production of entire
resistor systems according to customers request.
Due to our extensive experience, our customers
esteem JOVYATLAS as a professional, flexible partner
for the manufacture of a wide range of resistor
systems – both individual resistor components and
complete solutions that meet customer specifications.
We are producing resistors for a wide variety of
technical applications, with a range of performance
between 10 W and several thousand kW.
As a special service, we have load banks and resistors
available for hire. Our rental equipment, which you
can access easily and at short notice, includes:
3 small Easyload 100 kW load banks
- suitable for transportation by automobile
Elektrische Umformtechnik GmbH
D-26789 Leer, Groninger Straße 29-37
1 mobile PLM 700 kW load bank
1 CONpower 2.9 MW load bank
- in a 10 - foot container
We will be happy to provide you with the appropriate service for each piece of equipment that you
hire, including delivery, project management and
logistical support.
Your professional
and reliable partner
for all aspects of
power supply
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