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Year 10 GCSE Science Course
As your son or daughter has recently started the first year of their GCSE Science course I am writing
to inform you of some important dates.
At Trinity Catholic School we have opted for the GCSE OCR Gateway Science Suite B qualifications, in
both Core Science and Additional Science. Students study for Core Science GCSE in Year 10 and
Additional Science GCSE in Y11.
In Y10 students will study Biology, Chemistry and Physics for each of 2 unit exams and will be mock
examined in February and June 2016. Majority of students are expected to go on to study Additional
Science in Y11.
Final GCSE examinations for GCSE Core Science and GCSE Additional Science will be at the end of
Y11, examinations will take place in June 2017.
Science controlled assessments will account for 25% of each GCSE. All Controlled Assessment tasks
will be undertaken during lessons in February & March of Year 10 (Key dates are overleaf). It is
imperative that students attend all Controlled Assessment lessons in order to achieve well in their
GCSE controlled assessments.
Over the course of the two years students will:
 Develop an overall understanding of Science and with two years preparation time students will
become familiar with in-depth GCSE knowledge and understanding.
 Practise new style of GCSE exam questions regularly in class.
 Have an increased level of maturity which will allow students to structure their answers better in
the long answer questions.
 Formal mock examinations in Year 10 which will inform setting for Year 11.
 Complete 2 Science controlled assessments by the end of Year 10.
I am sure you will join with me in encouraging your son or daughter to work hard throughout the 2
years of their Science courses, so that they can achieve GCSE grades which truly reflect their ability
and hard work in Science.
To help support the students at home we would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase the
Collins Revision Guide and Exam Practice Workbooks for OCR Gateway Core Science and Additional
Science. Please see accompanying letter.
If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or by
telephone at the school on 01926 428416
Yours sincerely,
P. Cheema
Pinder Cheema
Head of Science
[email protected]
At the end of each unit (B1, C1, P1, B2, C2, P2) All students should expect an end of topic
class assessment to help practice exam-style questions.
B1, C1, P1 Mock Exam 1
Tuesday 2nd February – Period 4
Review of Science sets will take place after Mock Exam 1
Controlled Assessments
22nd February - 17th March 2016
B1,C1,P1 Mock Exam 2
June 2016 – TBC
B2, C2, P2 Mock Exam 2
June 2016 - TBC
Review of Science sets will take place after Mock Exam 2 – these sets changes will take place ready for September 2016
Science Revision at home
Revise, watch videos, complete the activities and tests on GCSE Bitesize
Fun, fast ways to effectively learn and memorise Science vocabulary
Revision Notes
Practice past-papers. To improve your grade – practice past-papers are essential.
Use the mark-schemes to self-assess your answers and move forward with your learning.
OCR Gateway Syllabus Past Papers are available free with mark-schemes:
Core Science
Specification Code:
Gateway Science Suite – Science B – J261 (from 2012)
Useful Contacts:
Science Set
Y10 Teacher 2015-16
Gary Chalmers
Francesca Wright
Dani Hunter
Pinder Cheema
E-mail address
[email protected]
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