Strategic consultancy to develop business

 Strategic consultancy to develop business strategy and company growth Commissioned to provide strategic consultancy and ‘in-­‐market’ expertise, the CEO of Ruskin Education has provided strategic guidance and consultancy input to several organisations wishing to strengthen their local knowledge of the education market across the MENA region. He has provided strategic leadership to the business planning and future direction of key organisations wishing to strengthen their position in the local education market. As ‘In-­‐market education specialist: Gulf region’ for United Kingdom Trade and investment (UKTI), the CEO engaged in strategic development of relationships and support for organisations seeking entry into the education market in region as part of UKTI’s High Value Opportunities programme seeking to strengthen British trade in region during 2015. In supporting an organization strengthen its education portfolio and preparations for major expansion, the CEO was similarly invited to work as strategic consultant to help frame the core principles and business strategy for the organization. This included structuring the team and identifying the shape of expansion and propositions that would underpin the company’s broadening portfolio of education interests. The work involved identifying the business growth strategy, engaging and negotiating on acquisitions and also on identifying new brands that would provide value as a partnership with the organization to strengthen its footprint in the education market in region. Both projects were time limited with clear plans and structures for the consultancy to work within and with deliverables to achieve. The strategic consultancy work provides high level guidance and support based upon the organization and CEO’s significant experience in the education sector and within the MENA context specifically.