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VWV Mediators
A new angle on resolving disputes effectively
Disputes are usually expensive, disruptive and time consuming to resolve, especially through the court. A long
winded, entrenched dispute can also damage business, social or family relations, making future co-existence
impossible, or at best difficult.
VWV mediators offers a fresh, independent, flexible, cost effective and imaginative option to resolve a dispute,
ideally at an early stage when the chance of maintaining relationships is highest.
Who are we and what do we offer?
We are experienced litigation solicitors, partners in the law firm Veale Wasbrough Vizards LLP and qualified
mediators skilled at helping parties resolve disputes. We offer a wide cross section of expertise in areas including
commercial, civil, property, construction and employment disputes, although most other disputes can be mediated
We can act as mediators anywhere in the South of England or the Midlands, or farther afield if the parties agree to
pay any additional costs involved. We provide strength in depth, a rapid response, early availability and no overhead
administration costs. We can also hold a mediation at our offices in Bristol or London at no extra cost.
Nigel Puddicombe
• Partner in the firm’s Commercial Litigation team.
• Specialist areas - Commercial, Civil and Property.
• Trained as a mediator at the London School of Mediation.
• President of Bristol Law Society in 2000.
• Master of the Guild of Guardians of Bristol in 2013.
Huw Morgan
• Head of the firm’s Construction team.
• Specialist areas - Construction, Property and Commercial.
• Trained as a mediator by CEDR.
Bettina Rigg
• Partner in the firm’s Employment team.
• Specialist areas - Employment and Civil.
• Trained as mediator at IDR in Bristol.
Cost options
We appreciate that the cost of holding a mediation can be just another point of argument between the parties.
Therefore we offer a flexible sliding scale of charges (shared equally between the parties to a mediation) designed
to enable mediation in even lower value disputes.
The figures below are based on a mediation involving two parties. For any additional party involved the relevant
hourly rate would be increased by 50% and a mediation may take longer.
Basic charges:
Value of a dispute
Up to £10,000
Preparation time
1 hour
Basic mediation duration
4 hours
Hourly rate
Total cost
£10,001 to £50,000
£50,001 to £100,000
3 hours
4 hours
5 hours
10 hours
10 hours
10 hours
All hourly rates attract VAT in addition.
Our basic costs will be paid by the parties equally seven days before the start of the mediation.
Additional charges (payable by the parties equally and invoiced at the conclusion of the mediation):
Any extra hour(s) preparation at the relevant hourly rate, with the prior agreement of the parties.
Any extra hour(s) at the relevant hourly rate above the basic mediation duration, spent in completing the mediation.
The mediator’s travel time, when a mediation is not held at one of the firm’s offices, at a third of the relevant hourly
rate and reasonable travel expenses.
To enquire about our services or mediator availability please ring on 0117 925 2020 or email:
Nigel Puddicombe - npuddicombe@vwv.co.uk
Rebecca Balsom - rbalsom@vwv.co.uk