Exterior Traffic Lights Brochure

Effective communication,
both day and night
Designed for all shipping and
receiving areas. Improves loading dock
safety and protects dock equipment
and building walls.
Safe Positioning in Low-Light Environments
The resilient traffic light system is an excellent alternative to
traditional incandescent guide light systems. The energyefficient diode lights help truck drivers accurately back
trailers into loading docks.
Resilient Safety Solution
The sealed, very low profile fixture is impact-resistant, noncrushable, weatherproof and temperature tolerant. Single
piece construction provides easy installation.
Low Cost of Ownership
Long-Lasting and Energy-Efficient
• Highly visible red and green lights warns driver of
safe / unsafe, park/depart conditions.
• Maintenance-free LED exterior lights, energy efficient
(uses 5-10% the energy of an incandescent bulb) and
long lasting.
• 5 year warranty on LED lights.
• Yellow polypropylene housing will not rust, pit or
• Shallow body depth with integral lens visors for
extended visibility.
Durable materials plus long life LEDs equal service free
units and reduced shipping and energy costs.
Exterior Traffic Lights
Exterior Traffic Lights
Low Profile LED Traffic Light
Part # 032-461-1 115 VAC, 032-461 24 VAC/DC
(12.7 mm)
5" (127 mm)
½" (12.7 mm)
4" (102 mm)
Ø ¼" x 4
1/2" thick High Density Polyethylene
20 red LEDs, 20 green LEDs set in 4" circles
Low-profile design eliminates impact damage
LED lights are good for 100,000 hours or 10 years of
continuous use
Provides a high quality light with no glare
Uses 30% less energy
Recessed LEDs are shock and vibration-proof
LEDs produce no heat
Service free – No need to replace bulbs or lenses
1-year limited warranty on entire unit
Requires 24V or 120V (CSA Approved)
Will not rust, pit or corrode
10 ½"
(267 mm)
11 ½"
(292 mm)
Product Details
Supplied with
15 ft (4572 mm)
of cable, 3 wire.
LED Traffic Light
(6 mm)
Part # 032-398 115 VAC, 032-398-2 24 VDC, 787-089-1 12 VDC
3 Wires
0.10" Dia.
x 20" Long
Product Details
• 115 volt
• 0.03 amps
• 4 π lens diameter
• 11 3/8' h x 6 3/8' w x 3 3/4' d dimension
• Shipping weight: 2 lb
Ø 1/4"
4 Holes
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