Homework #6

Physics 2201012 General Physics (II)
Homework set 6, Tuesday, 4/1/2012
Due on 4/18/2012 before your class for class meeting on Mon & Wed
Due on 4/19/2012 before your class for class meeting on Tue & Thu
1. Evaluate resistance: Problem 25-30 in Giancoli text book
2. Kirchhoff’s rules: Problem 26-36 in Giancoli text book
3. dc-circuits with capacitor: A R-C circuit is shown in Fig. 1. R1 = 1 kΩ, R2 = 2 kΩ,
R3 = 2 kΩ, C = 5 µF ,and Ε = 3 volt. The capacitor is initially uncharged. The
switch S is closed at t = 0.
(a) Immediately after the switch is closed, what is the current through each resistor?
(b) What is the final charge on the capacitor?
(c) Find the charge on the capacitor Q(t) and the time constant for charging the
capacitor in the circuit.