General Information Application Procedures Welcome to 2015/2016

Welcome to 2015/2016
National Taiwan University
Visiting Student Program
Online Application
General Information
Who are eligible for applying?
NTU Visiting Student Program is a fee-paying program in which students register as
non-degree-seeking but full-time students at NTU.
International students from NTU Partner Institutions are eligible to apply when the exchange
student program is not available.
Where should I submit my application?
The online application must be completed before the deadline stated below. All the supporting
documents should be uploaded to the system, except for the recommendation letters which
can be sent directly from the recommender to NTU manager.
*There is no need to send original copies unless otherwise specified.
When is the deadline?
March 01 to April 15 for First Semester entry
September 01 to October 15 for Second Semester entry
Application Procedures
application at
Step 1: Complete the Online Application Form
Please follow the instructions to complete your online application. Once you submit your
online application, you won’t be able to revise the information saved.
1. Personal Information
Full Name in English
Please make sure the name provided is the same as shown on your passport as it will be used
on your acceptance letter.
Full Name in Chinese
You will need to have a Chinese name for official use during your stay in Taiwan. Your
Latest update: 02/26/2015
Chinese name will be used on your NTU student ID card and the name should remain
consistent once chosen.
(1) If you already have a Chinese name, please provide upon applying. If your computer does
not support Chinese, you can handwrite your Chinese name and send it to us by email or fax.
(2) If you do not have a Chinese name and would like to accept an alternative name given by
OIA, please select “accept a given Chinese name”. We will assist accordingly.
Date of Birth
This information will be used as your password to log into NTU online application system for
checking your application status.
For multi-passport holders, please provide the nationality of the passport which you will hold
when entering Taiwan. For those who with Taiwanese and foreign nationality, please fill in
both information.
For P.R.C passport holders, you will need to apply for the Entry Permit which is different
from other students. Please refer to the Entry Permit information on OIA website at
2. Contact Information
Please make sure the contact information you provide is correct to avoid missing any
important information we send to you. Your email address provided will be your login email
3. Current Enrollment Information
Please provide your current enrollment information at your home university.
4. NTU Visiting Student Program Information
A. Study at NTU
Application Duration
Please select the visiting duration you wish to apply for: one semester or one academic year.
Level of Study
Please find the corresponding level of study.
Department at NTU
Please select one college and one department/graduate institute you wish to be enrolled at
NTU. Your applying department/college should be relevant to your original field of study.
※If you are required by your home department/university to take certain specific courses,
Latest update: 02/26/2015
B. On-Campus Accommodation
This is a guaranteed application. If you select “Yes” upon applying, your accommodation will
be automatically arranged when your NTU admission is confirmed. Please note that NTU
does not offer on-campus accommodation for couples or families. Students who fail to apply
before the deadline are not guaranteed on-campus accommodation.
*Types of Accommodation (1 TWD = 0.032 USD = 0.028 EUR, Feb 2015)
Room Type
Single Suite
TWD 8,800/month
with communal kitchen
Prince House-NTU ShuiYuan
water bill included
TWD 7,400/month
Single Ensuite
water bill included
(Introduction .pdf)
TWD 4,900/month
Twin Share
water bill included
※Important Notes
1. Once you check "YES" for accommodation in the online application system, your housing
is guaranteed.
2. Please select 3 types of rooms because your most preferred type is not necessarily available.
We'll arrange for you according to your priority.
3. Students are not allowed to choose their roommates.
4. Male and Female students are separated in different floors or buildings.
5. NTU does not provide student housing for couples or families.
6. According to University's Accommodation Regulations, students are not allowed to host
others overnight.
C. NTU Student Volunteer
NTU would like to assign you a student volunteer to acquaint you with school life at NTU.
Please request accordingly.
D. General Chinese Courses Survey
In order to follow NTU courses taught in English or Chinese, students should have B1 level
for English or Chinese Language Proficiency according to the CEFR (Common European
Latest update: 02/26/2015
Framework of Reference), but NTU does not require students to submit Chinese proficiency
when applying. Visiting students are welcome to take complimentary NTU General Chinese
courses during their studying period. Please confirm your willingness to take the Chinese
course and complete the following survey questions to help us with class arrangements.
5. Emergency Contact
Please provide the required information so we can contact in case of any emergency.
6. Use of Personal Information
NTU requires your permission of the use of your information in order to process your
application and NTU admission.
7. Applicant’s Declaration
After completing the online application form, you will be required to read the declaration
carefully before confirming submittal.
Step 2: Upload the Supporting Documents
Please make sure to upload all the required items before the stated application deadline
(except items 5, 6 and 10). It is possible to log into the system repeatedly and complete the
uploading before the deadline. All the required supporting documents can be in either
Chinese or English.
1. Passport-sized photograph in digital format (guidelines for ePassport photographs)
This photograph will appear on your NTU student ID card.
2. Motivation Letter/ Statement of Purpose
Limited to a 1-2 page pdf file.
3. Official Transcripts of Academic Records
Include all subjects taken during the period of your current study level. Please provide a
clearly scanned pdf file of your official transcripts.
4. A Copy of Passport
Simply provide the page that shows your personal information and photograph.
5. NTU Health Exam Form (download the form)
To meet NTU and government requirements, all new students must take a health exam by a
qualified doctor. Please read the health exam instructions and complete each examination
listed on the NTU Incoming Exchange/Visiting Student Health Exam form. A completed
NTU Health Exam Form can be uploaded by September 01 (First Semester) / February 01
(Second Semester), or submitted directly on the NTU registration day.
Latest update: 02/26/2015
6. Medical and Accident Insurance Proof
Please provide a proof of your accident and medical insurance worth a minimum of TWD
1,000,000 (approx. USD 34,000) valid for the entire Visiting Student Program period. A valid
insurance proof can be uploaded by September 01 (First Semester) / February 01 (Second
Semester), or submitted on the registration day when you are in Taiwan.
※ Please ensure that you provide your NTU Health Exam Form and insurance proof no later
than the NTU registration day. You would not be able to complete the registration procedure
and receive your NTU student ID card without them.
7. Financial Statement
Visiting Students must provide financial documents verifying that you have funds available
that meet or exceed the estimated expenses of USD 6,500 (TWD195,000). Acceptable
financial documentation can include official bank statements of the applicant or the parents. If
you are on a scholarship, please provide relevant documents.
8. Two Letters of Recommendation
All applicants must submit two letters of recommendation by two separate parties. Your
recommenders must be academically related to you and should prove your academic abilities.
You can either upload the letters on the system, or have the recommender directly email to
Visiting Student Program Manager.
9. Certificate of Remittance (Application Fee)
The application fee is a non-refundable, one-time payment which should be made upon
application. Students who are studying for 2 semesters will not have to pay again when
enrolling for the second semester.
10. Certificate of Remittance (Program Fee)
Program fee is for the students who have been admitted to study at NTU and have received
the admission letter. Please download the Payment information from the online application
Mainland China passport holders need to submit more application materials as follow:
11. Entry Permit Application Form 入臺證申請書
Please download the Entry Permit Application form and key in all the information accordingly,
then remain as a Word file and upload it into the system.
12. Certificate of Enrollment 在學證明
Please upload the official certificate of enrollment issued within 1 month by your home
university for Entry Permit application.
Latest update: 02/26/2015
13. Mainland China ID Card 大陸地區身分證
Please upload the clear scanned file of your Mainland China ID Card for Entry Permit
Tracking Your Application Progress
Your email address and date of birth can be used to log into the online system to track the
progress of your application. For First semester entry applicants, please expect to receive
admission result by the end of June; for Second semester entry applicants, please expect to
receive admission result at around mid-December. Details regarding your application status
and entry information will be available through your online account.
Contact Information
Han-Chen (Queeny) KO (Ms.)
Manager, International Students Division
Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University
No 1, Sec 4, Roosevelt Rd, Taipei 10617, TAIWAN (R.O.C)
T: +886 (0)2 3366 2007 ext 210
F: +886 (0)2 2362 0096
Latest update: 02/26/2015