Application for Easy Access

Application for Easy Access
Please print.
I hereby request the activation of Easy Access on my MVFCU account(s). I understand that the use of
Easy Access shall be governed by the terms of the Membership and Account Agreement, bylaws, rules,
regulations or applicable laws, and such other terms, conditions, and/or amendments as may be established
from time to time and communicated to me in writing.
X _______________________________________________________ Date _________________________
Applicant’s signature
Name __________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing address ___________________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________________ State & Zip ______________________
Physical address __________________________________________________________________________
City _____________________________________ State & Zip ______________________
Check here if this is a new address
Day phone _________________________________________ Cell phone ____________________________
I would like Easy Access to be activated on the following MVFCU account(s) that I am a signer on as indicated below:
Please print or type.
Acct. #(s): ___________________________________
1st account
2nd account
Acct. #(s): ___________________________________ __________________________________________
3rd account
4th account
Please review the above application for accuracy and remember to sign your name at the top of the form.
Then simply drop this application off at the Kunia Community Office or mail to:
MVFCUonline • 94-144 Farrington Hwy #114 • Waipahu, Hawaii 96797 or
MVFCUonline • 1020 S Bailey Street • Palmer, Alaska 99645.
You will soon receive your confirmation by mail that Easy Access is
activated on your MVFCU account(s).
Upon activation of Easy Access, you will be given a temporary PIC. You must login and change your temporary PIC to
a permanent PIC, set by you, within ten (10) days of activation. PICs can be any combination of exactly 4 numbers.
For multiple accounts – you may have the same PIC on all, or separate PICs for each account.
Easy Access is not an answering machine or message recorder. All transactions that you do with Easy Access are posted
“live” to your account when you complete the transaction.
For more information, please call (808) 677-6206.
Your savings federally insured to at least
$250,000 and backed by the full faith and
credit of the United States Government.
Easy Access
Voice Response
Easy Access Information
Easy Access
Requires a short application process
Easy Access allows you to directly access
your MVFCU account(s) and perform many
transactions that you could normally do at any
MVFCU Community Office using your touchtone phone.
Easy Access gives you telephone access to your
accounts in the following ways:
Balance inquiries
Listen to the balance of your shares, share
draft, share certificates, loans and credit cards.
History inquiries
Hear your share history, deposit history, loan
payment history, check history, ATM history,
payroll deposit history and more.
Transfer from share to share, share to loan or
loan to share.
Other inquiries
Hear your loan payoff, draft clearing by draft
number, IRA contributions, dividends earned
on shares and interest paid on loans.
A complete listing of transaction codes is
available on the internet at
Effective 03/14/12
(808) 677-6206 •