Notes and News

Notes and News
Announcements and other items of crystallographic interest will be published under this heading at the discretion of the
Editorial Board. Copy should be sent direct to the British Co.editor (R. C. Evans, Crystallographic Laboratory,
Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, England).
3 ° Strips for Fourier A n a l y s i s and S y n t h e s i s
A t h i r d issue of these Fourier strips has now been completed, a n d the sets can be supplied in the following two
forms: (1) U n c u t tables, each set containing 366 tables
7 in. b y 12½ in., duplicated on b o t h sides (except t h a t
the h = 30 tables are printed on one side only). Instructions for c u t t i n g a n d for the m a k i n g of suitable boxes
can be supplied. Delivery of this form is prompt. Price
£15, plus postage. (2) Cut strips, m o u n t e d in two mah o g a n y boxes w i t h sloping sides, r e a d y for use. Delivery
time in this form depends u p o n the demand. The price is
£40, plus £2.10.0. cost of crate for export, plus cost of
shipping. The gross weight is 45 lb.
The 3 ° strips give the values of A cos hn3 ° a n d
A sin hn3 ° to the nearest integer, for values of n going
from 0 to 30 (even values of n being on one side a n d odd
values of n on the reverse side). The range of A covered
(on the different strips) is from --100 to + 100 in steps
of 1, a n d t h e n to + 9 0 0 in steps of 100. Thus immediate
two-figure working is obtained, a n d users requiring higher
accuracy can draw two strips per amplitude to reach a
value of 1,000. The values of h go directly up to 30 in
different c o m p a r t m e n t s of the boxes, b u t the separation
into even a n d odd values of n means t h a t b y suitable
changes of sign of the amplitudes the range of h can be
extended to all values. Similarly, of course, the range of
n can be extended from 30 to 120.
Papers describing the strips a n d their uses are:
BEEVERS, C . A . & L~eso~, H . (1934). Phil. Mag.
BEEVERS, C. A. & L~eso~, H. (1936). Nature, Lend.
Lreso~, H. & BEEV~RS, C . A . (1936). Prec. Phys.
48, 772.
BEEVERS, C . A . (1952). Acta Cryst. 5, 670.
BEEVERS, C. A. & LIPSO~, H. (1952). Acta Cryst. 5,
All enquiries should be addressed to Dr C. A. Beevers,
D e p a r t m e n t of Chemistry, W e s t Mains Road, E d i n b u r g h
9, Scotland.
International U n i o n of Crystallography
The E x e c u t i v e Committee acknowledges w i t h deep
g r a t i t u d e the receipt of a sum of $ 2853.70, representing
the balance of funds raised in the U.S.A. some time ago
u n d e r the sponsorship of the N a t i o n a l Research Council
in support of the publication programme of the Union.
de GeUO4
An error occurs in the aboxie short communication b y
A. Durif (Acta Cryst. (1956), 9, 533). The last line of
oxygen coordinates should read y, ½+~, ¼+z; y, ½--x,
Tables de lin6arisation des produits et p u i s sances des facteurs de structure
Errors occur in the above short communication b y E. F .
B e r t a u t a n d J. Dulae (Acts Cryst. (1956), 9, 322). I n
§ 1° (a) (--1) k+l a n d (--1) l+h should read (--1) '¢+l a n d
(-- 1)Z+h respectively.
I n the reprints of this article e on the right-hand side
of equation (1) should read el.
A note on cyc/o-(hexap, lycyl)
Errors occttr in the above short communication b y
E. M. Cant (Acts Cryst. (1956), 9, 681). The b cell dimension of cycle- (hexaglycyl) h e m i h y d r a t e should be 15.59 A.
The space group of cyclo-(hexaglycyl) m o n o h y d r a t e
should be P2/a.
The following is the list of contents of the first t h r e e
p a r t s of t h e recently-founded Russian journal Kristallografiya.
Part 1
N. V. BELOV a n d T. N. TA_~KHOVA. Coloured s y m m e t r y
A. I. t~T~aGORODSXrr. D e t e r m i n a t i o n of t h e signs of
structure amplitudes.
B. K. V ~ S H T E I N . The kinetic t h e o r y of the intensities
of reflexions in a n electronogram. I. P o i n t electronograms.
M. A. PORA~-Kos~rITS. A deduction of the working formulae for the electron density a n d structure a m p l i t u d e s
on the basis of t h e s y m m e t r y a n d a n t i - s y m m e t r y
properties of trigonometric functions.
G. B. Bo~II, T . I . M__~r~ovsxII a n d A. V. ABLOV. The
structures of the dihalogeno-diamines of cobalt.
E. A. GRIBOVA, G. S. Z~rDA_WOVand G.A. GOL'D~R. X - r a y
structural investigations of indigo a n d thioindigo.
G. S. ZHDANOV, Z. V. Z v o ~ o v A a n d L. G. VORONTSOVA.
X - r a y structural investigation of m e t h y l e n e blue.
Z. G. PINSX.ER a n d S. V. KAV~RI~. Electronographie det e r m i n a t i o n of the structure of the iron carbide Fe4C.
Z. V. ZvoNxovA. Crystal-chemical studies of the n a t u r e
of donor-accepter bonds in complex compounds of
G . B . B o ~ t I a n d S. S. BATS~-C~OV. New ionic refractions.
A.F. K_~usT~s~.
Constant a n d multiple proportions
as basic assumptions of c r y s t a l l o g r a p h y a n d chemistry.
A. V. S ~ N I K O V . Certain peculiarities of the t h e r m a l
deformation of crystals.
I. S. ZEELVDEV. Dielectric ellipsoids a n d surfaces of dielectric permeability.
G. G. LEM]YlLE1-Na n d E. D. DtYKOVA. I n v e s t i g a t i o n of t h e
rates of t a n g e n t i a l growth of e l e m e n t a r y layers on
crystals of paratoluidine.
A. A. C m ~ N o v . On t a n g e n t i a l rates of growth of elem e n t a r y layers on t h e surface of a crystal.
-I. A. YAXOVlmV, L. F. ]V[I~n'E~EV and T. S. VELICHKII~A.
Molecular scattering of light a n d the transformation
of quartz.
S h o r t communication~
N . V. B ~ o v a n d T. N. T ~ O V A .
On 'strips' methods
of calculating Fourier syntheses in the structure analysis of crystals.
B. K. VAII~SZ~TEIN. Application of the theorem of convolution to the deduction of the formula for the
t e m p e r a t u r e factor.
K . S. AImKSA~DROV. A special case of the propagation
of elastic waves ifi crystals.
KH. S. BAGDASAROV a n d A. P. KAPUSTII~. Obtaining etch
figures b y means of ultrasonic oscillations.
S. S. BATSANOV. The relation between the temperatures
of melting a n d the refractive indices of ionic crystals.
B. F. O ~ o ~ r .
On the question of the possibility of
forming the structures of deuterides (hydrides) of
metals keeping molecules or pairs of h y d r o g e n atoms
in the lattice.
Part 2
Pierre Curie (On the 50th a n n i v e r s a r y of his death).
B. K. V ~ n ~ s ~ n ~ . The kinematic t h e o r y of the intensities of reflections in a n eleetronogram. I I . Electronograms from textures a n d polycrystals.
A. I. ZAS~VSXH a n d D. L. ROOACHEV. D e t e r m i n a t i o n of
t h e Laue class a n d the orientation of an inorganic
crystal from one p h o t o g r a p h of the s t a t i o n a r y crystal
in polychromatie radiation.
N . L. S ~ N O V A . Structural t y p e s w i t h the closest packLug of atoms. Possible structure types with the composition A B 3.
E. G. I~SE~rKO, I. M. RumA~OVA a n d N. V. BET,ov. The
crystal structure of zoisite.
G. B. BoKix a n d T. S. KHODASHOVA. An X - r a y structural
s t u d y of crystals of I n F 3 . 3tt~O.
N. N. Z ~ v ~ m v
a n d G . S . ZHDANOV. Metallographic
a n d X - r a y studies of alloys in the system g e r m a n i u m rhodium.
S. A. SE~,ETOV a n d Z. G. PINS~ER. An electronographic s t u d y of the degree of perfection of single
crystals of germanium.
B. B. ZVYA~n~. The electronographie investigation of
h y d r o -micas.
G. I. D~S~mR. The optical properties of new ultraviolet
polarizing light filters.
G. I. DXST~mR a n d E. V. P~a~VOVA. The exploitation and
s t u d y of t h e r m a l l y stable polarizing light filters.
P. G. POSDNY~KOV. The growth of crystals of ethylene
cliamlne t a r t r a t e .
Short communications
N. V. BELOV a n d T . N . TARKHOVA. A nomographic
m e t h o d for calculating structure factors.
Z. G. PI~SKER, O. S. OREKHVO a n d A. I. MILT,ER. Electronographie studies of alloys of Bi a n d Sb a n d certain
oxides of these elements.
I. E. KA~r~rrsEv. The question of the orientated crystallization of potassium iodide a n d bromide on muscovite.
¥ . G. ZUBOV. A simple m e t h o d of observing the phase
transformation in single crystals of quartz.
Letters to the editor
A. V. SHUB~KOV. On the absence of a determined
relationship between the homology of t h e external
forms of crystals a n d the homology of their optical
M. A. POR~-KOSHITS. The application of calculating
machines in X - r a y structural calculations.
Part 3
I n m e m o r y of A. K. Boldyrev.
Z. I. EZHKOVA, Z. K . ZOLINA. X - r a y d e t e r m i n a t i o n of
the elementary cells and space groups of the piezoelectric crystals KLiC4H4Oe. H20, N H 4 L i C , H 4 0 e . H 2 0 ,
N a H C 4 H 4 0 6 . H 2 0 and (NH4)2C,H406.
L. N. SYRKIN. I n v e s t i g a t i o n of the form of the potential
contours for the ions in crystals of the perovskite type.
I. V. YAVORSXH. The geometry of a diffraction picture
for dynamic interaction of X - r a y s with the crystal.
M. A. POR~-KOSHITS. The crystal structure of caesium
tetrachlorocobaltate, Cs2CoC14.
Z. G. PINSKER a n d V. I. KHITROVA. S t u d y of the structures of four-component alloys of T1-Sb-As-Se.
S. A. SEMILETOV. Electronographic s t u d y of the structures of t h i n layers of the sulphide, selenide a n d telluride of cadmium.
B. K. VAINSHTEr~ and M. M. STASOVA. An electronographie s t u d y of cryptohalite.
S. S. BATSKNOV a n d A . S . So~-xN. The refractivity of
hydrogen bonds in inorganic compounds. I I .
S. S. BATSANOV. The refractivity of hydrogen bonds in
inorganic compounds. I I I .
V. L. BROUDE and A. F. PRIKHOT'KO. The s t u d y of structural changes in crystals from their spectra a t low
A. I. FROIMAN a n d V. M. FRIDKI~. I n v e s t i g a t i o n of heterocharging of electrets of carnauba wax.
G. G. LEMMLEIN and E. D. DUXOVA. The formation of
screw dislocations in the growth process of a crystal.
P. G. POZDNYAKOV. The growth of crystals of lithium
Short c o m m u n i c a t i o n s
N. V. BELOV a n d T. N. TAaK~OVA. On the group of a
1~/I. N. LYASHENKO. Crystals of complex compounds of
metals of the p l a t i n u m group (13th paper).
]~. E. BUROVAYA. Crystals of complex compounds of
metals of the p l a t i n u m group (14th paper).
The refractive index of Rochel]e salt near to its phase
transition point.
I. S. ZHELUDEV a n d V. M. M A ~ O V . The m e a s u r e m e n t
of pressures in explosions of gas mixtures b y means of
a piezo-electrie transducer.
K. S. ALEKSA~DROV a n d V. YA. KHAI~ov-M-~T,'KOV. Rot a t i o n of the plane of polarization of torsional elastic
A. V. SHUBNIKOV. On peculiarities in the crystallization
of diphenylamine.