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Learning Management System
Supporting the development, management and delivery of classroom and online learning, with associated compliance and reporting.
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What is the Medworxx Learning Management System?
Medworxx Learning Management System (LMS) is used in hospitals across
North America to support ongoing learning and compliance requirements.
LMS supports the development, management and delivery of classroom
and online learning, with associated reporting and compliance tracking
capabilities. Medworxx LMS enables organizations to distribute, archive,
manage, track and administer enterprise-wide healthcare learning solutions.
Easy course development, distribution and learning access
•Improve compliance by offering anywhere, anytime online learning
•Manage classroom schedules, registrations and attendance online
•Support organizational objectives by ensuring mandatory learning is
distributed to targeted learners
•Auto-assignment and completion tracking of prerequisites
•Easy authoring or importing of learning content
•Automate onboarding and certification management
•Auto-population of learners and logins to enable barrier-free learning access
Automated testing, grading: integrated surveys and evaluations
Create and auto-assign assessments and surveys to:
•Assess learner knowledge to ensure training objectives are met
•Gather learner feedback for continuous learning content improvement
Extensive activity tracking and reporting
•Configurable dashboards provide quick views of learner and portfolio
compliance status
•Track learner and course activities through easy-to-read reports and
•Assign tasks with mandatory due dates, recurrences and notification
•Manage certification, transcripts, and previous learning achievements
Our client implementations
Gottlieb Memorial Hospital
Melrose Park,IL
St. Joseph’s Healthcare
Hamilton, ON
Thunder Bay Regional Health
Sciences Centre
Thunder Bay, ON
Windsor Regional Hospital
Windsor, ON
Province of Nova Scotia, NS
Indiana University Health, IN
The Medworxx LMS supports the ongoing knowledge development of healthcare workers
with benefits that include:
Support online and classroom learning
•Automated process for maintaining records on compliance and accreditation processes
•Improve Human Resources development and staff retention
Reduce costs
•Lower the operating costs of traditional skills teaching and employee evaluation through
reduced travel time and costs, reduced overtime costs, and reduced printing costs
Support hospital compliance processes
•Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirement in real-time
•Achieve continuous learning and improvement results in higher levels of healthcare
and safety
Medworxx LMS supports the management of those courses still taught in classrooms,
ensuring that the right course or content is delivered to the right student at the right time
and in the proper format.
LMS dashboard
Medworxx Learning Management System is part of the Compliance & Education (C&E) Solution
that also includes Medworxx Policy & Document Management System and Medworxx Content
Management System.
The Medworxx Compliance & Education Solution allows users to easily create and deploy
relevant content enterprise-wide, while supporting regulatory and other compliance requirements.
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