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At University Courtyard, we strive to develop a dynamic and
comprehensive living and learning community where our residents
have the opportunity to enhance their college experience, while living
and studying alongside a diverse population of Fresno State students.
University Courtyard is the only on-campus housing offered at Fresno
State giving students not only the benefit of living at the heart of
university life, but the convenience of close proximity to classes and
the library, as well as a secure and safe environment 24 hours a day, 7
days a week. In the following pages, see for yourself why University
Courtyard is where you belong! • 3
University Courtyard
Students live on-campus here at
University Courtyard.
of University Courtyard residents
earned a 3.0 grade point average
or higher in their fall semester.
Study and live among
students from all walks of life.
Different halls, 3 community-style
& 6 suite-style buildings.
Choose the living arrangement
that best suits your needs.
Meal Plans
Choose from either
Platinum or Gold.
Why University Courtyard?
Academic Success
University Courtyard provides a variety of programs
designed to supplement and support the academic
success of our residents. Statistics prove that
University Courtyard residents are more likely to
succeed in college than students living off-campus
and have a higher GPA than the Fresno State average.
Residents at University Courtyard don’t have to
worry about access to classes, buildings, parking
and events on-campus, they live as close as you can
get! Our facilities are located within easy walking
distance of everything on-campus, including the
Henry Madden Library, Kennel Bookstore, Student
Union and the Save Mart Center. The students who
live on-campus also have access to our Residential
Life Staff, who are available 24-7 provide support as
they navigate college life.
University Courtyard utilizes an electronic key card
system to ensure security for our residents. Our
Public Safety Assistants (with Resident Advisors and
University Police) patrol the halls in the evening and
early morning hours to make you feel secure in your
environment. Residents can also easily access Fresno
State’s on-campus escort service for transportation
to and from night classes and campus events.
Furthermore, each room comes with a lockable safe
(for an additional fee) where residents can store
valuable belongings.
Living on-campus is an experience you’ll never
forget. You will have the opportunity to meet
students from all walks of life and forge friendships
that will last far beyond your college years. Do not
worry about meeting people; University Courtyard’s
Residential Life Staff runs over 360 social and
educational programs each year geared towards
giving residents the opportunity to meet others.
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Unmatched Value
Here at University Courtyard we take care of
everything for you. One price includes: air
conditioning and heat, meals, utilities (electricity,
gas, water, garbage and sewer), fully furnished
room, access to all amenities and programs offered
by University Courtyard, basic cable, internet,
housekeeping and maintenance. The halls remain
open over holiday breaks at no additional charge.
This all-inclusive package allows students to focus
on the more important aspects of college, including
academic success and having fun!
In addition to providing a source of 24 hour-a-day assistance
to residents and visitors, the Atrium Desk offers equipment
checkout and package pick-up. You can borrow a vacuum,
check out kitchen keys, or receive help should you lock
yourself out of your room. Also, our Maintenance Staff is
on-call 24 hours a day to take care of our facilities.
Fitness Center
Located just steps away from your
room, the 24-hour fitness center
has ellipticals, treadmills, bikes and
weight lifting equipment.
Mile Commute
Located right on-campus, University
Courtyard is a short walking distance
from the library, classrooms, University
Student Union, Save Mart Center and
other great attractions at Fresno State.
Pool Area
Enjoy the outdoors with your friends at University Courtyard.
The swimming pool area includes barbecue pits, a sand
volleyball court, a horseshoe pit and picnic tables for use by
Computer Lab
With state-of-the-art computer
stations on a high speed fiber optic
network, the computer lab gives
students a nearby location to access
desktop computers. The lab is
accessible 7 am to 12 am (midnight)
exclusively for resident use and a
pay-for-print laser printer is available.
Temperature Control
Unlimited air conditioning and heating in
each room allows residents to live in their
ideal condition.
Laundry Facilities
Washers and dryers are
available 24/7 and conveniently
located throughout University
Free Basic Cable
Basic cable includes 90+ channels that are included for
FREE in each room.
Guaranteed Classes
The first 400 Freshman to apply by
May 1st get 3 classes guaranteed
through our learning communities.
Home is the nicest word there is. - Laura Ingalls Wilder
High Speed Internet
University Courtyard offers FREE Wi-Fi
throughout all 10 buildings! • 5
Your Home Away From Home
After choosing Fresno State, students are interested in their housing options. University Courtyard
provides two different living styles for you to choose from; community and suite style buildings.
Students who feel connected to their neighbors and feel safe in their homes have a better chance of
succeeding academically, so it’s important that you choose the style of living that best meets your
needs. Apply as soon as possible for the best chance at receiving the hall or room type you request. All
room assignments are done based on date and time of the completed application on file.
All the comforts of home:
Rooms also include: Window with
covering, closets, cabinet and storage
space, carpeting, overhead light, smoke
detector and thermostat control.
Twin XL loft bed
Lighted book carrel
Large desk
3-drawer dresser
2-drawer file cabinet
NOTE: Triple rooms have a standard
2-position chair
desk and either a 3-drawer dresser and
closet or wardrobe dresser/closet.
Community Style Living
Community style living provides you with the best
opportunity to live with a group of students who have similar
goals and educational desires. It also allows you to meet a
diverse group of residents - the majority of which are new
to the Fresno area. Approximately 650 men and women are
assigned to coed community style halls. Double occupancy
rooms are located along a shared hallway in a traditional
residence hall (limited singles available; no triples available).
• Double occupancy room
located along a shared
• Gender designated
common bathroom with
private dressing/shower
• Gender designated wings
• Laundry facilities on first
• Resident mailboxes
located in lobby area
• Study rooms
• Recreation rooms
• Furnished lobby area
with television
• Kitchenette on the first
• Microfridge in each
• Hall desk staffed
• FREE wireless internet
• FREE basic cable
Community Halls: Baker, Graves and Homan
6 •
Suite Style Living
If you are looking for a greater degree of privacy and a living
One, two or three
bedrooms in a suite
(limited singles and
triples available)
• Shared living room
area, fully furnished
with: Loveseat, Chair,
Coffee table, Bookshelf,
• Shared bathroom in
each suite
• Limited terrace/balcony
suites available
that includes its own living room, bathroom
Band hallway, then consider applying to live in the suite style
halls. Housing approximately 420 men and women, the
design of the suite style makes living with a close group of
friends possible.
• Laundry facilities on
each floor (exceptions:
Cedar and Ponderosa)
• Suites are gender
• Mailboxes located in
• FREE high speed internet
• FREE basic cable
Residence Suites: Aspen, Birch, Cedar,
Ponderosa, Sequoia and Sycamore
Quiet Living Areas
All of University Courtyard observes quiet hours from 11pm to 7am Sunday through Thursday, 1am to 7am Friday
and Saturday, but certain halls offer increased quiet hours. In these halls, quiet hours are extended to meet the needs
of residents who desire to live in an environment with pre-established guidelines about noise. In quiet living areas,
quiet hours are observed from 8pm to 7am Sunday through Thursday and midnight to 7am Friday and Saturday.
The designated quiet halls are: Aspen, Ponderosa and Homan.
Choosing a Room Type
We know there are many things that come into play when choosing which room type to live in. To help you
in your decision we have created a small chart that will aid you in choosing the room type that best suits your
needs. Answer these general questions about yourself and see what room type best fits your personality!
*The result of this chart serves as a suggestion. The result does not require you to choose that room type.
Are you an
What are
you moving
Not a lot of stuff
Most of my stuff
My whole room
How do
you socially
(in a group of )
What is
7 or more
More affordable
Traditional experience
More privacy
Directions: Total the sum of your answers and divide by 4. The number you get reflects what style would best suit you.
Suite Triple
Home is where your story begins. - Annie Danielson
Community Style
Suites • 7
The Search Is Over
The Residential Life program at University Courtyard is one of the many reasons to live on-campus. Our
staff is here to both challenge and support our students on their journeys. Our staff offers over 360 events a
year that gives students the opportunity to interact, have fun, learn and develop relationships.
Our Goals
• To provide personal support for the individual student.
• To provide a sense of belonging in University Courtyard and Fresno State through providing and supporting social,
recreational, athletic and cultural programming.
• To maintain a sense of community and an academically supportive environment by establishing limits.
• To promote an atmosphere that is conducive to creating an appreciation, understanding, and acceptance of individual
differences and lifestyles regardless of socio-economic status, physical abilities, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion,
age, gender identity, learning styles, life experiences, or political affiliation.
• To encourage retention of residents and to develop student growth through providing services and educational programs
which both challenge and support our residents. To also support Fresno State services and programs which do the same.
• To provide student leadership and training opportunities.
Our Desire
It is our hope that you get involved with your community, succeed academically, and find opportunities to learn both in and
out of the classroom. Research indicates that students who live on-campus for even just one year are more likely to complete
their degrees in four years and achieve a higher grade point average than students who never live on-campus. Our staff is here
to help you be a successful student, have fun and enjoy the college experience.
Get Involved in Leadership at University Courtyard
At University Courtyard, we want you to participate in community activities and explore your leadership potential. As a resident
there are a variety of opportunities for you to develop leadership skills and discover where you belong.
Residence Halls Association (RHA)
Drug and Alcohol Committee
RHA is our premier leadership group. Its members function
as a representative body of the residents at University
Courtyard. RHA tackles issues and concerns relating to our
students, always seeking to make on-campus residential
living even better.
University Courtyard’s Drug and Alcohol Committee is a
group that plans events and programs relating to alcohol and
drug abuse awareness.
Academic Success Committee
Academic Success is a committee that looks for ways to
support our residents academically. Each spring semester,
this committee plans the Academic Success Banquet for
students who achieve a 3.5 or higher grade point average in
the fall semester.
Health and Wellness Committee
Health and Wellness Committee focuses on programs and
activities intended to inform our residents on issues relating
to physical, psychological and emotional health.
Leadership Class
At the beginning of the spring semester we offer a leadership
class (RA 70) for residents of University Courtyard. This
9-week, 2 unit class covers the foundations of leadership,
discussing and practicing the skills needed to be a
good leader. Although this class is required for all of our
Residential Life Staff positions, all students are welcomed and
encouraged to take the class.
Save the World Committee
Implements and plans initiatives geared toward better
sustainability and community service.
To get involved with any of these committees, contact a member of our Residential Life Staff when
you get to campus by calling 559-278-8134 or emailing Tyler Miller at
8 •
Dining Services
Just a short walk from your room, the University Dining Hall (UDH) has a variety of meal options to fit everyone’s palate. With
breakfast, lunch and dinner offered during the week and brunch and dinner offered on weekends, you will never have to
worry about cooking for yourself. We even take care of the dishes! There are multiple meal plans to choose from to fit your
dining and budget needs. Selection of a meal plan is required for on-campus living. (Exception: Graduate Students.)
Meal Plan Options
Platinum Unlimited meal swipes in the University Dining Hall (UDH) - 7 days a week from 7am-8pm,
plus $150 flex cash each semester for use at Dining Services locations around campus.
Also includes one meal per week at The Bucket (On-Campus Restaurant).
Gold Select 10 meals per week in the UDH, plus $150 flex cash each semester for use at Dining
Services locations around campus.
University Dining Hall (UDH)
On-Campus Dining Options
The UDH serves a variety of meals on a daily basis. No matter
your dietary needs, the UDH will have something for you at
every meal. You can choose food from a variety of options:
main dishes, soup and salad bars, potato and pasta bars,
cooked to order meals from the grill, vegetarian options
and desserts. Throughout the year, the UDH will host special
events such as themed meals, outdoor barbecues and vendor
Whether you are in need of a quick lunch to take on the go,
or a specialty coffee to get you through an early morning
class, University Dining Services has something for everyone.
With numerous dining choices, students never have to
worry about having a great selection of things to eat. Our
on-campus dining establishments include: Subway, Panda
Express, Starbucks, USU Snack Bar, The Bucket Grill, Taco Bell,
Paws-N-Go Market, Bulldogbites Mobile and the Satellite
Student Union Snack Bar. Conveniently located throughout
the Fresno State campus, students have the flexibility to eat
what they want, in the environment they prefer. For those
students who choose a “flex” meal plan, their flex cash can be
used at any of our on-campus dining locations.
Bring a Friend to the UDH
Do you want to bring someone with you to eat at the UDH?
No problem! Our residents are allowed an allocation of guest
meals that they can use throughout the semester simply by
swiping their meal card. Guest meals will be deducted from
the total number of meals available to the student. The guest
must be accompanied by the student in order to be admitted
to the UDH.
Special Dietary Needs
University Dining Hall will assist you in selecting foods that
meet your special needs. Please call the University Dining
Hall Staff at 559.278.3904 or email to
discuss your specific requirement.
Home is people, not a place. - Robin Hobb • 9
Final Steps
Please keep in mind: applying for housing is a separate process than applying to Fresno State.
Decide on a room
Refer to page 6 & 7
Fill out your
Use the checklist to the right to make
sure you have everything!
Pay the $50
application fee &
the $150 security
Application Checklist
1. Read the entire application packet, either included in this
brochure or online at
2. Follow the instructions provided on each document and
answer every question. Incomplete or unanswered questions
can affect your on-campus living application status. Be sure
to complete and submit the following:
Student Housing & Meal Plan License Agreement
Application Personal Profile
Emergency and Health Insurance Card
Meningococcal Immunization Form (Freshmen Only)
Payment Plan Agreement
$50 non-refundable application fee
$150 security deposit
Verify that you have answered all questions and signed all
documents. Be sure to keep copies for your records.
3. Submit the completed application to:
University Courtyard
California State University, Fresno
5152 North Barton Avenue M/S RH82
Fresno, CA 93740-8013
Your completed application should be submitted early to
University Courtyard for your best opportunity to receive
your preferred housing. Students are assigned based on the
date their completed application is received.
Job Opportunities
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
University Courtyard employs a number of students each
semester in various departments within our offices and
buildings. This includes our Computer Lab Staff, Atrium
Customer Service Desk Assistants, Accounting Assistants,
Maintenance and Marketing Staff, as well as our Residential
Life Staff and Summer Conference Staff. Some positions are
classified as “Room and Board” where students, instead of
being paid an hourly wage, work a set number of hours in
exchange for housing. Job openings are on our website at and
applications for available positions are located in the Atrium.
If you have a disability that will affect any aspect of your stay
at University Courtyard, please do not hesitate to contact us
regarding accommodations that you might require. We have
a number of rooms available in certain buildings designated
for students with disabilities. You will also need to register
with the Services for Students with Disabilities office located
on-campus. Room assignments begin June 1st. If your SSD
request is not submitted prior to room assignments, we may
not be able to accommodate your needs. If you have any
questions or concerns, contact us or make an appointment
with our Coordinator of Housing Operations by calling
559.278.2345 or email at
10 •
After You Apply
You can expect to receive information in the mail confirming the receipt of your
application within two to three weeks.
• If the correspondence indicates COMPLETE with no clarifications, there is
nothing further you need to do.
• If the correspondence indicates clarifications are needed, please call
800.555.0482 to take care of these clarifications as soon as possible.
Clarifications do not affect the status of your application, but could cause
difficulty in placing you according to your preferences.
• If the correspondence indicates your status as INCOMPLETE, your application
is missing crucial documents. Until these documents are received, your
application will not be eligible to be processed. Please call 1.800.555.0482
immediately to complete your application.
Wait List
As an applicant, if you are placed on the wait list we are at full capacity and
unable to guarantee you a bed space. If we are unable to guarantee you a bed
space by the start of the contract period applied for, you will be assessed the $50
non-refundable application fee and released from your license agreement. The
$50 processing fee and additional charges will not be assessed.
Cancellation Policy
University Courtyard housing application and Fresno State admission are
separate processes. If you decide not to attend Fresno State after applying
to University Courtyard, make sure to follow the directions to cancel your
housing agreement and avoid unnecessary charges. It is your responsibility to
notify each office separately. Applicants (academic year or NEW spring only)
with guaranteed or assigned temporary beds must submit the cancellation
form via certified mail. Phone cancellations are not accepted. To view our full
cancellation policy or download the cancellation form, visit our website at
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There’s no place like home. - L. Frank Baum • 11
University Courtyard
California State University, Fresno
5152 N. Barton Avenue RH 82
Fresno, CA 93740-8013
Cedar Ave.
Dining Hall
Shaw Ave.