of flexibility and maintenance-free installation. Experience the

Experience the
of flexibility and maintenance-free installation.
CASIO Pro, Standard and Green Slim series projectors
feature a light source with a life time of up to 20,000
hours without lamp replacement, making them ideal
for business use – from spontaneous meetings in small
offices to annual general meetings in large conference
halls. Their innovative features make CASIO projectors
flexible solutions for your business needs.
Pro series
Standard series
Up to 20,000 hours of operational life.
We accept no liability for errors or differences in design or colour, and reserve the right to make technical
changes without notice. Last updated: January 2012.
Developed by CASIO, the mercury-free hybrid laser & LED
light source combines a strong illuminative performance of
up to 4,000 ANSI
lumens1 with an extremely long life time of
up to 20,000 hours –
sufficient for 10,000
two-hour presentations.
Impressive colour rendition.
CASIO projectors deliver brilliant, clear and expressive
images in both classic XGA and wide-screen WXGA formats
(WXGA – 16 : 10)1 – even in daylight.
Intelligent Brightness Control.
The Intelligent Brightness Control automatically adapts the
projector brightness to different lighting conditions, thus
further optimising energy consumption.
Green Slim series
Three-dimensional presentations.
Use pioneering 3D technology1,2 in your presentation to
impress your audience with 3D image reproduction. CASIO
projectors with the innovative DLP® 3D Ready1,2 feature put
spatial visualisations within easy reach. The optional activeshutter glasses invite you to enter a three-dimensional world.
Projected 3D2 images make presentations more visually
stimulating and engaging – for instance when presenting
three-dimensional buildings, architectural sketches and anatomical models.
Superior performance, low power consumption.
With power consumption of less than 0,4 watts in standby
mode, CASIO projectors go beyond current EU regulations3
for reducing the energy consumption of technical devices.
Level required
under EU regulation 3
Conventional projectors
before 1.1.2010
1 Watt
USB port and WLAN for greater flexibility.
Quick to install, easy to use.
Projectors with USB ports simplify everyday working life:
once it’s been created on a computer, a presentation can
simply be converted using the supplied software, saved on a
flash drive and then projected directly onto the screen – and
the laptop can be left at home. As many as four computer
can be connected simultaneously to the projector via WLAN1
– perfect for presentations with several speakers.
From small offices to large conference halls with ceiling
mounting, CASIO projectors can be used in a wide range of
different spaces thanks to the 2 x zoom of the Green Slim
series. And with the Quick Start & Stop function, long waits
are a thing of the past. The projectors are ready for use in
just five seconds.
Presenting without wiring: with wireless LAN.
Mobi Show app.
We accept no liability for errors or differences in design or colour, and reserve the right to make technical
changes without notice. Last updated: January 2012.
With the Mobi Show app1,4, it’s possible to link mobile phones
and tablet PCs directly to the projector via WLAN. Presentations can be transferred directly from these devices to the
Thanks to the light source’s long life time of up to 20,000 hours,
the inconvenience of lamp replacement is no longer an issue.
A revolution that saves time and money.
In the past, you would have needed up to nine conventional mercury lamps for around 20,000 hours of use. Thanks
to the hybrid laser & LED light source, the inconvenience
of lamp replacement (e.g. in the case of ceiling-mounted
projectors) is no longer an issue – and there’s no need to
dispose of old lamps.
The Mobi Show app provides flexibility in presentations.
Audio IN / OUT
Monitor OUT
Computer / YCbCr / YPbPr
Mains connection
Audio IN
Composite video
This feature is only available with selected models.
Please consult the product specifications.
3D projection is not possible by using HDMI connector.
EU regulation (no 1275/2008).
Mobi Show is a registered trademark of
AWIND Inc. in Taiwan and / or other countries.
Projector: 3 years
1. For the use of less than 12 hours per day
Light source: 5 years or 10,000 hours
2. For permanent use (24 hours a day)
Projector: 2 years
Light source: 2 years or 6,000 hours
Rear view of Pro
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