Kodak VP-X Film Videoplayer

Film Videoplayer VP-X
(Rear View)
Film Videoplayer VP-X
A super 8 film videoplayer designed
especially for use by television sta ~
lions and other installations requiring
systemwide synchronization.
Broadcast· Closed Circuit· Cable
Today's electronics permit sophisticated
and varied integration of film into the
broadcast mix, and KODAKSUPERMATIC Film
Videoplayers VP-X are designed to facilitate that first step from optical to electronic
A VP-X opens new opportunities for telecasting: Direct broadcast of super 8 film .
This latest addition to the line of Kodak
super 8 products for professionals is similar
to KODAK SUPERMATIC Film Videoplayers
VP-1 currently used in business, industry
and education, but has the added feature of
permitting use with external synchronization to lock the videoplayer signal to station
sync; it does not contain an RF modulator.
Quality Features
Outstanding features of KODAK SUPERMATIC
Fi lm Video players VP-X include:
1. Solid-state electronic module design.
2. Automatic threading of super 8 film
from a KODAK SUPERMATIC Cassette, or
3. Automatic rewind at end offilm.
4. Automatic muting of the sound except
during projection.
5. Operation at either 18 or 24 frames per
6. Still-frame capability.
7. Modular construction of all mechanical and solid-state electronic assemblies to facilitate repair and service.
8. Operation without need for time-base
Easy Operation
offer a practical and economical means to
broadcast super 8 film-color or black-andwhite, sound or silent. Super 8 films from
amateur photographers shot at 18 fps, or
films shot with the new single-system sound
cameras at 24 fps, can be broadcast direct
because the videoplayer serves as the film
chain; no more need to transfer to tape or
Place your super 8 film (in a KODAK
SUPERMATIC Cassette, or reel) on the videoplayer. Push a button. and the film threads
In addition to film frame rate, there are
also controls for still-frame as well as for
framing adjustments for running and still,
steadiness adjustment, blue / red balance
and focus.
The videoplayer automatically rewinds
and returns to standby at the end of each
External Synchronization
accept external synchronization signals to
lock the videopJayer to station sync.
A VP-X has the same 1-volt peak-to-peak
composite video and preamplified audio
outputs as the VP-1, and requires the following sync signals: burst flag, composite
blanking , vertical drive, composite
synchronization , horizontal drive and 3.58
color subcarrier.
Directly On System With Super 8 Film
A VP-X brings a new dimension to news and
other .programming. Gets you directly on
the air with virtually any piece of super 8
film-ideal for pickup of unique news-film
footage captured by amateur photographers at the scene. Also, school and community events programs produced on
super 8.
Videotape Insertion and Assembly
A VP-X also offers an extremely economical
film-to-tape transfer process. With two
units, you can A&B assemble quickly,
cleanly and without rollover.
When used in conjunction with servocapstan VTR equipment, a videoplayer lets
you insert and assemble super 8 footage
onto videotape. No time-base correction
Economical Local Program Origination
Super 8 film and inexpensive equipment
offer the lowest cost ever to get into your
own film origination. Professional quality
news, commercials and community-service films are feasible without complicated
equipment or techniques.
A simple, inexpensive means of program
origination for regional or satellite broadcasters, super 8 is also an excellent support
and backup medium for reporters, cameramen and auxiliary personnel of major
A VP-X also fits well into other video
operations requiring systemwide synchronization such as those found in the business, industrial and educational fields.
With economical super 8 film, color is
within reach of even the most modest budgets. A VP-X lets you broadcast color with a
minimum investment in equipment.
Cable Transmission
A VP-X offers particular potential for cablecasting . It not only gets you directly on
system with super 8 film, but when compared with the substantially higher cost of
alternative film-chain equipment, it provides an outstanding image on the television screen .
In addition to new opportunities for local
programming , a VP-X can be used to insert
public service and commercial messages
over time-weather channels.
Kodak and Supermatic are trademarks.
Cassette or reel loading-Accepts super 8
standard magnetic-sound or silent film in
anyone of the four KODAK SUPERMATIC
Cassettes or on standard super 8 projection
reels, also available in four sizes.
Auto-thread-Film, in cassette or on reel ,
threads automatically at the push oj a
Playing speeds-Operates at either 18 or
24 frames per second.
Controls-Include on-off, forward , stillframe , stop, rewind and an image-suppression control to blank the image during
rewind. It automatically rewinds and stops
at end of film. Other accessible controls
include film frame rate selection (18 or 24
fps) , framing adjustments for running and
still, a steadiness adjustment, blue/red balance and focus.
Power /service required-11 0 to 125-volt,
60 Hz and 3-ampere.
Audio specifications
1. Audio output Based on SMPTE 400 Hz
"Signal Level Test Film,"- 6 dB
2. Output impedance: 600 ohms unbalanced.
3. Signal to noise ratio: 20 dB minimum at
rated output.
4. Flutter: .1 % max. NAB-weighted.
5. Frequency response: 100 Hz to 5 kHz .
6. Total harmonic distortion: 5% 50 Hz to
7 kHz.
7. Connector: RCA-type Phonojack.
Video output speCifications
1. Video output: Signal is representative
interlaced NTSC 1-volt p-p composite
video across 75 ohms .
2. Signal to rms noise ratio: 37 dB minimum.
3. Horizontal resolution: 240 lines.
4. Connector: BNC.
Approximately 45 pounds.
Approximately 21%" wide x 13%" long x
Price shown is a suggested price only and is subject
to change without notice . Actual sel ling pri ce is
determined by the dealer.