Building the Drawing Studio 04

Drawing the Building or, How I learned to love the Institute Master of Architecture Design Studio 2015 Studio Leader: Byron Kinnaird The profession can sustain its mastery of
architecture by controlling the discourses
(removed from architecture-building) of
drawing, theory and photograph. They are far
more controllable than building itself.
Jonathan Hill, The Illegal Architect. p18
Project Task. Design an alternative proposal for 41X, the Australian Institute of Architects’ Melbourne Headquarters. Key themes: politicized architecture, contemporary practice, architectural representation and advocacy. Site: 41 Exhibition Street, cnr Flinders Lane & Exhibition Street. Aspects of the extant project are public (Architext, café) a more thorough site visit may be arranged. The Spruik. This studio explores the politicised agency of buildings and the possibilities for the Institute of Architects to build in this way. It will begin by investigating three aspects of this task, firstly understanding the Institute itself as a complex organization and advocacy community; secondly the relevant political and contextual issues of the project; and thirdly the representational problems that architecture encounters (drawing, models, media, public discourse, etc.). Students will then apply this research to formulate alternative designs for ‘41X’, the Australian Institute of Architect’s flagship development here in Melbourne. Process We will do a lot of drawing and making (in our studio and the new workshop), this will underpin all aspects of the project through research, conceptualization, design iterations and final presentations. Ambitious and sophisticated architectural representation will be rewarded. We will operate on a weekly turnaround of production (Thursday studio and through the week) and reflection (Tuesday studio for showing & sharing). As your projects individualise in the later part of the semester, we will shift to more focused critical engagement. Projects 1. Concept & Research Folio (35% Reviewed in Week 6) Compile a folio of work that includes research (on the Institute, politics and context, and representation), conceptual drawings and objects, and written fragments, which outline a thoroughly considered position to the project task, and proposes a focused trajectory for the Major Project. 2. 41X Major Project (65% Reviewed 11th‐12th June) Design an alternative proposal for 41X, the Australian Institute of Architects’ Melbourne Headquarters. Each student may develop their own chosen medium for the final presentation, it could be a physical model, a film, hand‐drawings and objects, or any combination of these. This will be discussed through the semester, but students are encouraged to critically and creatively consider how their architectural project is to be presented. Design skill focus: Synthesis of diverse and multi‐modal research Knowledge sharing among cohort Architectural representation (digital, analogue, mixed) Physical crafting (concept models, objects) Corporate / Organisational design Reflective practice Theory focus: Contemporary trends in the architecture profession History and theory of politicized architecture Contemporary trends in architectural representation Assessment Criteria: In addition to universal Studio assessment criteria, this studio will reward well‐crafted, rigorous and bold experiments in architectural drawing and making, risk‐taking, and reflective practice – that is, critically reflecting on your own practices of architectural drawing and design, in order to advance your learning and practice (see Donald Schon’s Reflective Practitioner). References for the Semester: Awan, Schneider & Till (2011) Spatial Agency: Other ways of doing architecture. Darden, Douglas (1993) Condemned Buildings. Hill, Jonathan. (1998). The Illegal Architect. London, Black Dog Publishing. Hill, Jonathan. (2005). "Building the Drawing." Architectural Design 75(4). Hill, Jonathan. (2006). "Drawing Research." Journal of Architecture 11(3): 4. Chard, N. and P. Kulper (2014) Fathoming the unfathomable : archival ghosts + paradoxical shadows. Cook, Peter. (2008). Drawing : the motive force of architecture. England, Wiley. Spiller, N. (2013) Drawing architecture. Architectural Design 83(5). England, Wiley. Schon, Donald. (1995) The Reflective Practitioner. Spiro & Ganzoni (Eds.) (2013) The Working Drawing: The Architect’s Tool. 41X Video: Australian Institute of Architects: Previous Studio publications available in the MSD Library and online: Live/Work (2012) Sub Rosa (2013)‐book These two publications represent previous studios I have taught, and give an overview of the type of experiments and architectural drawings that will be encouraged in this studio. Although the theoretical emphasis is different in this studio, the conceptual approach to projects and their range of representation techniques should act as a guide to experimentation and expectations of quality. Studio Leader profile: Byron Kinnaird ([email protected]) I am a teacher, researcher and artist, completing a PhD that is investigating the reform of architecture education in Australia. I’m personally interested in architectural drawing, the politics of architecture, and Australasian architecture student activism. You can view my professional profiles online at LinkedIn and, and visit my work related websites at and Schedule Date Activity Focus Week 1 rd
Tuesday 3 March th
Thursday 5 march Studio overview, Project introduction First Drawing & Research exercises: The Institute & Site Beginnings & Reflection Week 2 10.03.15 12.03.15 Week 3 17.03.15 19.03.15 Drawing research shared. Seminar on drawing research. Second drawing research exercise started: Politics & Context Drawing research shared Week 4 24.03.15 26.03.15 Week 5 31.03.15 02.04.15 Drawing research shared Drawing research Representation Focus on forming Folios Reflection & Beginning Studio session Synthesis Studio Session Synthesis Easter Non‐Teaching Period Week 6 14.04.15 16.04.15 Week 7 21.04.15 Interim review preparation Reflection & Consolidation Refinement 23.04.15 Week 8 28.04.15 Studio session 30.04.15 Week 9 05.05.15 07.05.15 Week 10 12.05.15 14.05.15 Week 11 19.05.15 21.05.15 Week 12 26.05.15 28.05.15 Week 13 01.06.15 ‐ 05.06.15 th
Tuesday 9 June Studio session Design conceptualisation Design iteration Seminar: Architectural Presentation Knowledge sharing Interim review (informal TBC) Consolidation of project Studio session Presentation Studio session Studio session Design Resolution Studio session Design Resolution Studio session Presentation Last Teaching Session Presentation Non‐teaching period Project Submissions 9.00am‐1.00pm Week 14 09.06.15‐12.06.15 Final Reviews th
Thur 11 & Fri 12th Submission Presentation & Critique (65%) Third drawing research exercise started: Representation & Advocacy Interim Review Thursday (possibly exra time TBC) Conceptualisation of Major Project Group Discussions Studio session Drawing Research Sharing knowledge Drawing research Sharing knowledge Formal Presentation (35%) Group reflection Project conceptualisation Design conceptualisation Design Iteration