Drs. Paul Doherty and Kate Huyvaert led a 6

Drs. Paul Doherty and Kate Huyvaert led a 6-day workshop on abundance estimation methods in Phnom
Penh, Cambodia, in December 2009. The workshop was sponsored by WWF-The Worldwide Fund for
Nature- and hosted participants from throughout Southeast Asia including Laos, Malaysia, China, India,
and Nepal.
After the workshop, WWF hosted Drs. Huyvaert and
Doherty on two field trips so that they could consult with
WWF researchers on real-world problems. Here, Dr.
Huyvaert checks out one of the many bird species in the
dry deciduous dipterocarp forest of eastern Cambodia.
Dr. Paul Doherty and scientists from WWF
start out on a boat trip to collect resight
photos of individuals of the Mekong River
Irrawaddy dolphin.