Safety and Surge Immunity Requirements for Indoor and Outdoor

Safety and Surge Immunity Requirements for
Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting Applications
14. November 2012, 10:00 - 10:30, Hall B5/351 in the Exhibitor Forum
Invitation Letter to the Littelfuse Lecture on:
“Safety and Surge Immunity Requirements for
Indoor and Outdoor LED Lighting Applications”
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About the Presenter:
The adoption rate of safety and surge immunity standards such as IEC/EN
62560 and IEC/EN61547 for LED retrofit lamps and other IEC/EN
requirements for outdoor and commercial LED lighting is forecasted to
grow substantially over the coming years. Businesses and local
governments are now requiring electrical protection in their bid packages.
A retrofit LED lamp connected to AC mains can be damaged by short
circuit and overload conditions. In addition surges or load switching
transients create voltage spikes or ring waves that can stress and damage
Outdoor LED luminaires are far more susceptible to lightning induced
transients and must contain robust coordinated electrical protection for
surge levels as outlined in IEC61000-4-5 and IEC/EN 61643-11. Given that
the value proposition for LED lighting is not only lower energy usage, but
longer lifetimes, it will be crucial that transient voltage protection is taken
into account in addition to safety.
Bharat Shenoy has been
with Littelfuse 4 years and
is currently Director of
Technical Marketing.
He has been in the
Circuit Protection industry
for 12 years in various
applications engineering
and sales management roles.
Bharat has a B.S. in Naval Architecure from the
United States Naval Academy and served 7
years as a Naval Officer in the Nuclear
Submarine fleet. Bharat is married with 2 sons
and lives in San Jose, CA.
What you will learn:
Where and when:
- Why circuit protection is important in LED Lighting
- Threads to LED Lighting Applications
- What standards to be considered for protection
- What application requirements to take into account
- Criteria for selecting protection components
- The Littelfuse offering of LED specific protection components
14. November 2012
10:00 - 10:30
Hall B5/351, Exhibitor Forum
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