01300 1 01300 SUBMITTALS (9/05) A. SCOPE (8/03) This Section

01300 SUBMITTALS (9/05)
SCOPE (8/03)
This Section outlines the items that the Manufacturer must prepare or assemble for
submittal prior to or during the progress of the work. There is no attempt herein to state
all of the procedures and requirements for each submittal. The Manufacturer's attention
is directed to the individual Specification Sections in these Contract Documents that
contain in detail additional and special submittal requirements. The Engineer reserves
the right to direct and modify the procedures and requirements for submittals as
necessary to accomplish the specific purpose of each submittal. Should the Manufacturer
be in doubt as to the procedure, purpose, or extent of any submittal, he should direct his
inquiry as noted below.
All submittals shall indicate the Contract title and number: Pump Station VSD
Replacement, Two 150 HP Motors Purchase – K01003C04
All technical submittals to the Engineer shall be addressed to:
Steven Franks
1033 N. Mayfair Road, Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53226
All administrative submittals and requests for payment shall be directed to
Thomas W. Marcussen
Senior Project Manager
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
260 West Seeboth Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204-1446
The Contractor shall provide all of the submittals required by the Bidding Requirements,
GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, and as may be specifically required elsewhere in these
Contract Documents.
The following breakdown of the lump sum bid is to be given with the Bid Form. The
price breakdown shall be fairly apportioned to the items listed, and shall meet with the
Owner's approval prior to the Contractor's first request for partial payment. If so
requested, the Contractor shall substantiate any price or prices with additional detail price
Bid Breakdown
Greenfield Park Pump Station
Furnish and deliver two 150 HP vertical induction type electrical
Provide training session, functional testing, and O&M manuals for 150
HP motors
Provide preventive maintenance visits to the pump station.
GENERAL (7/02)
Requirements in this Section are a general summary and in addition to any specific
requirements for submittals specified in other Sections of these Contract Documents.
All documents shall be in the English language.
Data submitted shall in no case be any larger than 11" x 17".
Data submitted shall have sufficient detail for determination of compliance with the
Contract Documents.
Review of substitutions, schedules and lists of materials submitted or requested by the
Manufacturer shall not add to the Contract amount, and any additional costs that may
result therefrom shall be solely the obligation of the Manufacturer.
The Owner shall not be responsible for providing engineering or other services to protect
the Manufacturer from additional costs accruing from such approvals.
The Owner is not precluded, by virtue of review, acceptance, or approval, from obtaining
a credit for construction savings resulting from allowed concessions in the work or
materials therefor.
No equipment or material for which listings, drawings, or descriptive material are
required shall be fabricated or purchased until the Engineer has on hand copies of such
approved lists and the appropriately stamped final shop drawings.
Submittals will be acted upon by the Engineer as promptly as possible, and in all cases
within 14 days of receipt, (except for O & M manual initial submittals, which will be
acted upon within 45 days of receipt), and returned to the Manufacturer. Delays caused
by the need for resubmittals shall not constitute reason for an extension of Contract time.
The Manufacturer shall submit to the Engineer for his review 6 copies of shop drawings,
electrical diagrams, and catalog cuts for fabricated items and manufactured items
(including mechanical and electrical equipment) furnished under this Contract. The
initial submittal of shop drawings shall be accurate, distinct, and complete, and shall
contain all required information, including satisfactory identification of items, units, and
assemblies in relation to the applicable parts of these Contract Documents.
Unless otherwise approved by the Engineer, shop drawings shall be submitted only by
the Manufacturer, who shall indicate by a signed stamp on the shop drawings, or other
acceptable means, that they (the Manufacturer) have checked and approved the shop
drawings, and that the work shown is in accordance with the Contract Documents and has
been checked for dimensions and relationship with other work. The practice of
submitting incomplete or unchecked shop drawings for the Engineer to correct or finish
will not be acceptable, and shop drawings which, in the opinion of the Engineer, indicate
that they have not been checked by the Manufacturer will be stamped, notated as
"Rejected" and returned to the Manufacturer for resubmission in the proper form.
When shop drawings have been reviewed by the Engineer, two sets of the submittal
copies will be returned to the Manufacturer appropriately stamped and notated.
If major changes or corrections are necessary, the shop drawing may be notated as
“Rejected - See Remarks” and only one set will be returned to the Manufacturer with
such deficiencies indicated, and the Manufacturer shall correct and resubmit the shop
drawings in the same manner and quantity as specified for the initial submittal, unless
otherwise indicated by the Engineer.
If changes or corrections to be made by the Manufacturer necessitate a resubmittal for the
Engineer's further review, the shop drawings copies will be notated, "Amend and ReSubmit."
Shop drawing copies returned to the Manufacturer and notated with either "Make
Corrections" or "No Exceptions Taken" are to be considered appropriately stamped final
shop drawings.
If changes are made by the Manufacturer (in addition to those requested by the Engineer)
on the resubmitted shop drawings, such changes shall be clearly explained by the
Manufacturer in a transmittal letter accompanying the resubmitted shop drawings.
The review of shop drawings and catalog cuts by the Engineer shall not relieve the
Manufacturer from responsibility for interfacing with the Installation Contractor for work
that will impact the record drawing, correctness of dimensions, fabrication details, and
space requirements, or for deviations from the Plans and Specifications, unless the
Manufacturer has called attention to such deviations in writing by a letter accompanying
the shop drawings submitted and the Engineer approves the change or deviation in
writing at the time of that submittal; nor shall review by the Engineer relieve the
Manufacturer from the responsibility for errors in the shop drawings. When the
Manufacturer does call such deviations to the attention of the Engineer, the Manufacturer
shall state in his letter whether or not such deviations cause any deduction or extra cost
The Manufacturer agrees that shop drawing submittals processed by the Engineer do not
become Contract Documents and are not Change Orders; that the purpose of the shop
drawing review is to establish a reporting procedure and means to assess the
Manufacturer’s understanding of the project requirements, and is intended for the
Manufacturer's convenience in organizing his work and to permit the Engineer to monitor
the Manufacturer's progress.
Shop drawings referred to herein shall include shop drawings and other submittals for
both shop and field-fabricated items. The Manufacturer shall submit, as applicable, the
following for all prefabricated or manufactured equipment, materials, and systems:
Shop drawings or equipment drawings, including dimensions, size and location of
connections to other work, weight of equipment, and components and total
Catalog information and cuts.
Assembly plan and instructions.
Supporting calculations for equipment and associated supports, or hangers
required or specified to be designed by equipment manufacturers or suppliers.
Complete Manufacturer's Specifications, including materials description and paint
Performance data.
Suggested spare parts list with current price information.
List of special tools required for checking, testing, parts replacement, and
maintenance. (Special tools are those which have been specially designed or
adapted for use on parts of the equipment, and which are not customarily and
routinely carried by maintenance mechanics.)
List of special tools furnished with the equipment.
List of materials and supplies required for the equipment prior to and during
List of materials and supplies furnished with the equipment.
Special handling instructions.
Requirements for storage protection and maintenance prior to installation and
while in storage.
Requirements for routine maintenance required prior to plant startup.
List of all exceptions to the Contract Documents requested by the Manufacturer.
Wiring and control diagrams of systems and equipment.
The submittals shall include satisfactory identification of items, units, and assemblies in
relation to the Specification Section number and the system or equipment identification
or tag number shown on the Plans, or as provided in the applicable Specification Section.
Should the Manufacturer propose any item on his shop drawings, or incorporate an item
into the work, and that item should subsequently prove to be defective or otherwise
unsatisfactory, regardless of the Engineer's preliminary review, the Manufacturer shall, at
its own cost, replace the item with another item that will perform satisfactorily.
In addition to the submittal requirements stated above, the Manufacturer shall submit the
names and addresses of companies within the United States that maintain technical
service representatives and a complete inventory of spare parts and accessories for each
foreign-made item proposed for incorporation into the work. Failure of the Manufacturer
to prove the foregoing capabilities shall be cause for rejection of the foreignmanufactured items.
The Manufacturer shall furnish twelve copies of a complete manual containing
installation, operation, maintenance, and lubrication requirements for each component of
mechanical and electrical equipment or system plus one reproducible copy of all
submittals larger than 11 inches by 17 inches. The production quality shall be equivalent
to offset printing. If offset printed (or equivalent) materials are not available,
photocopying from original documents using a properly adjusted plain paper copier will
be accepted. However, photocopies of materials containing photographs will not be
accepted. It is understood that the Owner has the right to produce additional copies for
his own use. All equipment manufacturers and/or suppliers shall be made aware of these
requirements and all associated costs shall be included in the costs for furnishing the
equipment or system.
Initially, six copies of the O&M manual shall be submitted to the Engineer on or prior to
delivery of the equipment. Manufacturer shall update the original 6 copies of the O&M
manuals to reflect any as built changes that may take place during startup and comments
from the Engineer. All as built updates to the O&M manual shall be submitted to the
Engineer within 3 weeks of successful completion of functional testing of the motors. At
this time six additional copies of the as-built O&M manuals shall be submitted to
complete the required 12 copies. Note that final payment for services will not be rendered
until the O&M manuals are complete.
Each O&M Manual shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
Diagrams and illustrations.
Detailed description of the function of each principal component of the system.
Performance and nameplate data.
Installation instructions.
Procedure for starting.
Proper adjustment.
Test procedures.
Operating procedure.
Shutdown instructions.
Emergency operating instructions and troubleshooting guide.
Equipment use Safety precautions.
Bill of material/parts list
Maintenance and overhaul instructions shall include detailed assembly drawings with
part numbers, parts list, instructions for ordering spare parts, and complete preventive
maintenance instructions required to assure satisfactory performance and longevity of the
Lubrication instructions shall list points to be greased or oiled; shall recommend type,
grade, and temperature range of lubricants; and shall recommend frequency of
List of electrical relay settings and control and alarm contact settings.
Electrical interconnection wiring diagram for equipment furnished, including all control
The O&M manual submittal shall be preceded by an Equipment Data Form, completely
filled out, (see Sample Equipment Data Form at the end of this Section), bound with a
binder clip and placed in an expansion type manila file pocket. Each file pocket shall be
clearly labeled with the equipment description and tag number. The file pockets shall be
submitted to the Engineer in similarly labeled expanding wallets with ties.
Whenever possible, material shall be 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches or 11 inches by 17 inches
z-folded to 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches. If necessary, materials larger than 11 inches by 17
inches may be provided. They shall be folded to approximately 8-1/2 inches by 11
inches so that the title block is clearly visible without unfolding.
All material shall be tailored to the specific function that the equipment serves in the
facility. If material covers more than one product type or includes equipment
information not relevant to the project, the applicable information for the equipment
supplied shall be clearly indicated by highlighting the information using a yellow felt tip
marker manufactured for that purpose. Highlighting that obliterates the information when
photocopied is not acceptable. The relevant information shall also be indicated by an
arrow located in the margin. If catalog cuts are included in the submittal, the catalog
name and number, and the company name, address and telephone number shall be
provided on the catalog cut or typewritten on a separate sheet of paper.
As part of the O&M Manual submittal, the Manufacturer shall provide an Equipment
Data Form completely filled out for each equipment item. A sample Equipment Data
Form will be found at the end of this Section. The equipment data shall be typewritten
on printed forms available from the Engineer and submitted with the O&M Manual for
review by the Engineer. The manufacturer's standard form, or photocopies of the sample
form, will not be acceptable as a substitute for the printed forms.
The term "Maintenance Operation" as used in the Equipment Data Form shall be
understood to mean any routine operation required to assure the satisfactory performance
and longevity of the equipment. Examples of typical Maintenance Operations are
lubrication, belt tensioning, adjustment of pump packing glands, and routine adjustments.
The maintenance summary portion may take as many pages as required. However, the
order and format shown must be adhered to. Only 8-1/2-inch by 11-inch paper will be
accepted. The maintenance operations and their frequencies must be typed on the forms.
In completing the recommended spare parts list portion of the Equipment Data Form, the
data provided in the "Part No." and "Description" columns shall be consistent with the
terminology used in the equipment manufacturer's Bill of Material/Parts List provided
with the O & M Manuals. Spare parts provided by this Contract must be identified by
placing two asterisks after the part number. The term "Unit" is the unit of measure for
ordering the part, e.g., each, lot of 3, box of 100, etc. The term "Quantity" is the number
of units recommended. The term "Unit Cost" is the purchase price of a unit at the time
the Equipment Data Form is completed.
The Engineer will provide a schedule of selected colors within 30 days after approval of
materials and equipment and after receiving samples of the manufacturers' standard
colors for those items requiring Owner's selection.
A Certificate of Compliance shall be furnished for materials specified to a recognized
standard or code prior to the use of any materials specified for the work. The Engineer
may permit the use of certain materials or assemblies prior to sampling and testing if
accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance. The Certificate shall be signed by the
manufacturer of the material or the manufacturer of assembled materials and shall state
that the materials comply in all respects with the requirements of the Specifications. A
Certificate of Compliance shall be furnished with each lot of material delivered to the
work and the lot so Certified shall be clearly identified in the Certificate.
All materials used on the basis of a Certificate of Compliance may be sampled and tested
at any time. The fact that material is used on the basis of a Certificate of Compliance
shall not relieve the Manufacturer of responsibility for incorporating material in the work
that conforms to the requirements of the Contract Documents and any such material not
conforming to the requirements will be subject to rejection whether in place or not.
The Engineer reserves the right to refuse permission for use of material on the basis of a
Certificate of Compliance.
PAYMENT (7/02)
Payment for the work specified in this Section will be included as part of the total lump
sum amount stated in the Bid.
PROJECT NAME _________________________________________________________
CONTRACT NO. _________________________________________________________
MANUFACTURER _________________________________________________________
EQUIPMENT NO. _________________________________ ASSET NO. _________________
DESCRIPTION ____________________________________ MMIS NO. __________________
LOCATION ___________________________________________________________________
MANUFACTURER ____________________________________________________________
PURCHASED FROM _____________________________ PURCHASE DATE _____________
VENDOR ORDER NO. ___________________________ PURCHASE PRICE _____________
LOCAL SUPPLIER ______________________________ PHONE _______________________
ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________________
MODEL NO. ___________________________________ SHIPPING WT/UNIT ____________
NO. OF UNITS ___________ SERIAL NOS. ________________________________________
EQUIPMENT NO. _____________________________ ASSET NO. _____________________
DESCRIPTION ________________________________ MMIS NO. ______________________
List briefly each maintenance operation
required and refer to specific information
in Manufacturer's Maintenance Manual
if applicable. Refer by symbol to
"Lubricant List" for Lubrication Operation
List required frequency
of each maintenance
EQUIPMENT NO. __________________________________ ASSET NO. ________________
DESCRIPTION _____________________________________ MMIS NO. _________________
Note: Identify parts provided by this Contract with two asterisks.