Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS Design

Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS
Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics
Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS
MEMS Reliability for Critical Applications
Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Microelectronics
MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001
Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS
Joint Invited Papers
MEMS for space applications
Linda Miller, [1999]
Physical modeling and simulation of microdevices and microsystems
Gerhard Wachutka, [1999]
Design of MEMS and microsystems
David Nagel, [1999]
III-V semiconductor-based MOEMS
Pierre Viktorovitch, [1999]
Surface normal optical MEMS in dynamic WDM transport networks
James Walker, Joseph Ford, Keith Goossen, David Bishop, Dennis Greywall, Vladimir Aksyuk, [1999]
Prospective MEMS applications at NEC
Kenichiro Suzuki, [1999]
CAD, Design and Test
Test and Optimization
MEMS resonator synthesis for testability
Nilmoni Deb, Sitaraman Iyer, Tamal Mukherjee, Ronald Blanton, [1999]
Fault simulation of MEMS using HDLs
Benoit Charlot, Salvador Mir, Erika Cota, Marcelo Lubaszewski, Bernard Courtois, [1999]
Testing philosophy behind the micro analysis system
Hans Kerkhoff, [1999]
MEMS optimization incorporating genetic algorithms
Gregory Kirkos, Robert Jurgilewicz, Stephen Duncan, [1999]
Automatic evaluation of a sensor's geometrical parameters
Jean Blanc, Marc Belleville, Fabien Mieyeville, Hubert Bono, [1999]
Emerging CAD Methods
Coupling of length scales and atomistic simulation of MEMS resonators
Robert Rudd, Jeremy Broughton, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Emerging CAD Methods (cont.)
Extraction of compact models for MEMS/MOEMS package-device codesign
Vladimir Rabinovich, Joost Van Kuijk, Susan Zhang, Stephen Bart, John Gilbert, [1999]
Effects of capacitors, resistors, and residual charges on the static and dynamic performance of
electrostatically actuated devices
Edward Chan, Robert Dutton, [1999]
Optimization of cantilever probes for atomic force microscopy
Niels Pedersen, [1999]
CAD Systems I
Correct-by-construction approach to MEMS design and analysis
Barry Dyne, David Bernstein, [1999]
Computational simulation of microfluidics, electrokinetics, and particle transport in
biological MEMS devices
M. Giridharan, Soumya Krishnamoorthy, Anantha Krishnan, [1999]
Advanced integrated solution for MEMS design
K. Liateni, David Moulinier, Bachar Affour, H. Boutamine, Jean Michel Karam, D. Veychard, Bernard Courtois, Ariel Cao, [1999]
Integrated CAD tools for top-down design of MEMS/MOEMS systems
Bart Romanowicz, Stephen Bart, John Gilbert, [1999]
General contact and hysteresis analysis of multidielectric MEMS devices under thermal and
electrostatic actuation
Yie He, James Marchetti, Carlos Gallegus, [1999]
Simulation of nonideal behavior in integrated piezoresistive silicon pressure sensors
Stefan Finkbeiner, Jochen Franz, Stefan Hein, Andreas Junger, Joerg Muchow, Berhard Opitz, Wolfgang Romes, Oliver Schatz,
Hans Trah, [1999]
Fabrication of a smart monolithic 2D quartz microscanner
Moussa Hoummady, L. Majewski, V. Robert, C. Bonjour, B. Chahboune, [1999]
Design of a pigtailed tunable filter for optical fiber transmissions at 1.3 to 1.55 µm
Jean-Philippe Gouy, A. Tixier, Gen Hashiguchi, Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Hiroyuki Fujita, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Design (cont.)
Modeling and optimization of microcoils for telemetric transmission at frequencies up to 20
Sven Rehfuss, Claudia Marschner, Karl-Ludwig Krieger, Marcus Weser, Rainer Laur, [1999]
Evaporating two-phase flow mechanism in microchannels
Yoav Peles, Leonid Yarin, Gad Hetsroni, [1999]
CAD Systems II
Modeling and simulating optical MEMS using Chatoyant
Timothy Kurzweg, Steven Levitan, Philippe Marchand, Jose Martinez, Kurt Prough, Donald Chiarulli, [1999]
Interoperation of heterogeneous CAD tools in Ptolemy II
Jie Liu, Bicheng Wu, Xiaojun Liu, Edward Lee, [1999]
Structured CAD methodology for integrated MEMS and IC design
Linh Nguyen, Hee Jung Lee, Mary Ann Perez-Maher, Ying Xu, [1999]
Computational design of membrane pumps with active/passive valves for microfluidic
Andrzej Przekwas, H. Yang, Mahesh Athavale, [1999]
SUNRED: a new field solving approach
Vladimir Szekely, A. Pahi, Marta Rencz, [1999]
Computer-aided design tools for economical MEMS fabrication processes
Christian Schneider, Andreas Priebe, Rainer Brueck, Kai Hahn, [1999]
Providing technology infrastructure for MEMS
Renato Ribas, D. Veychard, Jean Michel Karam, Bernard Courtois, [1999]
Integrated simulator for MEMS using FEM implementation in AHDL and frontal solver for
large sparse systems of equations
Zeljko Mrcarica, Vladimir Risojevic, Michel Lenczner, Mirko Jakovljevic, Vanco Litovski, [1999]
Internet MEMS design tools based on component technology
Rainer Brueck, Christian Schumer, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: CAD, Design and Test
CFD-ACE+: a CAD system for simulation and modeling of MEMS
Phillip Stout, H. Yang, Paul Dionne, Andy Leonard, Zhiqiang Tan, Andrzej Przekwas, Anantha Krishnan, [1999]
Advanced 3D-CAD interface for micromachining with excimer lasers
Hans Toenshoff, Ferdinand von Alvensleben, Christian Kulik, [1999]
SPICE models for simulating BDJ and BTJ detectors
Annick Alexandre, Guo Lu, Mohamed Sedjil, [1999]
Design and implementation of integrated BDJ detector in a standard CMOS technology
Guo Lu, Gerard Sou, Mohamed Ben Chouikha, Mohamed Sedjil, [1999]
Mechanical-thermal simulation of surface-micromachined polysilicon hot plates
Mihail Dumitrescu, Corbel Cobianu, Dan Dascalu, Adrian Pascu, [1999]
Numeric investigation of vibrating microcantilever using Matlab/Simulink
Arturas Ulcinas, Valentinas Snitka, Mindaugas Rackaitis, [1999]
Lumped-parameter model for a micropump based on the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)
Lei Huang, Wanjun Wang, Michael Murphy, [1999]
Modeling of BDJ and BTJ structures for color detection
Mohamed Sedjil, Guo Lu, Mohamed Ben Chouikha, Annick Alexandre, [1999]
Fault modeling of electrostatic comb-drives for MEMS
Benoit Charlot, Spiridon Moussouris, Salvador Mir, Bernard Courtois, [1999]
Design of spatial light modulator microdevices: microslit arrays
Rainer Riesenberg, Thomas Seifert, [1999]
From circuit to microsystems: using a transformer-equivalent circuit to study a piezoelectric
F. Oms-Elisabelar, Christian Bergaud, L. Nicu, [1999]
Design and sensitivity optimization of vibration sensors for tool-state monitoring
Jochen Thomas, Ralf Kuehnhold, Heiner Ryssel, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: CAD, Design and Test (cont.)
Integrated multidisciplinary CAD/CAE environment for micro-electro-mechanical systems
Andrzej Przekwas, [1999]
Hollow glass for insulating layers
Andreea Merticaru, Gabriel Moagar-Poladian, [1999]
Micromachining and Microfabrication
Mechanical and Eletrochemical Micromachining and Micromolding
Manufacturing of microstructures using ultraprecision machine tools
Manfred Weck, Stephan Fischer, [1999]
Innovative molding technologies for the fabrication of components for microsystems
Volker Piotter, Tobias Benzler, Thomas Hanemann, Heinz Woellmer, Robert Ruprecht, Juergen Hausselt, [1999]
Micromolding behavior of engineering plastics
Oliver Kemmann, Carsten Schaumburg, Lutz Weber, [1999]
Microfabrication technique for thick structure of metals and PZT
Toru Shimizu, Yoichi Murakoshi, Zhanjie Wang, Ryutaro Maeda, Toshio Sano, [1999]
Nature and influence of surface layers and films on the chemical and electrochemical
micromachining of NiTi shape memory alloys
David Allen, Sue Impey, Remi Robin, Tom Chen, [1999]
Examples of MEMS technologies resulting in industrial transfers
Jean-Sebastian Danel, Michel Borel, Marie-Therese Delaye, Bernard Diem, Hubert Grange, France Michel, Patrice Rey, Sylvie
Viollet-Bosson, [1999]
Optimum doses and mask thickness for synchrotron exposure of PMMA resists
Stewart Griffiths, Jill Hruby, Aili Ting, [1999]
X-ray transmission lenses by deep x-ray lithography and LIGA technique: first results and
fundamental limits
Roland Kupka, Faycal Bouamrane, Marc Roulliay, Stephan Megtert, [1999]
New pattern on fabrication of fiber spinnerets by LIGA technology
Shi Chang Tseng, C. Shi, Chia-Lung Kuo, Yu-chiao Cheng, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
LIGA (cont.)
Construction and manufacturing of a microgearhead with 1.9-mm outer diameter for
universal application
Christian Thuerigen, Ulrich Beckord, Reiner Bessey, [1999]
3D Microfabrication
Precision machining using UV and ultrashort-pulse lasers
Hans Toenshoff, Ferdinand von Alvensleben, Andreas Ostendorf, Guido Willmann, Thilo Wagner, [1999]
Production of novel 3D microstructures using excimer laser mask projection techniques
Nadeem Rizvi, [1999]
Microstereolithography using a dynamic mask generator and a noncoherent visible light
Serge Monneret, Virginie Loubere, Serge Corbel, [1999]
Processing of complex microsystems: a micro mass spectrometer
Peter Siebert, G. Petzold, Joerg Mueller, [1999]
Microfabrication of biofactory-on-a-chip devices using laser ablation technology
Mark Talary, Julian Burt, Nadeem Rizvi, Phil Rumsby, Ron Pethig, [1999]
Sensors, Electronic Devices, and Actuators
Design, test, and simulation of self-assembled micromachined rf inductors
Peter Gammel, Bradley Barber, Victor Lubecke, Nathan Belk, M. Frei, [1999]
Design and realization of a penny-shaped micromotor
Matthias Nienhaus, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, H. Stoelting, Frank Michel, S. Kleen, S. Hardt, Felix Schmitz, T. Stange, [1999]
Silicon UV flame detector utilizing photonic crystals
Zoran Djuric, Tatjana Dankovic, Zoran Jaksic, Danijela Randjelovic, Radomir Petrovic, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, Andreas Schmidt,
Klaus Hecker, [1999]
Integrated multicolor detector utilizing 1D photonic bandgap filter with wedge-shaped defect
Zoran Jaksic, Radomir Petrovic, Danijela Randjelovic, Tatjana Dankovic, Zoran Djuric, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, Andreas Schmidt,
Klaus Hecker, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
MOEM Devices
Fabrication of multi-air gap InP-based microstructures for widely tunable optical filters
Alain Spisser, Philippe Regreny, Christian Seassal, Jean Louis Leclercq, Pierre Viktorovitch, [1999]
High-spatial-frequency grating technology for microsystem applications
Olivier Parriaux, Florent Pigeon, Y. Jourlin, Alain Mure-Ravaud, Alexandre Tishchenko, [1999]
Polymeric optical MEMS
Jens Hossfeld, Thomas Paatzsch, Jens Schulze, Michel Neumeier, Lutz Weber, Hans-Dieter Bauer, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, [1999]
Optical microsystems with microchip lasers and micro-optics
Laurent Fulbert, Engin Molva, Jeannine Marty, Philippe Thony, Marc Rabarot, Bernard Ferrand, [1999]
Patrick Mottier, Eric Ollier, Patrick Pouteau, Karine Petroz, Sylvie Jarjayes, [1999]
Assembly and Production Techniques
Flip-chip integration of lenslet arrays on segmented deformable micromirrors
Adisorn Tuantranont, Victor Bright, Wenge Zhang, Y. Lee, [1999]
Chip-level three-dimensional assembling of microsystems
Hiroshi Toshiyoshi, Yoshio Mita, Minoru Ogawa, Hiroyuki Fujita, [1999]
Conventional micromachining for microassembly applications
Ramona Eberhardt, A. Gebhardt, Torsten Scheller, [1999]
Handling and assembly of functionally adapted microcomponents (HAFAM): a European
Gordana Popovic, Werner Brenner, Helmut Detter, [1999]
Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication
Characterization of on-chip coils for rf microsystems
Marcus Weser, Josef Binder, Sven Rehfuss, Rainer Laur, [1999]
Electrostatically driven micromachined nickel resonators and gyroscopes
Olaf Renken, Wolfgang Benecke, [1999]
Multichannel arrays on polymer substrates: toward a disposable proteomics chip
Holger Becker, Wolfgang Ehrfeld, Rainer Pommersheim, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication (cont.)
High-precision positioning stage for microassembly purposes
Manfred Weck, Bernd Petersen, [1999]
Infrastructure for microsystem production
Henne van Heeren, Stefan Sanchez, Job Elders, Rene Heideman, [1999]
Micromachined capacitive electret microphone
Christiane Thielemann, Gisela Hess, [1999]
Multimode frequency analysis for the dynamic characterization of microstructures
Christian Bergaud, L. Nicu, A. Martinez, P. Gerard, M. Benzohra, [1999]
Laser diode wavelength locking using a micromachined silicon mirror
Neila Kaou, Cedrick Chappaz, Skandar Basrour, Michel de Labachelerie, [1999]
Optical pressure sensor head fabrication using ultrathin silicon wafer anodic bonding
Michael Beggans, Dentcho Ivanov, Steven Fu, Thomas Digges, Kenneth Farmer, [1999]
Silicon carbide-aluminum nitride: new high-stability composition for MEMS
Victor Luchinin, Andrey Korlyakov, Alexander Vasil'ev, [1999]
Micro-EDM for silicon microstructure fabrication
Xiaozhong Song, Dominiek Reynaerts, Wim Meeusen, Hendrik Van Brussel, [1999]
Optical fiber switching device with active alignment
Yves-Alain Peter, Hans-Peter Herzig, Stefano Bottinelli, [1999]
Microstereolithography: a new process to build complex 3D objects
Laurence Beluze, Arnaud Bertsch, Philippe Renaud, [1999]
Fabrication of MEMS using liquid jet dispensing technique
Sergey Sarkisov, Abdalla Darwish, Hossin Abdeldayem, Grigory Adamovsky, Mykola Kulishov, Curtis Banks, JaChing Wang,
Laser-micromachined and laminated microfluidic components for miniaturized thermal,
chemical, and biological systems
Peter Martin, Dean Matson, Wendy Bennett, Donald Stewart, Yuehe Lin, [1999]
Backside contacts for sensor structure packaging
Barbara Janyszek, Ryszard Jachowicz, Dorota Pijanowska, Jerzy Jazwinski, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication (cont.)
Reactive ion etching of quartz and glasses for microfabrication
Patrick Leech, Geoffrey Reeves, [1999]
Fabrication of single-mode optical fiber ferrule mold insert with 12 channels
Hsiharng Yang, Michael Vasile, [1999]
Optical switch driven by giant magnetostrictive thin films
Sung Moon, Sang Lim, Sang Bae Lee, HoKwan Kang, Min Kim, Seok Han, Myung-Hwan Oh, [1999]
Measurement of surface profile of microstructure
Mingbao Zhou, Linbo Bai, Zhan Li, HanMin Yao, [1999]
Rapid prototyping of silicon structures by aid of laser and abrasive-jet machining
Arvi Kruusing, Seppo Leppaevuori, Antti Uusimaki, Matti Uusimaki, [1999]
New method to design halftone mask for the fabrication of continuous microrelief structure
Jingqing Su, Jinglei Du, Jun Yao, Fuhua Gao, Yongkang Guo, Zheng Cui, [1999]
Experimentation of electrostatically actuated monochip micropump for drug delivery
Monique Dilhan, Josiane Tasselli, Daniel Esteve, Pierre Temple-Boyer, Henri Camon, Marc Anduze, Stephane Colin, [1999]
Microtechnology for fabrication of surface micromechanic devices based on a novel SiC-AlN
Victor Luchinin, Andrey Korlyakov, Givi Jandjgava, Stanislav Prosorov, Aleksander Solomatin, Anatoley Sorokin, Sergey
Kucherkov, Leonid Severov, Valeriy Ponomarev, [1999]
Design, fabrication, and thrust prediction of solid propellant microthrusters for space
Carole Rossi, N. Fabre, Veronique Conedera, Daniel Esteve, [1999]
Preliminary results on the use of mirrors for LIGA process
Stephan Megtert, Franz-Josef Pantenburg, Sven Achenbach, Roland Kupka, Juergen Mohr, Marc Roulliay, [1999]
Needle-shaped glucose sensor with multicell electrode fabricated by surface micromachining
Youn Tae Kim, Young-Yong Kim, Chi-Hoon Jun, [1999]
Thermal flow sensor with vacuum-sealed membrane fabricated by surface micromachining
Chi-Hoon Jun, Suk Kim, Dong-Seong Kwag, Youn Tae Kim, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication (cont.)
Bandwidth analysis of a microgyroscope vibrating in two orthogonal axes on the substrate
Yoon Hong, Jong-Hyun Lee, Chang Lee, Won-Ick Jang, Chang-Auck Choi, Soo Hyun Kim, Yoon Keun Kwak, [1999]
Preparation and characterization of sol-gel-derived PZT thin films for microactuators
Zhanjie Wang, Ryutaro Maeda, Kaoru Kikuchi, [1999]
Characteristics of residual products in HF gas-phase etching of sacrificial oxides for silicon
Won-Ick Jang, Chang-Auck Choi, Chang Lee, Yoon Hong, Jong-Hyun Lee, [1999]
Development of silicon microheaters for chemoresistive gas sensors
Sebastiano Brida, Lorenza Ferrario, Flavio Giacomozzi, Domenico Giusti, Vittorio Guarnieri, Benno Margesin, Giorgio Pignatel,
Giovanni Soncini, Alexey Vasil'ev, Giovanni Verzellesi, Mario Zen, [1999]
Optimization of TMAH etching for MEMS
Sebastiano Brida, Lorenza Ferrario, Vittorio Guarnieri, Flavio Giacomozzi, Benno Margesin, Makarand Paranjape, Giovanni
Verzellesi, Mario Zen, [1999]
Fatigue test of thin film materials on a silicon chip using resonating loading system
Taeko Ando, Tetsuo Yoshioka, Mitsuhiro Shikida, Kazuo Sato, [1999]
Stress-induced curvature engineering in surface-micromachined devices
Vladimir Aksyuk, Flavio Pardo, David Bishop, [1999]
Characterization of silicon cantilevers with integrated pyramidal metal tips in atomic force
Thomas Hantschel, Robert Stephenson, Thomas Trenkler, Peter De Wolf, Wilfried Vandervorst, [1999]
Acoustic characterization of TiO2 film for humidity sensors applications
Cinzia Caliendo, Enrico Verona, [1999]
Mass separation using thin PTFE membranes
Zeno Rummler, Walter Bacher, Volker Saile, Werner Schomburg, [1999]
Applied electrostatic parallelogram actuators for microwave switches by standard CMOS
Kaihsiang Yen, Chienliu Chang, Peizen Chang, Jinghung Chiou, Jenn-Yi Chen, Hunghsuan Lin, [1999]
Patterning and bonding of TiNi shape memory thin film for fabrication of micropump
Eiji Makino, Takashi Mitsuya, Tae Nakatsuji, Takayuki Shibata, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication (cont.)
Production of movable metallic microstructures by aligned hot embossing and reactive ion
Oliver Roetting, Bernd Koehler, Frank-Joachim Reuther, Hartmut Blum, Walter Bacher, [1999]
Thermal microactuator characterization
Jacques Jonsmann, Siebe Bouwstra, [1999]
Silicon hillocks elimination using a complexant redox alkaline system
Carmen Moldovan, Rodica Iosub, Dan Dascalu, Gheorghe Nechifor, Cornelia-Carmen Danila, [1999]
Stress-compensated metal stencil masks for selective deposition in microelectronics,
micromechanics, and optoelectronics
Niculae Dumbravescu, [1999]
Biomimetic photoreceptor
Andreea Merticaru, [1999]
Electrochemical etching of silicon in aqueous solutions
David Starosvetsky, Mark Kovler, Joseph Yahalom, [1999]
New method for reduction of corner undercutting in anisotropic KOH etching, and
applications to MEMS and MOEMS
Neila Kaou, J. Jeannot, Michel de Labachelerie, [1999]
DEM technique: a new three-dimensional microfabrication technique for nonsilicon materials
Di Chen, Dacheng Zhang, Guifu Ding, Xiaolin Zhao, Jilin Zhang, Cunsheng Yang, Bingchu Cai, [1999]
Fabrication of thin film resistors and silicon microstructures using a frequency-doubled
Nd:YAG laser
Alexander Wogersien, Stefan Dauer, Stephanus Buettgenbach, [1999]
Positional accuracy study of a micro-EDM machine
Heather Almond, Jagmohan Bhogal, David Allen, [1999]
Microfabrication of diamond probe for atomic force microscope
Takayuki Shibata, Tae Nakatsuji, Yasutaka Kitamoto, Kazuya Unno, Eiji Makino, [1999]
Effect of polysilicon interface on stress in multistacked polysilicon films
Chang-Auck Choi, Chang Lee, Won-Ick Jang, Jong-Hyun Lee, Byung-Ki Shon, [1999]
Design, Test, and Microfabrication of MEMS and MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: Micromachining and Microfabrication (cont.)
Micromachined photonic integrated circuits for sensor applications: experimental results
Dana Cristea, Raluca Muller, Ioan Pavelescu, [1999]
Integration of SnO2 sol-gel processes to gas sensor microfabrication: H2 and CO sensitivity
Corbel Cobianu, Raluca Iorgulescu, Cristian Savaniu, Antonela Dima, Dan Dascalu, Pietro Siciliano, Simona Capone, Roberto
Rella, Fabio Quaranta, Lorenzo Vasanelli, [1999]
Electrochemical microreactor
Marin Gheorghe, Dan Dascalu, Mihaela Ghita, [1999]
Characterization of porous silicon for solar cell application by atomic force microscopy
I. Simkiene, Valentinas Snitka, Kestutis Naudzius, Vaidas Pacebutas, Mindaugas Rackaitis, [1999]
Characterization of conductive probes for atomic force microscopy
Thomas Trenkler, Thomas Hantschel, Wilfried Vandervorst, Louis Hellemans, Wilhelm Kulisch, Egbert Oesterschulze, P.
Niedermann, T. Sulzbach, [1999]
Microwave planar lumped circuit elements on micromachined thin dielectric membranes
Sergiu Iordanescu, Alexandru Mueller, Romolo Marcelli, G. Bartolucci, Ioana Petrini, Dan Vasilache, Viorel Avramescu, [1999]
Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics
Plenary Session
Nonvolatile high-density high-performance phase-change memory memory
G. Wicker, [1999]
Advanced rf CMOS technology
H. Iwai, T. Ohguro, E. Morifuji, T. Yoshitomi, H. Kimijima, H. S. Momose, K. Inoh, H, Nii, Y. Katsumata, [1999]
Invited Paper Session
MEMS packaging and microassembly challenges
R. Mehalso, [1999]
Review of the history and technology of micromachined miniature displays using foundryproduced silicon backplanes foundry-produced silicon backplanes
A. J. Walton, D. G. Vass, I. Underwood, G. Bodammer, D. Calton, K. Seunarine, J.T.M. Stevenson, A. Gundlach, [1999]
Application domains for synchrotron radiation sources of various energies
Chantal Khan Malek, Volker Saile, [1999]
Nanometer x-ray lithography
Frank Hartley, Chantal Khan Malek, [1999]
Integration of MEMS devices
P.J. French, [1999]
High-efficiency silicon solar cells
M.A. Green, [1999]
Packaging and Assembly
Analytical study on a MEMS microcooling system for cooling flip chips
Andrew Tay, Francis Tay, Wenjie Li, [1999]
Tool and method for the theremal transient evaluation of packages
Vladimir Szekely, Marta Rencz, Bernard Courtois, [1999]
New flexible building technique for microsystems
Staffan Karlsson, Stefan Johansson, [1999]
Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics (cont.)
Design Methodologies for MEMS
Optimization criteria of CMOS-compatible thermopile sensors
Chen-Hsun Du, Cheng-Kuo Lee, [1999]
Magnetic analysis of a micromachined magnetic actuator using the finite element method
C. Ko, J. Yang, Jin-Chern Chiou, Shih Chen, T. Kao, [1999]
Model of an instrumented optoelectronic transmission system in HDL-A and VHDL-AMS
Wilfried Uhring, Yannick Herve, Francois Pecheux, [1999]
Modeling and simulation of a three-axis acceleration sensing system with a mixed signal
David Greager, Barry Marlow, [1999]
Novel Devices
Development of power accumulation-type SiC MOSFET
Handoko Linewih, Sima Dimitrijev, H. Barry Harrison, [1999]
Novel extension of neu-MOS techniques to neu-GaAs
Peter Celinski, Derek Abbott, Jose Lopez, [1999]
Algorithmic and practical questions of electrothermal circuit simulation
Marta Rencz, Vladimir Szekely, A. Pahi, Andras Poppe, [1999]
Noise analysis of MESFET gallium arsenide circuits
Kamran Eshraghian, Hans-Joerg Pfleiderer, Stefan Lachowicz, [1999]
Simulation of circuits demonstrating stochastic resonance
Gregory Harmer, Derek Abbott, [1999]
Simulation and properties of randomly switched control systems
Andrew Allison, Derek Abbott, [1999]
Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics (cont.)
Test and Reliability Assessment
Automatic verification of asynchronous circuits using modified STG control graph
Eddie Wong, Jie Gong, [1999]
Noise measurement used for reliability screening of optoelectronic coupled devices (OCDs)
Jiansheng Xu, Derek Abbott, Yisong Dai, [1999]
MEMS Systems and Components I
Low-cost metal micropump for drug delivery
Francis Tay, G. Xu, Wen Choong, Hong Xue, [1999]
Development of a high-energy-resolution x-ray microcalorimeter using Ti/Au TES
Hiroyuki Kudo, Yuichi Yokoyama, Shuichi Shoji, Tohru Oshima, Youichi Aruga, Kana Maegami, Ryuichi Fujimoto, Toshiyuki
Miyazaki, Kazuhisa Mitsuda, [1999]
Novel design of a MEMS-based tactile sensor
Ranjit Singh, [1999]
Programmable MEMS capacitor arrays
Bruce Duewer, John Wilson, David Winick, Paul Franzon, [1999]
Novel Circuits
Asynchronous techniques for digital MESFET gallium arsenide circuits
Kamran Eshraghian, Stefan Lachowicz, [1999]
Very high-speed differential optoelectronic algorithmic ADC using n-i(MQW)-n SEED
Said Al-Sarawi, Neil Burgess, Warren Marwood, Petar Atanackovic, [1999]
MEMS Systems and Components II
Micromirror device with tilt and piston motions
Jin-Chern Chiou, Yu-Chen Lin, [1999]
Design and performance evaluation of a silicon eye using micromirrors
Natalie Clark, Paul Furth, [1999]
Motion detection using color templates
Kevin Chin, Derek Abbott, [1999]
Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics (cont.)
High-temperature testing of nickel wire bonds for SiC devices
Ravi Burla, Shuvo Roy, Vishal Haria, Christian Zorman, Mehran Mehregany, [1999]
Laser-beam-induced current technique as a quantitative tool for HgCdTe photodiode
Charles Musca, David Redfern, John Dell, Lorenzo Faraone, [1999]
Poster Session
Fully parallel fuzzy logic processor architecture: exceeding one billion rules per second
Michael Lees, Duncan Campbell, [1999]
Toward high-torque electrostatic tubular motors
Philippe Helin, Gilles Bourbon, Patrice Minotti, Hiroyuki Fujita, [1999]
Mechanical stress in polysilicon layers and evaluation by a new procedure
Florin Gaiseanu, Jaume Esteve, [1999]
Modular exponential accelerator chip based on precomputations for RSA cryptography
Victor Ramschie, Ahsan Hariz, Malcolm Haskard, [1999]
Optimizing the simulation of bipolar transistor packages using sliding mode techniques
Vardan Mkrttchian, Armen Simonyan, Knarik Mkrtchyan, [1999]
Modeling HEMT intermodulation distortion characteristics
Guoli Qu, Anthony Parker, [1999]
Design and simulation of a micromirror array for a projection TV
Bumkyoo Choi, Junghoon Lee, Kyuwon Jung, Hyungjae Shin, [1999]
Mechanical characterization of magnetostrictively actuated microresonators
Tarik Bourouina, Amalia Garnier, Hiroyuki Fujita, Toshiro Hiramoto, Elisabeth Orsier, Jean-Claude Peuzin, [1999]
Area, time, power optimization for radix-2 redundant CORDIC rotation engines
Thambipillai Srikanthan, Bimal Gisuthan, K. Asari, [1999]
Modeling malfunctions of the circuits arising from external influence
Vardan Mkrttchian, Asmik Eranosian, Armen Simonyan, Knarik Mkrtchyan, [1999]
Design, Characterization, and Packaging for MEMS and Microelectronics (cont.)
Poster Session (cont.)
Hydrophilic and hydrophobic phenomena on silicon substrate for MEMS
Daiki Kamiya, Mikio Horie, [1999]
Designing online self-testing control units with guaranteed fault coverage
Serge Demidenko, [1999]
Anomalous drain current-voltage characteristics in AlGaN/GaN MODFETs at low
Gilberto Umana-Membreno, John Dell, Lorenzo Faraone, Yi-Feng Wu, Giacinta Parish, Umesh Mishra, [1999]
Integrated millimeter-wave antenna for early warning detection
Abdulla Mohamed, Andrew Campbell, David Goodfellow, Derek Abbott, Hedley Hansen, Ken Harvey, [1999]
Sandwich-type structure for economical MEMS and MOEMS assembly
Niculae Dumbravescu, [1999]
Development of low-temperature wafer level vacuum packaging for microsensors
Wei-Feng Huang, Jin-Shown Shie, Cheng-Kuo Lee, Shih Gong, Cheng-Jien Peng, [1999]
Fabrication of fine metal microstructures packaged in the bonded glass substrates
Akihito Kawamura, Shinichi Ike, Shuichi Shoji, [1999]
Modeling of electrohydrodynamically enhanced pool boiling heat transfer using helical coil
Thai Nguyen, Jafar Madadnia, [1999]
X-Y nanopositioners using high-density arrays of mechanical oscillators
Gilles Bourbon, Patrice Minotti, Philippe Helin, Hiroyuki Fujita, [1999]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS
Joint Invited Papers
Microactuated optical MEMS (abstract only)
Hiroyuki Fujita, [2000]
CAD for integrated MEMS design
Tamal Mukherjee, [2000]
Compliant MEMS: design methods and applications
Sridhar Kota, [2000]
Coupling of length scales in MEMS modeling: the atomic limit of finite elements
Robert Rudd, [2000]
Challenges and opportunities in deployment of MEMS for in-vivo monitoring of
cardiovascular systems
Roop Mahajan, [2000]
CAD, Design and Test
Model Generation and Behavioral Simulation
Automated generation of compact models for fluidic microsystems
Marek Turowski, Zhijian Chen, Andrzej Przekwas, [2000]
THERMODEL: a tool for thermal model generation and application for MEMS packages
Vladimir Szekely, Marta Rencz, Andras Poppe, Bernard Courtois, [2000]
Efficient reduced order modeling for system simulation of micro-electro-mechanical systems
(MEMS) from FEM models
Bachar Affour, Philippe Nachtergaele, Stevan Spirkovitch, Dale Ostergaard, Miklos Gyimesi, [2000]
Numerical spring models for behavioral simulation of MEMS inertial sensors
Sitaraman Iyer, Tamal Mukherjee, [2000]
Design and optimization of passive components for optical interconnects
Pascal Bontoux, Ian O'Connor, Frederic Gaffiot, Gilles Jacquemod, [2000]
Design Methods and Optimization I
Increasing the dynamic range of a micromechanical moving-plate capacitor
Jukka Kyynaeraeinen, Aarne Oja, H. Seppae, [2000]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
Design Methods and Optimization I (cont.)
Nonlinear analysis of beams under electrostatic loads
A. Gugliotta, Aurelio Soma, S. Di Mauro, F. De Bona, F. Roccaforte, [2000]
High-thermal-impedance beams for suspended MEMS
Salvador Mir, Benoit Charlot, F. Parrain, D. Veychard, [2000]
Development and application of a computer-supported method for design optimization of
micro-optical systems
Ingo Sieber, Helmut Guth, Horst Eggert, Klaus-Peter Scherer, [2000]
Design Methods and Optimization II
Acoustic and magnetic MEMS components for a hearing aid instrument
Sazzadur Chowdhury, Graham Jullien, Majid Ahmadi, W. Miller, Daniel Keating, Nora Finch, [2000]
Mathematical modeling on the quadrature error of low-rate microgyroscope for aerospace
Bao Yeh, Yung Liang, Francis Tay, [2000]
Design of an APS CMOS image sensor for space applications using standard CAD tools and
CMOS technology
Jerome Goy, Bernard Courtois, Jean Michel Karam, Francis Pressecq, [2000]
Electromagnetic analysis of the IR sensor focal plane arrays of micro-optics
Zbigniew Sikorski, [2000]
Electronics for MEMS
Signal processing electronics for a capacitive microsensor
Gilles Amendola, Guo Lu, [2000]
Modeling, design, and test of a monolithic integrated magnetic sensor in a digital CMOS
technology using a switched current interface system
C. Rubio, Sebastian Bota, J. Macias, Josep Samitier, [2000]
1-GHz CMOS VCO design for wireless application using MEMS technology
Amal Mohamed, Hamed Elsimary, Mohammed Ismail, [2000]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
CAD Systems
Moving from analysis to design: a MEMS CAD tool evolution
K. Liateni, Hee Lee, Mary Ann Perez-Maher, Jean Michel Karam, [2000]
CFD-Micromesh: a fast geometric modeling and mesh generation tool for 3D microsystem
Zhiqiang Tan, M. Furmanczyk, Marek Turowski, Andrzej Przekwas, [2000]
Robust and versatile software system for optimal design of MEMS structures
Byung Kwak, Sang Lee, Jae Huh, [2000]
Mixed-technology system-level simulation
Steven Levitan, Jose Martinez, Timothy Kurzweg, Philippe Marchand, Donald Chiarulli, [2000]
Standardization for microsystem technology
Werner Brenner, A. Stelmach, J. Baret, [2000]
Testing and Failure Analysis
High-level fault modeling in surface-micromachined MEMS
Nilmoni Deb, Ronald Blanton, [2000]
MEMS physical analysis in order to complete experimental results return
Xavier Lafontan, Christian Dufaza, Guy Perez, Francis Pressecq, [2000]
MEMS IC test probe utilizing fritting contacts
Toshihiro Itoh, Kenichi Kataoka, Gunter Engelmann, Juergen Wolf, Oswin Ehrmann, Herbert Reichl, Tadatomo Suga, [2000]
Test structures for CMOS-compatible silicon pressure sensor reliability characterization
Enric Montane, Sebastian Bota, Santiago Marco, M. Carmona, Josep Samitier, [2000]
Poster Papers: CAD, Design and Test
International frequency sensor association (IFSA): goals and activities
Sergey Yurish, [2000]
Dynamic checking improves MEMS design methodology
Xavi Marin, Jordi Carrabina, Juan Bausells, [2000]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Papers: CAD, Design and Test (cont.)
Computational framework for modeling one-dimensional subgrid components and
phenomena in multidimensional microsystems
Maciej Pindera, Sami Bayyuk, Vasudeva Upadhya, Andrzej Przekwas, [2000]
New methodology of work with concurrent engineering in electronic design
P. Owezarski, V. Baudin, S. Owezarski, G. Fabre, T. Gayraud, J. Dorkel, P. Tounsi, [2000]
Modeling and design of multiple buried junctions detectors for color systems development
Annick Alexandre, Gerard Sou, Mohamed Ben Chouikha, Mohamed Sedjil, Guo Lu, George Alquie, [2000]
Evaluation of the orientation of thermal deformation in the surface-micromachined membrane
of gas microsensors
Marius Dumitrescu, Corbel Cobianu, Adrian Pascu, [2000]
Microfabrication, Integration and Packaging
Assembly Technologies
Advanced flip chip technologies in rf, microwave, and MEMS applications
Hermann Oppermann, C. Kallmayer, M. Klein, R. Aschenbrenner, Herbert Reichl, [2000]
Residual thermomechanical stresses in ultrathin chip stack technology
J. Puigcorbe, Sergio Leseduarte, Santiago Marco, Eric Beyne, Rita Van Hoof, Antoine Marty, Stephane Pinel, Olivier Vendier,
Augustin Coello-Vera, [2000]
New ultrathin 3D integration technique: technological and thermal investigations
Stephane Pinel, Josiane Tasselli, Antoine Marty, Jean-Pierre Bailbe, Eric Beyne, Rita Van Hoof, Santiago Marco, Sergio
Leseduarte, Olivier Vendier, Augustin Coello-Vera, [2000]
Integration and packaging of MEMS relays
Jungsang Kim, Cristian Bolle, R. Boie, John Gates, A. Ramirez, Sungho Jin, David Bishop, [2000]
Devices and Components I
SCREAM micromachined high-aspect-ratio low-g microaccelerometer
Francis Tay, V. Logeeswaran, Yung Liang, [2000]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
Devices and Components I (cont.)
Silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems for millimeter-wave applications
Katia Grenier, Patrick Pons, T. Parra, Robert Plana, Jacques Graffeuil, [2000]
Design, fabrication, and packaging of closed-chamber PCR chips for DNA amplification
Christian Schabmueller, Alan Evans, Arthur Brunnschweiler, Graham Ensell, Dario Leslie, M. Lee, [2000]
Devices and Components II
Scanning micromechanical mirror for fine-pointing units of intersatellite optical links
Jussi Graeffe, Mika Suhonen, Hannu Sipola, Teuvo Sillanpaeae, [2000]
Packaged bulk micromachined resonant force sensor for high-temperature applications
M. Haueis, Juerg Dual, Claudio Cavalloni, M. Gnielka, Rudolf Buser, [2000]
Design and fabrication of a novel thermally actuated vertical bimorph scanner for an
integrated AFM
Harald Sehr, Alan Evans, Arthur Brunnschweiler, Graham Ensell, [2000]
Micromachined CMOS magnetic field sensor with ferromagnetic actuation
Laurent Latorre, V. Beroulle, Y. Bertrand, Pascal Nouet, I. Salesse, [2000]
MOEMS Packaging
Photovoltaic miniarrays assembled using multichip module technology (MCM)
P. Ortega, L. Castaner, [2000]
Integrated Process and Manufacturing
Scheduling MEMS manufacturing
Francis Tay, Loo Lee, Lixin Wang, [2000]
Preliminary results at the ultradeep x-ray lithography beamline at CAMD
Georg Aigeldinger, Philip Coane, Benjamin Craft, Jost Goettert, Sam Ledger, Zhong-geng Ling, Harish Manohara, Louis Rupp,
Rapid fabrication of microcomponents
Thomas Hanemann, Juergen Hausselt, Robert Ruprecht, M. Skrifvars, K.-H. Zum Gahr, Wilhelm Pfleging, [2000]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
Reliability and Characterization
Influence of materials selection and quality on ink jet nozzles fabricated by microelectrodischarge machining
Heather Almond, David Allen, [2000]
Effects of dc and ac bias on the dynamic performance of microresonators
Francis Tay, R. Kumaran, B. Chua, V. Logeeswaran, [2000]
New types of silicon torsion microspring and their characterization
Werner Brenner, Gh. Haddad, H. Rennhofer, M. Rennhofer, Aleksandar Vujanic, Gordana Popovic, [2000]
Failure of polymer-metal interfaces under hygrothermal loading
Andrew Tay, Y. Ma, Sim Heng Ong, [2000]
Posters on Microfabrication, Integration and Packaging
High-aspect-ratio electroformed Ni-Co microstructures with improved mold adhesion using a
LIGA-like process and a Novolak sublayer
Chantal Khan Malek, Lowell Thomas, [2000]
Microsystems reliability estimation features
A. Andonova, Ch. Roumenin, [2000]
Micromechanical silicon precision scale
Aarne Oja, Teuvo Sillanpaeae, H. Seppae, Jyrki Kiihamaeki, P. Seppaelae, Jani Karttunen, Kari Riski, [2000]
Application of a new electrometric approach to study interaction between biological
Nickolaj Starodub, Igor Goraychuk, Valentyna Starodub, Vasyl' Il'chenko, Gennagij Kuznetsov, [2000]
Silicon optoelectronic integrated circuits for MOEMS
Dana Cristea, Florea Craciunoiu, M. Caldararu, [2000]
Array of niobium nanotips formed in porous anodic alumina matrix
Victor Surganov, G. Gorokh, [2000]
Technical comparison of micro-electrodischarge machining, microdrilling, and copper vapor
laser machining for the fabrication of ink jet nozzles
David Allen, Heather Almond, Peter Logan, [2000]
Surface investigation of porous GaAs used for luminescent films
Valentinas Snitka, I. Simkiene, K. Grigoras, Vytautas Jasutis, Kestutis Naudzius, Vaidas Pacebutas, J. Sabataityte, Vida Mizariene,
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
Posters on Microfabrication, Integration and Packaging (cont.)
Development of miniature pantograph mechanisms with large deflective hinges for new
surface mount systems
Mikio Horie, Toru Uchida, Daiki Kamiya, [2000]
MEMS structure: micromirror array
Martin Huja, Miroslav Husak, [2000]
Anodic oxidation in polysilicon microactuators
Pierre Voumard, Patrick Debergh, G. Perregaux, S. Gonseth, [2000]
3D resolution gray-tone lithography
Niculae Dumbravescu, [2000]
Additional Poster Paper on CAD, Design and Test
Analysis of electromechanical parameters of electrostatic microrelay with a movable elastic
cantilever electrode
Georgy Efremov, Nikolay Mukhurov, A. Galdetskiy, [2000]
Additional Paper from Session on Reliability and Charaterization
Si-based microphone testing methodology and noise reduction
C. Premachandran, Zhe Wang, Tai Chai, S. Chong, Mahadevan Iyer, [2000]
MEMS Reliability for Critical Applications
Plenary Session
MEMS/MOEMS for lightwave networks: Can little machines make it big?
David Bishop, Vladimir Aksyuk, Cristian Bolle, C. Randy Giles, Flavio Pardo, Jim Walker, [2000]
Bulk micromachining for sensors and actuators
Masayoshi Esashi, [2000]
Microsystems for diverse applications using recently developed microfabrication techniques
Laurent Dellmann, Terunobu Akiyama, Danick Briand, Sebastien Gautsch, Olivier Guenat, Benedikt Guldimann, Philippe
Luginbuhl, Cornel Marxer, Urs Staufer, Bart van der Schoot, Nico de Rooij, [2000]
MEMS Failure Analysis
Electrostatic discharge/electrical overstress susceptibility in MEMS: a new failure mode
Jeremy Walraven, Jerry Soden, Danelle Tanner, Paiboon Tangyunyong, Edward Cole, Richard Anderson, Lloyd Irwin, [2000]
Fracture tests of etched components using a focused ion beam machine
Jonathan Kuhn, Rainer Fettig, S. Harvey Moseley, Alexander Kutyrev, Jon Orloff, [2000]
Failure analysis of tungsten-coated polysilicon micromachined microengines
Jeremy Walraven, Seethambal Mani, James Fleming, Thomas Headley, Paul Kotula, Alejandro Pimentel, Michael Rye, Danelle
Tanner, Norman Smith, [2000]
MEMS Process and Packaging Reliability
Ultrasonic actuation for MEMS dormancy-related stiction reduction
Ville Kaajakari, Shyi-Herng Kan, Li-Jen Lin, Amit Lal, M. Steven Rodgers, [2000]
Effects of temperature on surface adhesion in MEMS structures
Jeffrey Jennings, Leslie Phinney, [2000]
Characterization of Kovar-Pyrex anodically bonded samples: a new packaging approach for
MEMS devices
Stephen Vargo, Amanda Green, Juergen Mueller, David Bame, Robert Reinicke, [2000]
MEMS Reliability for Critical Applications (cont.)
Surface-Micromachined MEMS Reliability
Mechanical reliability of surface-micromachined self-assembling two-axis MEMS tilting
Arman Gasparyan, Vladimir Aksyuk, Paul Busch, Susanne Arney, [2000]
Electrical and environmental reliability characterization of surface-micromachined MEMS
polysilicon test structures
Carolyn White, Herbert Shea, Kimberly Cameron, Flavio Pardo, Cristian Bolle, Vladimir Aksyuk, Susanne Arney, [2000]
Micro nano technology visualization (MNTV) of micromachined MEMS polysilicon
Russell Lawton, Gisela Lin, Joanne Wellman, Leslie Phinney, Jose Uribe, Edward Griffith, Ingrid De Wolf, Eric Lawrence, [2000]
MEMS Qualification
Mechanical effects of fatigue and charge on CMOS MEMS
Kevin Frederick, Gary Fedder, [2000]
Anodic oxidation and reliability of MEMS polysilicon electrodes at high relative humidity
and high voltages
Herbert Shea, Arman Gasparyan, Carolyn White, Robert Comizzoli, David Abusch-Magder, Susanne Arney, [2000]
Effect of storage life and drive signals on the reliability of the Sandia Microengine
Chad O'Neal, Ajay Malshe, William Eaton, [2000]
Diagnosis of microcrack initiation and estimation fracture toughness for micromachined
silicon comb device with prenotch actuated by electrostatic force
Se-Ho Lee, Jae Kim, Y. Eugene Pak, Jong up Jeon, Dongil Kwon, [2000]
Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Microelectronics
Novel Areas of CAD for Microelectronics and MEMS
Behavioral modeling of short-distance optical interconnects
Fabien Mieyeville, Gilles Jacquemod, Ian O'Connor, Frederic Gaffiot, [2000]
From MEMS to the global simulation of SoCs
Marta Rencz, Vladimir Szekely, Andras Poppe, Bernard Courtois, [2000]
Applications of mixed-signal test strategies to next-generation microsystems
Carl Jeffrey, Richard Rosing, Andrew Richardson, [2000]
MEMS and RF Components Modeling
Microcoil modeling: benefit and implementation of a permeable layer
Sven Rehfuss, Claudia Marschner, Dagmar Peters, Hilmar Bolte, Rainer Laur, [2000]
Theoretical basis for including small as well as large deflections of quadratic membrane
structures in one behavioral model
Dagmar Peters, Hilmar Bolte, Claudia Marschner, Sven Rehfuss, Rainer Laur, [2000]
Simple and accurate method of modeling spiral inductor up to six times its first self-resonant
Aik Ng, Lye Chua, Geok Ng, Choi Law, [2000]
Advanced Design Methods
Numerical simulation of microassembly of MEMS devices and post-assembly
electromechanical actuation
Daniel Keating, Yie He, Nora Finch, James Marchetti, [2000]
Modular approach for simulation-based optimization of MEMS
Peter Schneider, E. Huck, S. Reitz, Sandra Parodat, Andre Schneider, Peter Schwarz, [2000]
CAD modeling of scratch drive actuation
Nora Finch, James Marchetti, Hiroyuki Fujita, Jean-Philippe Gouy, [2000]
DSP systems design in a SystemC-based design flow
Babu Mailachalam, Thambipillai Srikanthan, [2000]
Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Microelectronics (cont.)
High-Level Synthesis and Testing
Compact trace generation and power measurement in software emulation
Fabian Wolf, Judita Kruse, Rolf Ernst, [2000]
Interconnection optimization during high-level synthesis of digital systems
Hongwei Zhu, Ching Jong, Yu Zheng, [2000]
Data path allocation for low power in high-level synthesis
Yu Zheng, Ching Jong, Hongwei Zhu, [2000]
Delay-bound determination for path constraint satisfaction
Nadine Azemard, Michel Aline, Daniel Auvergne, [2000]
Analysis of fault coverage and simulation of test data compactors for online testing control
Serge Demidenko, [2000]
Device Modeling I
RF modeling of MOSFETs
Mohamed Deen, Chih-hung Chen, S. Naseh, Y. Cheng, M. Matloubian, [2000]
Correlation between distributed and lumped FET model parameters
Subrata Halder, Geok Ng, Choi Law, [2000]
Characterization and modeling of avalanche multiplication in HBTs
Fujiang Lin, Bo Chen, Tianshu Zhou, Ban Ooi, Pang Kooi, [2000]
Design and Synthesis of Analog Circuits
Synthesis system for analog circuits
Yvonne Lam, Mark Zwolinski, [2000]
Novel circuit concept for PSK-demodulation in passive telemetric systems
Claudia Marschner, Sven Rehfuss, Dagmar Peters, Hilmar Bolte, Rainer Laur, [2000]
Monolithic adaptively biased micropower CMOS variable gain amplifier
Ram Rana, [2000]
Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Microelectronics (cont.)
Novel Circuits and Systems
Pipelining flat CORDIC-based trigonometric function generators
Thambipillai Srikanthan, Bimal Gisuthan, [2000]
Fully scalable ROM-less architecture for precomputing the polarity of microrotations in
CORDIC-based sine/cosine generators
Bimal Gisuthan, Thambipillai Srikanthan, [2000]
Low-cost speech recognition system for small vocabulary and independent speaker
Chih Chiang Teh, Ching Jong, Liter Siek, [2000]
Interactive Web-based tutorials for teaching digital electronics
Donald Bailey, [2000]
Integrative approach to teaching electronics design
Donald Bailey, Ken Mercer, Bob O'Driscoll, Colin Plaw, Wyatt Page, Ross Nilson, [2000]
Device Modelling II
Diffusion current and thermal noise in short-channel MOSFETs
Michael Obrecht, Tajinder Manku, [2000]
Empirical model of effective channel length (Leff) for 0.25-µm LDD nMOSFET
Po-Ching Liu, H. Lin, [2000]
Surface-potential-based model of reverse short-channel effect in submicrometer MOSFETs
with nonuniform lateral channel doping
Wensheng Qian, Xing Zhou, Yuwen Wang, Khee Lim, [2000]
Extraction of VBIC model for SiGe HBTs made easy by going through Gummel-Poon model
Fujiang Lin, Tianshu Zhou, Bo Chen, Ban Ooi, Pang Kooi, [2000]
Analytical model for subthreshold current in short-channel fully depleted SOI MOSFETs
incorporating velocity overshoot
A. H. M. Zahirul Alam, Mohammad Momen, Md. Islam, Pran Saha, [2000]
Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Microelectronics (cont.)
Steep retrograde indium channel profiling for high-performance nMOSFETs device
Shiang Ong, Eng Chor, Ying Leung, James Lee, Wen Li, Alex See, Lap Chan, [2000]
Extensible TCAD optimization framework combining gradient-based and genetic optimizers
Clemens Heitzinger, Siegfried Selberherr, [2000]
Parallel unstructured grid DSMC for the study of molecular gas dynamics in semiconductor
Abhinav Singh, Yong Zhao, [2000]
Tuning dielectric constant and Young's modulus by nanofabrication
Changqing Sun, Beng Tay, Shu Ping Lau, Xiao Sun, [2000]
MEMS Components
Design considerations in micromachined silicon microphones
Jianmin Miao, Rong Lin, Longqing Chen, Quanbo Zou, Sin Lim, Suan Seah, [2000]
Model for fabricating close-coupling pumped microchip lasers
Jingang Liu, Siu Chung Tam, Yee Loy Lam, Hongru Yang, Wenjie Xie, Deyuan Shen, [2000]
Geometry optimization of the interdigitated metal-semiconductor-metal photodiode structures
Stanislav Averine, Yuen Chuen Chan, Yee Loy Lam, [2000]
Poster Session
Modeling and simulation of phase-locked loops in the time and frequency domain
Michael Hinz, Ingo Koenenkamp, Ernst-Helmut Horneber, [2000]
Design of high-speed high-performance, serial bus data transceiver
Saravanan Kuppusamy, S. M. Rezaul Hasan, [2000]
High-performance transimpedance amplifier for OC-48 optical transceiver application
Nasir Quadir, S. M. Rezaul Hasan, [2000]
Design, Modeling, and Simulation in Microelectronics (cont.)
Poster Session (cont.)
Design and analysis of RAM transparent March test for BIST implementation
Serge Demidenko, Scott Henderson, [2000]
Investigation of reverse short channel effect with numerical and compact models
Yuwen Wang, Khee Lim, Wensheng Qian, Xing Zhou, [2000]
Multilevel transmission line macromodeling and latency for the time domain simulation
Methee Hwangkhunnatham, Ekachai Leelarasmee, [2000]
Optomechanical analysis of silicon integrated optical pressure sensors based on MachZehnder interferometry
Ioan Pavelescu, Nicoleta Mierlacioiu, [2000]
MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging
Introductory Paper
MEMS and mil/aero: technology push and market pull
Thomas Clifford, [2001]
Modeling and Design
Model library and tool support for MEMS simulation
Peter Schwarz, Peter Schneider, [2001]
Suspended substrate stripline structures evaluation for millimeter-wave circuits application
Jeffrey Fu, Chao Lu, Boon Kwok, Wendy Lee, [2001]
Experimental investigation, modeling, and simulations for MEMS-based gas sensor used for
monitoring process chambers in semiconductor manufacturing
Ijaz Jafri, Frank DiMeo, Jeffrey Neuner, Sue DiMascio, James Marchetti, [2001]
Component-based assistants for MEMS design tools
Kai Hahn, Rainer Brueck, Christian Schneider, Christian Schumer, Jens Popp, [2001]
Design of a micro-Wankel rotary engine for MEMS fabrication
Kyle Jiang, Philip Prewett, M. Ward, Y. Tian, H. Yang, [2001]
SPICE modeling of liquid capacitance in micromachined silicon capillaries
Paul Rainey, Neil Mitchell, Harold Gamble, [2001]
Electromechanical analysis of microelectromechanical structures and dynamic simulations of
laterally vibratory microgyroscope
Jing Fang, W. Zhang, C. Wang, Z. Li, D. Zhang, [2001]
MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging (cont.)
Processes and Fabrication Technologies I
Characterization and optimization of deep dry etching for MEMS applications
Alexandra Rickard, Mark McNie, [2001]
Comparison of Bosch and cryogenic processes for patterning high-aspect-ratio features in
Martin Walker, [2001]
Fabrication of silicon sidewall profiles for fluidic applications using modified advanced
silicon etching
Chi-fu Wu, Lars Erdmann, Kaigham Gabriel, S. Yao, [2001]
Nd:YAG laser micromachining of SiC precision structures for MEMS
Ernst Kreutz, Ruth Weichenhain, Alexander Horn, [2001]
Profile control of SU-8 photoresist using different radiation sources
Zheng Cui, Derek Jenkins, Andreas Schneider, Geoff McBride, [2001]
Computational synthesis of lithographic mask layouts for silicon microcomponents
Stephanus Buettgenbach, Ulli Hansen, Lars Steffensen, [2001]
Advances in silicon-to-glass bonding with laser
Michael Wild, Arnold Gillner, Reinhart Poprawe, [2001]
Fine-grained polysilicon films with built-in tensile strain
Mohammed Rahman, [2001]
Processes and Fabrication Technologies II
Micro stereo lithography for fabrication of 3D polymeric and ceramic MEMS
Vijay Varadan, Vasundara Varadan, [2001]
Characterization, Packaging, and Interconnection
Novel equipment for friction force measurement on MEMS and microcomponents
Martin Schmidt, Andreas Wortmann, Holger Luethje, Stephanus Buettgenbach, [2001]
MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging (cont.)
Characterization, Packaging, and Interconnection (cont.)
Bio/chemical microsystem designed for wafer scale testing
Anders Jorgensen, Klaus Mogensen, Weimin Rong, Pieter Telleman, Joerg Kutter, [2001]
Breakdown voltage behavior of electrostatic microactuators
Resh Dhariwal, Mohamad Ahmad, Marc Desmulliez, [2001]
3D-CSP: an innovative packaging method based on RMPD
Helge Bohlmann, Reiner Goetzen, Andrea Reinhardt, [2001]
Method of localized and low-temperature wafer bonding for microsystem packaging
Shengchih Shen, Chengtang Pan, Hwai-Pwu Chou, [2001]
Optical MEMS
MEMS hybridization: bridging the free-space gap
Paul Blair, Duncan McMillan, Jean Podlecki, Mark Begbie, Kevin Yallup, [2001]
Investigation of improved designs for rotational micromirrors using multiuser MEMS
Julianna Lin, Feras Michael, Andrew Kirk, [2001]
Wafer scale packaging for a MEMS video scanner
Mark Helsel, Jon Barger, David Wine, Thor Osborn, [2001]
New actuation structure for the deformation of continuous mirrors for adaptive optics
Emmanuel Quevy, Lionel Buchaillot, Dominique Collard, [2001]
RF and Wireless MEMS
Silicon MEM technology for millimeter-wave applications
Katia Grenier, D. Dubuc, Patrick Pons, Robert Plana, L. Rabbia, T. Parra, Jacques Graffeuil, [2001]
Infrastructure needs for RF MEMS production
Henne van Heeren, [2001]
MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging (cont.)
RF and Wireless MEMS (cont.)
Low-cost in-line phase shifter (IPS) using electrostatic MEMS for large antenna arrays
Seong-Hwoon Kim, Jeff Dean, Leslie Kramer, [2001]
Wireless surface acoustic wave and MEMS-based microsensors
Vijay Varadan, Vasundara Varadan, [2001]
MEMS technologies for rf communications
Qun Wu, B. Kim, [2001]
Bio/Chemical/Other MEMS and Actuators
Electrothermal modeling of silicon PCR chips
Zheng Cui, Zhan Zhao, Shanhong Xia, [2001]
Microfabrication and application of reservoir pins for liquid transfer in biotechnology
Jonathan Pearson, David Moore, William Milne, Alastair Taylor, Stuart Elmes, Martin Davies, [2001]
Fabrication of microshutter arrays for space application
Mary Li, I. Aslam, Audrey Ewin, Rainer Fettig, David Franz, Carl Kotecki, Alexander Kutyrev, S. Harvey Moseley, Carlos
Monroy, David Mott, Yun Zheng, [2001]
Novel fabrication process for 3D meander-shaped microcoils in SU-8 dielectric and their
application to linear micromotors
Volker Seidemann, Stephanus Buettgenbach, [2001]
Design and performance of a polysilicon surface micromachined microengine realized with
arrays of asymmetrical electrothermal microactuators
Edward Kolesar, Matthew Ruff, Simon Ko, Richard Wilks, Jeffrey Howard, Peter Allen, Josh Wilken, Jorge Bosch, [2001]
Poster Session
Operation cycle modeling for electrostatic-type microrelay
Georgy Efremov, Nikolay Mukhurov, [2001]
MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging (cont.)
Poster Session (cont.)
Modeling and simulation of a silicon microdiaphragm piezoresistive pressure sensor using
finite element analysis (FEA) tools
A. Pang, Marc Desmulliez, [2001]
High-level simulation of an electrostatic micromotor
Aitor Endemano, Matthew Dunnigan, Marc Desmulliez, [2001]
Integrated microsystems in standard CMOS technology with applications in the field of
chemical sensors
Salvatore Baglio, Bruno Ando, Nicolo Savalli, [2001]
High-volume production cost savings methods in MEMS fabrication
Joe Brown, [2001]
Coplanar waveguides on SOI and OPS substrates
Harold Gamble, Kam Leong, Syed Raza, Brian Armstrong, Neil Mitchell, Suidong Yang, Vince Fusco, Carson Stewart, [2001]
Novel silicon bulk micromachining process for submillimeter rectangular waveguide
Ken Ma, Timothy Drysdale, Richard Blaikie, David Cumming, [2001]
Development of a laser micromachining toolbox and its application to the production of 3D
Jako Greuters, Nadeem Rizvi, [2001]
Micro-CT for nondestructive 3D reconstruction of MEMS and sensors
Alexander Sasov, [2001]
Heterogeneous substrates for high-temperature and optical applications
Manfred Reiche, V. Dragoi, M. Alexe, Ulrich Goesele, Erich Thallner, Ch. Schaefer, F. Lindner, [2001]
Self-parking fiber and self-latching vertical mirror for fiber optical switch array
Shengchih Shen, C. Pan, Hwai-Pwu Chou, [2001]
Transport in a deformable microchannel flow
W. Chu, Jing Fang, [2001]
MEMS Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Packaging (cont.)
Poster Session (cont.)
Microwave frequency acoustic resonators implemented on monolithic Si/AIN substrates
Cinzia Caliendo, Enrico Verona, Alessandro Cimmino, [2001]
Vertical hall sensor of high sensitivity and excellent confinement fabricated on the (110)
silicon substrate
Hong-Wei Chiu, Sheyshi Lu, Hai Lan, [2001]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001
Joint Invited Papers
Micromachined rf switches (Abstract Only)
Ci Song, [2001]
Ultrahigh capacity MEMS-based optical cross-connects (Abstract Only)
Keren Bergman, Nicolas Bonadeo, Igal Brener, Kophu Chiang, [2001]
Low-cost MOEM interconnect modules for Tb/s.cm2 aggregate bandwidth to silicon chips
Hugo Thienpont, Valerie Baukens, Bart Volckaerts, Heidi Ottevaere, Christof Debaes, Michael Vervaeke, Patrik Tuteleers, Pedro
Vynck, Alex Hermanne, Mike Hanney, Marnik Brunfaut, Jan Van Campenhout, Irina Veretennicoff, [2001]
Challenges of packaging MEMS components for the all-optical networks of the future
Ronald Scotti, Nagesh Basavanhally, Yee Low, David Ramsey, David Bishop, [2001]
MEMS torsion: mirrors, nanoprobes, and failure (Abstract Only)
Noel MacDonald, [2001]
Statistical design and analysis of computer experiments for the generation of parsimonious
Selden Crary, [2001]
CAD, Design and Test
Design of MEMS Components
Low-voltage vibratory microgyroscope with ASIC control
Yung Liang, Tao Zhao, Yong Xu, Siau Boh, [2001]
Design of a new in-plane microactuator for airflow control applications
Michel de Labachelerie, Fransois Bastien, C. Edouard, [2001]
Micromechanical dc-dc converter
Mikko Mottonen, Aarne Oja, [2001]
Tunable rf MEMS resonators and filters
E. Larique, Pierre Blondy, M. Chatras, D. Mercier, D. Cros, L. Basteres, B. Guillon, [2001]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001 (cont.)
Design and Characterization of MEMS Components
Design and characterization of an optical VLSI processor for real-time centroid detection
Boon Pui, Barrie Hayes-Gill, Matt Clark, Michael Somekh, Chung Wah See, Jean-Francois Pieri, Stephen Morgan, Alan Ng,
Thermal-induced stress in dielectric membranes suitable for micromechanized gas sensors
J. Puigcorbe, A. Vila, Isabel Gracia, Carles Cane, Juan Morante, [2001]
Design and coupled-effect simulations of CMOS micro gas sensors built on SOI thin
Chih-Cheng Lu, Florin Udrea, Julian Gardner, D. Setiadi, T. Dogaru, T. Tsai, James Covington, [2001]
Self-testable CMOS thermopile-based infrared imager
Benoit Charlot, F. Parrain, Salvador Mir, Bernard Courtois, [2001]
Methods and Tools for the Design of MOEMS
Dynamic simulation of optical MEM switches
Timothy Kurzweg, Jose Martinez, Steven Levitan, Philippe Marchand, Donald Chiarulli, [2001]
Integrating optical wave simulation into microsystems CAD tools
Bassam Saadany, Diaa Khalil, [2001]
Top-down design flow for MOEMS
Gunar Lorenz, Arthur Morris, Issam Lakkis, [2001]
Modeling and simulation under SPICE of optoelectronic systems including BDJ detector
Annick Alexandre, Mohamed Sedjil, Mohamed Ben Chouikha, George Alquie, [2001]
Testing and Failure Analysis
Finite element analysis to support component level fault modeling for MEMS
R. Reichenbach, Richard Rosing, Andrew Richardson, A. Dorey, [2001]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001 (cont.)
Design Flows
MEMS synthesis and optimization
Zein Juneidi, Kholdoun Torki, Benoit Charlot, Bernard Courtois, [2001]
MEMSMaster: a new approach to prototype MEMS
David Moulinier, Philippe Metsu, Marie-Pierre Brutails, Stephane Bergeon, Philippe Nachtergaele, [2001]
Application-specific design methodology for microsystems
Oliver Nuessen, Hilmar Bolte, Dagmar Peters, St. Bechtold, Rainer Laur, [2001]
Design and modeling of a silicon resonant pressure sensor
Zheng Cui, Deyong Chen, Shanhong Xia, [2001]
Analysis Tools and Methods
Design methods for microelectromechanical bandpass filters
Dimitri Galayko, Andreas Kaiser, [2001]
Behavioral modeling of rf VCO circuit with MEMS LC resonator
Amal Mohamed, Hamed Elsimary, Mohammed Ismail, [2001]
New approach for 3D full-wave electromagnetic analysis
Igor Balk, [2001]
Meshing approach in nonlinear FEM analysis of microstructures under electrostatic loads
Aurelio Soma, Francesco De Bona, A. Gugliotta, E. Mola, [2001]
Effects of squeezed film damping on dynamic finite element analyses of MEMS
Daniel Keating, Lee Ho, [2001]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001 (cont.)
Poster Papers: CAD, Design and Test
Enhanced optimization algorithms for the development of microsystems
Dagmar Peters, Hilmar Bolte, Claudia Marschner, Oliver Nuessen, Rainer Laur, [2001]
Modular concept for the design of application-specific integrated telemetric systems
Claudia Marschner, Sven Rehfuss, Dagmar Peters, Hilmar Bolte, Rainer Laur, [2001]
Simulations-based design for a large-displacement electrostatically actuated microrelay
Gooi Chong, Kam Hoon, Ijaz Jafri, Daniel Keating, [2001]
Numerical approach for the frequency-shifting analysis of electrostatic micromechanical
Kie-Chan Kwon, Wan-Sul Lee, Bong-Kyu Kim, Ji-Hyon Cho, Sung-Kie Youn, [2001]
Optical modeling of the analytical chamber of an IR gas sensor
Ingo Sieber, Horst Eggert, Karl-Heinz Suphan, Oliver Nuessen, [2001]
Microfabrication, Integration and Packaging
Manufacturing of Components for Communication Applications I
Optical fiber switch using a draw-bridge mirror for large array of interconnects
AiQun Liu, Xu Ming Zhang, [2001]
Insertion losses in micromachined free-space optical cross-connects due to fiber
Sergio Martinez, Bernard Courtois, [2001]
Light-induced parametric amplification in MEMS oscillators
Maxim Zalalutdinov, Anatoli Olkhovets, Alan Zehnder, Bojan Ilic, D. Czaplewcki, Jeevak Parpia, Harold Craighead, [2001]
Design and test of new high-Q microresonators fabricated by UV-LIGA
Skandar Basrour, H. Majjad, Jean-Rene Coudevylle, Michel de Labachelerie, [2001]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001 (cont.)
Integrated Process and Manufacturing
Development of a micromolding process
Wayne Hung, Shu Yuan, E. Lee, Mohammad Ali, [2001]
Replication of refractive micro-optomechanical components made with deep lithography
with protons
Patrik Tuteleers, Pedro Vynck, Heidi Ottevaere, Christof Debaes, Alex Hermanne, Irina Veretennicoff, Hugo Thienpont, [2001]
Fabrication of an electrostatic microactuator with curled p+ silicon cantilevers
Tae Park, Sang Yang, [2001]
Stiction-controlled locking system for three-dimensional self-assembled microstructures:
theory and experimental validation
Vincent Agache, Lionel Buchaillot, Emmanuel Quevy, Dominique Collard, [2001]
Test of hot electron emission for the micro mass spectrometer
HyeunJoong Yoon, J. Kim, Tae Park, Sang Yang, K. Jung, [2001]
Characterization and Reliability
Determining the most likely site and mode of thermomechanical failure in multimaterial
Andrew Tay, K. Lee, W. Zhou, K. Lim, [2001]
Concepts, characterization, and modeling of MEMS microswitches with gold contacts in
Xavier Lafontan, Christian Dufaza, Michel Robert, Francis Pressecq, Guy Perez, [2001]
Reliability of self-assembled 3D microstructures: snap-through modeling and experimental
Olivier Millet, Lionel Buchaillot, Emmanuel Quevy, Dominique Collard, [2001]
Development of a workstation for optical testing and modification of IMEMS on a wafer
John Hedley, Alun Harris, James Burdess, Mark McNie, [2001]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001 (cont.)
Packaging and Assembly
Packaging of optical MEMS devices
Yee Low, Ronald Scotti, David Ramsey, Cristian Bolle, Steven O'Neill, Khanh Nguyen, [2001]
Compact dynamic thermal multiport models of packages for MEMS-package cosimulation
Marta Rencz, Vladimir Szekely, [2001]
Flat micro heat pipe arrays for cooling and thermal management at the package level
J. Park, J. Choi, H. Cho, Sang Yang, J. Yoo, [2001]
Manufacturing of Components for Communication Applications II
Two-plane-parallel fixed electrodes micromachined tunable oscillator
Yee Loke, AiQun Liu, Kim Liew, Q. Zou, [2001]
Thermal and mechanical evaluation of micromachined planar spiral inductors
Renato Ribas, Jerome Lescot, Jean Louis Leclercq, Bernard Courtois, [2001]
Miniature pressure acquisition microsystem for wireless in-vivo measurements
Stephane Renard, C. Pisella, J. Collet, F. Perruchot, C. Kergueris, Ph. Destrez, Patrice Rey, Nicolas Delorme, E. Dallard, [2001]
Telemetry silicon pressure sensor of LC resonance type
SoonYoung Kim, Hak Kim, J. Park, Sang Yang, [2001]
Devices and Components
Electromechanical stability of capacitive transducers
Aarne Oja, Jukka Kyynaeraeinen, Heikki Seppa, [2001]
Large-area polymer replication for microfluidic devices
Mathias Heckele, Andreas Gerlach, Andreas Guber, Thomas Schaller, [2001]
Design, Test, Integration, and Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS 2001 (cont.)
Devices and Components (cont.)
RibCon: micromolded easy-assembly multifiber connector for single- and multimode
Ulrike Wallrabe, H. Dittrich, G. Friedsam, Thomas Hanemann, Juergen Mohr, K. Mueller, Volker Piotter, Patrick Ruther, Thomas
Schaller, W. Zissler, [2001]
Posters on Microfabrication, Integration and Packaging
Development of microelectromechanical varactors
Chun-Hsien Lee, Shu-Hui Tsai, Chung-Hsien Lin, Ryutaro Maeda, Jiunn-Jye Tsaur, Kuan-Jen Fang, Ju-Mei Lu, Cheng-Kuo Lee,
Weileun Fang, [2001]
Preparation and characterization of excimer-laser-ablation-derived lead zirconate titanate thin
films for microactuators
Zhanjie Wang, Ryutaro Maeda, Hiroyuki Kokawa, [2001]
Si-based multilayered print circuit board for MEMS packaging fabricated by Si deep etching,
bonding, and metal powder injection
Yoichi Murakoshi, Toru Shimizu, Hideki Takagi, Yaomin Li, Kazuyoshi Uchino, Tetsuro Yokoi, Ryutaro Maeda, [2001]
Mathematical modeling of sputtering-induced surface roughness
Mohammad Ali, Wayne Hung, Shu Yuan, [2001]
Assembly of micromechanical components: European network HAFAM
Gordana Popovic, Elias Chatzitheodoridis, Werner Brenner, Dragan Petrovic, Aleksandar Vujanic, Helmut Detter, [2001]
Microscanner actuated by double PZT thin film
Lulu Zhang, Wenmei Lin, Ryutaro Maeda, [2001]
Complex ceramic-polymer composite microparts made by microstereolithography
Christophe Provin, Serge Monneret, [2001]
Electrostatic actuator designed for capacitive detections of orthogonal displacements of a few
micrometers with a subnanometric sensitivity
E. Lennon, T. Fournier, J. Chaussy, F. Ayela, [2001]
Thermally excited SiN beam resonant pressure sensor
Deyong Chen, Dafu Cui, Zhongyao Yu, Li Wang, Zheng Cui, Shanhong Xia, [2001]
Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS
Keynote Paper
MEMS reliability, characterization, and test
Allyson Hartzell, David Woodilla, [2001]
Reliability Methodology
Design for reliability of MEMS/MOEMS for lightwave telecommunications
Susanne Arney, Vladimir Aksyuk, David Bishop, Cristian Bolle, Robert Frahm, Arman Gasparyan, C. Randy Giles, Suresh
Goyal, Flavio Pardo, Herbert Shea, Michael Lin, Carolyn White, [2001]
Physical and reliability issues in MEMS microrelays with gold contacts
Xavier Lafontan, Francis Pressecq, Guy Perez, Christian Dufaza, Jean Michel Karam, [2001]
Parametric yield enhancement of a microresonator using statistical optimazation tools
Flavien Delauche, Bachar Affour, Christian Dufaza, [2001]
MEMS Reliability: Thermomechanical
Thermally induced change in deformation of multimorph MEMS structures
David Miller, Martin Dunn, Victor Bright, [2001]
Holographic rapid access system for onboard testing of MEMS in microgravity
Valery Petrov, [2001]
MEMS Reliability: Methodology and Qualification
Design and fabrication of MEMS-based micropropulsion devices at JPL
Juergen Mueller, Eui-Hyeok Yang, Amanda Green, Victor White, Indrani Chakraborty, Robert Reinicke, [2001]
Reliable integration of piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate with MEMS fabrication processes
Steven Gross, Qingqi Zhang, Srinivas Tadigadapa, Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Thomas Jackson, Frank Djuth, [2001]
Method for testing electrostatic discharge tolerance for fingerprint sensor LSI
Yasuyuki Tanabe, Hideyuki Unno, Katsuyuki Machida, Norio Sato, Hiromu Ishii, Satoshi Shigematsu, Hiroki Morimura, Hakaru
Kyuragi, [2001]
CNES reliability approach for the qualification of MEMS for space
Francis Pressecq, Xavier Lafontan, Guy Perez, Jean-Pierre Fortea, [2001]
Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
MEMS Reliability: Testing and Characterization
Reliability of self-assembled 3D microstructures: dynamic snap-through modeling and
experimental validation
Olivier Millet, Lionel Buchaillot, Emmanuel Quevy, Dominique Collard, [2001]
Stroboscopic interferometry for characterization and improvement of flexural plate-wave
Christian Rembe, Pamela Caton, Richard White, Richard Muller, [2001]
Detailed study of scratch drive actuator characteristics using high-speed imaging
Lijie Li, Gordon Brown, Deepak Uttamchandani, [2001]
Experimental microfluidics toolbox for MEMS characterization
Steve Wereley, Carl Meinhart, Shannon Stone, Vince Hohreiter, Jacob Chung, [2001]
Reliability of MEMS Materials and Surfaces I
Strength assessment of wafer-bonded micromechanical components using the micro-chevron
Matthias Petzold, Heiko Knoll, Joerg Bagdahn, [2001]
Nanoscale elastic imaging of micro-electro-mechanical system based micromirrors
Bruce Altemus, Gajendra Shekhawat, Bai Xu, Robert Geer, James Castracane, [2001]
Conduction properties of microscopic gold contact surfaces
Joseph Tringe, Warren Wilson, Jack Houston, [2001]
Fracture toughness and fatigue investigations of polycrystalline silicon
Joerg Bagdahn, Jan Schischka, Matthias Petzold, William Sharpe, [2001]
Reliability of MEMS Materials and Surfaces II
Characterization of an inchworm actuator fabricated by polysilicon surface micromachining
Maarten de Boer, David Luck, Jeremy Walraven, James Redmond, [2001]
Surface preparation for selective tungsten deposition on MEMS structures
Paul Resnick, Seethambal Mani, [2001]
Whole wafer critical point drying of MEMS devices
Paul Resnick, Peggy Clews, [2001]
Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
MEMS Package Reliability
Reliability of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
Srinivas Tadigadapa, Nader Najafi, [2001]
Printing systems for MEMS packaging
Donald Hayes, W. Royall Cox, David Wallace, [2001]
Moisture and impurities detection and removal in packaged MEMS
Stefano Tominetti, Anna Della Porta, [2001]
MEMS Back End of Line (BEOL)
Packaging issues using FEA and experimental verification on a Si-based capacitive
C. Premachandran, Xiaowu Zhang, T. Chai, Victor Samper, T. Lim, [2001]
Optimization of anodic bonding to MEMS with self-assembled monolayer (SAM) coatings
Melissa Collins, Lauren Rohwer, Andrew Oliver, Matthew Hankins, Deidre Hirschfeld, [2001]
Parametric monitoring for the SUMMiT V surface-micromachining process
Andrew Oliver, Danelle Tanner, Seethambal Mani, Scott Swanson, Karen Helgesen, Norman Smith, [2001]
Failure Analysis of MOEMS/MEMS
Failure analysis of radio frequency (rf) micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS)
Jeremy Walraven, Edward Cole, Lynn Sloan, Susan Hietala, Chris Tigges, Christopher Dyck, [2001]
Nondestructive acoustic microimaging (AMI) analysis of MEMS materials, manufacturing,
and packaging
Steven Martell, Janet Semmens, Lawrence Kessler, [2001]
High-speed 3D optical imaging and failure analysis of high- and low-frequency movements
in micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) with nanometer resolution
W. Merlijn van Spengen, Ingrid De Wolf, Bob Puers, [2001]
Reliability, Testing, and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS (cont.)
Poster Session
Analysis and design of a capacitive accelerometer based on a electrostatically levitated
Ruth Houlihan, Alena Kukharenka, Mircea Gindila, Michael Kraft, [2001]
Characterization of MEMS mechanical properties using nanoscale techniques
Nicholas Randall, Richard Soden, [2001]