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P. R. Nelson
ECE 257: Programming for Engineering Applications
Class meets: Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 to 9:50 in 9-409
Instructor: Prof. Phyllis R. Nelson
Office: 9-407
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (909) 869-2649 (email preferred)
Text: Gilat, MATLAB: An Introduction with Applications, 4th edition, Wiley 2011.
References: The best references for MATLAB are the internal help facility and the Mathworks website documentation for MATLAB.
Prerequisites: ECE 109, ECE 114, ECE 114L
Topics covered: This course introduces the use of MATLAB in the context of electrical
and computer engineering applications, including a brief introduction to Simulink.
Grading: Homework (20%), two projects (20% each), and two exams (20% each).
Schedule: The planned course schedule is available as a separate document. The schedule
may be adjusted as needed. Changes to the published schedule will be posted on
Blackboard and announced in class.
Homework: There will be six homework assignments with the due dates listed in the
course schedule. Late submissions will not be accepted. I encourage you to form
study groups and discuss the homework with other students. However, the work you
submit should be your own.
Projects: There will be two project assignments, which allow for more creativity and
a more extensive application of the concepts taught in the course. Directions for
each project will be supplied separately. Assignment and due dates are listed in the
Late or missed assignments or exams: There will be no make-ups for missed exams
or assignments. You may consult with the instructor in advance to see if it is
possible to arrange to make alternate arrangements, but granting such requests is
at the discretion of the instructor. Examples of acceptable reasons for granting an
alternate time include jury duty, National Guard service, or a medical emergency of
a member of your immediate family.
Attendance: I do not take attendance. However, you are responsible for any due dates
for that class period.
Winter 2014
P. R. Nelson
Illness: If you are unable to attend class because you are ill, please notify the instructor
by email before the start of class if possible. When you return to school, please meet
with the instructor to discuss the handling of any missed assignments or tests.
Software: Homework assignments require either Matlab or octave. Matlab is available
in the computer labs. You may also purchase a student license in the bookstore. Gnu
octave is available under the GNU General Public License (for free) from the GNU
website at this url:
Blackboard: The most current course information, including all assignments, will be kept
on Blackboard. You will be enrolled automatically in the Blackboard site unless you
are taking this course through Open University. The login page is
If you have trouble logging into Blackboard, check the eHelp pages at
or contact the I&IT help desk in Building 1, room 100. Telephone number (909)
869-6776; E-mail address [email protected]
Email: I will use Blackboard to send emails to your Cal Poly Pomona email address. These
emails may contain comments on homework questions, reminders of important dates,
and other timely information. It is your responsibility to ensure that the method you
use to read your University email allows you to receive these messages.
Disability Resource Center: “The DRC has been designated as the campus authority
to verify disabilities and to prescribe specific accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Individualized programs are designed that enable students to
compete academically on an equal basis with their non-disabled peers. Academic
accommodations and support services are available to students who have mobility,
visual, or hearing impairments, chronic health conditions, and/or attention, learning
or psychological disorders. Students with temporary disabilities (e.g., broken arm,
sprained ankle) may also be served.” []
The DRC staff are available in Building 9 room 103 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Extensive information is also available on the web at
Academic integrity: “Academic dishonesty is a serious offense that can diminish the
quality of scholarship, the academic environment, the academic reputation, and the
quality of a Cal Poly Pomona degree.” [University Policy on Academic Dishonesty]
Plagiarism (presenting someone else’s work as your own), cheating on tests, sabotage,
altering an academic record, and using unauthorized study aids are all examples of
academic dishonesty. I encourage you to read the Cal Poly Pomona statement on
academic integrity
and the College of Engineering policy on academic integrity
Winter 2014
P. R. Nelson
You are responsible for complying with these policies whether or not you have read
them. The penalties for academic dishonesty are serious. Plagiarism (presenting
another’s work as if it is your own) is an example of academic dishonesty that will
receive a grade of F on the assignment and be reported to Judicial Affairs.
Safety: In the event of an emergency that requires a police, fire or medical emergency
response, call from the telephone in the classroom and be prepared to give the building
and room number plus a brief description of the emergency. Do not call 911 on
a cell phone unless the clasroom telephone is unavailable or inopperative!
Cell phone calls to 911 are routed to the California Highway Patrol, resulting in a
delayed response.
Winter 2014