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BILITY JOB TTITLE Sportt and Activitties Logisticcs Director ORTS TO REPO
ng Directtor of Learnin
 To overseee all the Sporrt and Activities Support ffunctions. nate high levvel calendar planning witth each school and  To co‐ordin
outside orrganisations,, taking into
o account facilities f
d staff availabilityy.  To be the project man
nager and evvent co‐ordin
nator for all major d by Tanglin.
sporting evvents hosted
 To work w
with the Leadership Team
ms of the threee schools an
nd the Managemeent Team to
o ensure thatt the best use is made of the School’s faacilities and outside facilities availab
ble to us, so
o that students aacross the Scchool have aaccess to a w
wide range o
of high quality activities. PURPOSE JOB P
Tanglin Trust Scchool is co
ommitted to
o the protection and safety of its studentts. The date will be e
expected to embrace th
his commitm
ment and will be responssible for succeessful candid
safeguarding and promoting tthe welfare o
of children.
Activities Sup
pport Team – logistics, ccommunicatiion and liaiso
on Leadeership of thee Sports and A
1. A
Assist the Maanagement Team and tthe school’s leadership teams in strategic planning by providing analysis of curreent activities,, costs and participation rrates. Oversee the sports eventts calendar planning pro
ocess and liaise with th
he Heads of PE and 2. O
scchool leadership teams tto ensure that weekend events and overseas trip
ps are appro
opriately sttaffed. 3. O
Oversee the Sports and Activities paages of the TTS Portal and all emaail correspondence, ensuring thatt all communication and informattion provideed to the Tanglin T
mmunity o date. reegarding actiivities, fixturees and sportiing events is accurate, cleear and up to
4. Periodically rreview the aadministrativve processess supportingg CCAs, com
mpetitive sport and ports overseeas trips, to ensure e
they are efficientt and clear. This includees working w
with the sp
Applications tteam to revieew the use off technology. 5. D
Directly line m
manage the Sports and Activities A
Maanager and tthe Sports and Activitiess Liaison Exxecutives; p
providing guidance and structure to enable th
hem to carrry out theirr duties efffectively. 6. W
Work closely with the Heeads of PE in
n each schoo
ol to gain a thorough un
nderstandingg of the needs of sport in each school. 7. O
Oversee the aallocation off shared facilities and reso
ources to thee various acttivities and to
o the PE cu
urriculum teaams to ensurre the maxim
mum benefit for the schoo
ol. 8. Ensure that h
health and ssafety requirrements are taken heed
d of in the use of the School’s S
ulum time byy TTS staff and external providers. faacilities outsiide of curricu
9. D
Develop closee relationship
ps with our SSRC partnerss (outside prroviders), mo
onitoring thee quality off provision and service th
hat they provvide to the ccommunity, ssupported byy the SRC & C
Coaches Admin Executtive. ues and partticularly our commitmen
nt to ‘CAS’(crreativity, acttion and 10. Promote the School’s valu
seervice) to the Tanglin Community, through a welll planned Acttivities progrramme. 11. O
On an annual basis, co
omplete thee Review and Development exerccise and un
ndertake id
dentified devvelopment op
pportunities.. 12. M
Maintain an accurate and up to date reecord of all P
Professional Developmen
nt opportunitties on with Otheer Schools – a
and the Hostting of Eventts Liaiso
1. Act as a high level point of contact ffor other sch
hools, regard
ding logisticaal arrangemeents for ompetitive fiixtures and tournaments. co
2. Be the ‘Event Co‐Ordinato
or’ for major sporting eveents hosted b
by Tanglin. TThis includess project m
management in the run up u to the event and atteendance at the event itself to ensuree that it ru
uns smoothlyy. 3. W
Work with thee PE faculty tteam to prep
pare and man
nage a budgeet for hosted tournamentts. 4. Liiaise with otther support teams in th
he school ( food, opeerations, tran
nsport and teechnical su
upport) to en
nsure the sm
mooth runningg of events.
5. En
nsure that evvent and trip
p planning iss documenteed to ensure that areas fo
or improvem
ment are id
dentified and
d addressed, and to ensurre continuityy. 6. Act to foster and develo
op strong reelationships with internaal and exterrnal stakeholders in porting events. sp
7. Attend the A
AGM and plaanning meettings of ACSSIS, FOBISIA and SEASAC
C – along w
with the ppropriate reepresentativve from the P
PE faculty ap
1. Have a positivve attitude to
owards the sttudents, teacchers and the Tanglin Community. 2. Have a disciplined approacch to timekeeping & atteendance. Maintain a staandard of personal presentation in keeeping with tthe role. 3. M
4. Exxcellent orgaanisational skkills with a hiigh level of attention to d
detail. 5. Sttrong comm
munication skkills both intternally with
hin the Tangglin Community (staff, parents, p
sttudents), and
d externally w
with other scchools and seervice / venu
ue providers. 6. Analytical and
d able to id
dentify, break down and
d solve prob
blems effectively and in a time ner. effficient mann
position with
h excellent interperson
nal skills, co
oordination, organization
nal and 7. Pleasant disp
on skills. co
8. Po
ossess high d
degree of disscretion, diplomacy and tact in dischaarging duties.. 9. Able to work iindependenttly as well as a good team
m player with
h good initiative