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Renaissance Maestro Speaker
two 28mm silk soft dome tweeters • two 6-¼” double magnet woofers • two transmission lines
Renaissance Maestro
he Maestro is latest design from the Renaissance
Series and is a double transmission line floorstanding speaker.
This system incorporates two
matched pairs of triple magnet, 1.1” soft dome
tweeters coupled with two pairs of 6-¼” (3” voice coils)
double magnet woofers. The bottom part of the
cabinet is a forward opening full TL while the top is a
shorter TL that opens on the back of the speaker.
he Maestro has similar sound and character to the
Prelude – very open with an incredible amount of
depth, detail, precise focus and tight bass.
character of the tweeter produces smooth and
transparent sound. The woofer brings out detailed and
natural sounding mid-bass. The combination of two
separate systems into one enclosure is very unique and
innovative. Each system uses its own tweeter, woofer
and crossover network. This combination brings out a
natural sound that is intended to be the closest
approach to live music.
Independent 2-way, double transmission line system
Tweeter Units:
(2) 1.1” (28mm) soft dome,
aluminum voice coil
Woofer Units:
(2) 6-¼” (160mm) double
magnet, treated paper cone,
3” (75mm) aluminum voice
Frequency Range:
35 - 22,000 Hz
Crossover Frequencies:
TL 1: 3,800 Hz
TL 2: 2,100 Hz
Power Rating:
200 Watts
Recommended Amplifier: 40 – 300 Watts per channel
90 dB SPL
Cabinet Size:
Height - 55” (139.7 cm)
Width - 8-½” (21.6 cm)
Depth - 13” (33.0 cm)
Grill Cover:
black cloth, removable
70 lbs. (31.8 kg) each
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