Experimental Electronics

Experimental Electronics
Dr. Lucio Scucchia
The fundamental purpose of this course is to provide the necessary knowledge
concerning the practical aspects of the:
measuring instruments,
assembly of circuits and
the limits of the most common components and integrated circuits.
The course is based on the realization of several experiments.
In each lesson, the topic will be introduced, some information will be provided and
you will
implement and
the proposed circuits.
Schedule ( 2013/14)
General concepts related to the use of measuring instruments, in the laboratory
(multimeter, power supply, signal generator, oscilloscope).
Synthesis of the BJT bias networks.
BJT current sources.
Synthesis of small-signal amplifiers.
Concepts related to the power amplifiers, class A, B and AB.
Concepts related to sinusoidal oscillators.
Structure and operation of operational amplifiers and their applications.
Structure and operation of voltage regulators and their applications.
Structure and operation of timers and their applications.
RC, RL and RCL circuits.
Diode circuits: rectifiers, limiters, clamper, voltage doublers, capacitive rectifiers.
BJT Bias.
Emitter and collector common configuration
BJT differential amplifier with emitter coupled.
Power amplifiers in class A, B and AB
Current source.
Inverting and non-inverting amplifier realized with operational amplifiers.
Integrator and differentiator realized with operational amplifiers.
Comparator, comparator with hysteresis, generator of square waveform.
Linear voltage regulator.
Integrated 555 in monostable configuration.
Integrated 555 in astable configuration.
Wien bridge oscillator.
LC oscillator.
Teaching material
Lecture slides
Proposed experiments.
Datasheet of the used components .
E3630A Operating Manual, Agilent.
33220A Service Guide, Agilent.
Agilent 34401A Multimeter Guide Updates, Agilent.
3000 Series Oscilloscopes, Agilent.
Neil Storey, “ELECTRONICS: a system approach,” 4th edition, Pub. by Prentice Hall
J. E. Solomon, “The monolithic op amp: A tutorial study,” IEEE Joyurnal of Solid
State Circuit, vol. C-9, N.6, Dec. 1974.
B. Carter and T. R. Brow, “Handbook of operational amplier applications,” Texas
Instruments, Tech. Rep.
C. Simpson, “Linear and switching voltage regulator fundamental: part 1,” National
semiconductor, Tech. Rep., 1995.
Electronic Components used during the course:
Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors,
Diodes (1N4001), LED Diode, photoresistors,
BJT (BC107, BC177, BC141, BC142, BC142),
Operational Amplifier (TL081)
Voltage regulators (LM317)
Timer (NE555).