Stereo Accelerometer Kit

Stereo Accelerometer Kit
or floors & ceilings without
penetrating the space
Stereo Accelerometer Kit™
When entry is not possible and you need to hear what is being said as well as
where people are located, this system is essential! Hearing what is happening
on the other side of a wall, the floor above, or the floor below your location can
provide the intelligence you need to safely conclude an incident. The SAK noninvasive audio recovery kit has everything you require to quickly deploy a
through-the-wall listening system. The entire system is tuned perfectly for
maximum voice intelligibility and stereo imaging.
TA-17 The most versatile, fully automated, low noise stereo amplifier available. The
dual gain cell ALC and multistage peak limiter out performs any other amplifier
available. Extremely low distortion. Instant recovery from impulse noise. Bandwidth is
automatically adjusted to the gain setting. Drives two headsets plus line output for
transmitter, audio recorder, or cable feed to a mobile command post. High efficiency
for long battery life.
SAI-26 Ultra low noise electronic interface which is designed specifically for the RSS
accelerometers and the TA-17 stereo amplifier. Provides user with selectable curve
shaping and gain adjustment to optimize intelligibility. Powered by internal battery or a
wall plug supply shared with the TA-17.
RSS Accelerometers created for optimum voice detection. More sensitivity with less
rumble and interference than units intended for instrumentation use. Used as a pair,
they provide stereo imaging for the location of sounds. Special tape and epoxy putty
are supplied for installation.
MS-RSS Mounting stud with self drilling screw for installing the RSS on masonry and
other irregular materials. Provides a solid connection between the RSS and the
mounting surface. Installation tools are included.
SWS Three mode silent wall scanner. Finds wood studs, metal, and live AC lines.
Helps to safely place the accelerometers correctly for optimum sound recovery by
identifying the internal structure of a wall.
QZ-5 High intelligibility closed headphones. Designed for maximum acoustic
isolation to allow you to hear every detail, even in noisy situations. Ganged stereo
volume control for fine adjustment during listening.
ATET specifications subject to change without any notice.