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On the same wavelength as your needs:
Our offshore solutions.
With Emerson we offer you an additional 100 years of experience.
Experience is good. Even more experience is better. Offshore wind energy
will continue to pose many challenges.
In response, we have hauled the wealth
of experience of the Emerson Group
on board. This includes more than 100
years of know-how in offshore gas
and oil production. Additional experts
from well-known universities as well
as specialists from industry-specialized
institutes complete our network. We
all profit from the resulting synergies
as well as from the financial strength
of Emerson. In other words, a great
many benefits which are already valued
by many large investors from the oil
and gas sectors.
From nature inspired to innovator of offshore wind energy.
We continually adjust our technology to optimally adapt to the environment –
a goal the seagull has long since achieved. That’s why all our pitch systems
as well as our switch and control cabinets have been specially designed for
offshore use with a high degree of reliability even under extreme conditions,
for example...
… electronically and
electrotechnically with:
Braving the sea is one of the
most natural things in the world … least if you’re a seagull. Operating a wind turbine offshore, on the other hand,
demands a healthy respect for the sea’s harsh conditions and, above all, lots of
experience. SSB Wind Systems has a track record of both. As one of the pioneers in
offshore wind energy we have learned to approach each task with the necessary
respect. As a result, we are able to fulfil these tasks with a high degree of reliability.
• Early fault detection systems
• Electronic controls
• Battery charging technology
• Additional sensors
• Control voltage supply
… mechanically with:
• Specially selected stainless steels
• Special support structures
• Optimal anti-corrosion protection
Your benefits due to the
redundant design of our
• Increased availability
• Higher failure protection
• Decreased technical servicing
Put our experience to the test. We do – all the time.
The sea is not a good place for relying
on chance. That’s why the development
of each of our offshore components
is based on our long experience. Even
then, we don’t rely on what has worked
in the past. Every pitch system and
switch and control cabinet is additionally
tested under typical sea conditions.
This includes, for example:
• Climatic chamber tests
• Shock and vibration tests
• Salt spray tests
• Degree of protection of enclosures
• EMC safe tests
Always open for the open seas.
Offshore platform size introduction history
We have been working offshore since 2001.
Our first project was the equipping of a wind farm
off the coast of Sweden. In the same year we
developed the pitch system for what was then
the largest wind turbine in the world, put into
operation in 2002 in the rough waters of the Irish
Sea. Today, almost 10 years later, we deliver
switch and control cabinets as well as pitch systems
with an output range from 5 to 10 MW. For
offshore turbines in Europe, Asia or elsewhere
in the world. For pilot and major projects from a
variety of renowned manufacturers. Experience
of this kind never goes out of date.
Any questions? Here are the answers.
Our people.
Our products.
• 400 highly motivated employees
(including more than 50 developers)
• Pitch systems for wind turbines
of all onshore and offshore
performance classes
Our services.
• Consulting, planning, development, construction, testing
• Continuous process and job production for switch and control cabinets
• Switch and control cabinets,
pitch drive control and
hub simulation boxes,
special solutions, prototypes
Our contact
• By phone: +49 5976 946 227
• By email:
SSB Wind Systems GmbH & Co. KG
Neuenkirchener Straße 13
48499 Salzbergen
Telephone:+49 5976 946 0
Telefax: +49 5976 946 139
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