MWS Multiple Width Measuring System LATRONIX

Technical specifications and accessories
Laser Systems
±0.5 mm (with assumption of self calibration 1 time per day)
Measuring range
0 - 2100 mm (larger measuring range as option)
250 - 2100 mm
Measuring time
Start-up of the system
Edge finding
60 sec
3 min
63 sec (30sec/m)
Measuring speed
Max speed edge movement
5 measuring values/sec (continuous measurement)
5 mm/sec
Measuring distance
Stand-off distance
Dept of field
40 - 200 mm (specified with order)
14 mm (larger as option)
Automatic self calibration at start-up or at request.
The accuracy should be controlled once a year to retain high
accuracy for the delivered measuring system.
Electrical connection
Operation voltage system
Operation voltage touch-screen
Output power
Output connector
230V AC
24V DC
400W (max)
Profibus RS485 DB9
Enclosure rating system
Enclosure rating touch-screen
Operation temperatur
Aluminum and Plexiglas
IP65 (front)
0°C - 40°C
Floor mounting or mounting on ceiling
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Multiple Width Measuring System
The picture above shows installation of an MWS in a paper mill measuring up to three papertracks in a cutting machine.
Multiple Width Meauring System
for accurate non-contact width measurement of large objects, e.g. paper tracks or thin
MWS offers among others:
Generally about MWS
MWS, Multiple Width Measuring System, is a noncontact measuring system for width measurement
of one or more tracks in e.g. paper machine,
cutting machine, rolling mill etc.
Measuring method
The system measures width of non transparent
materials by using cameras and background
lighting of the material. The cameras are detecting
the edges of the dark measuring object against the
light background illumination.
The CMOS cameras are detecting the edge
of the dark material against the light background.
Technical specifications
Measuring range:
Output signal:
0 - 2100 mm*
±0.5 mm
5 measurements/sec
Profibus DP RS485 standard
Baud rate 9.6 kbaud - 12MBaud
* If requirement from the customer can this range be
extended up to 7000mm
Every edge is detected by a camera mounted on a
mobile rail above the measuring object. The rail
follows so the camera is always straight above the
measuring objects edge.
Communication with control system
The measuring rails are connected to a measuring
computer which takes care of synchronisation and
out read. This measuring computer takes even
care of communication with a control system.
Non-contact measuring with very high accuracy
Large measuring range
Insensitive against vibrations and temperature
Modular and rough construction designed for
industrial applications
Fast measurements, 5 measurements per
Reliable system managing to measure round
the clock, year after year without interruption
Custom-made construction
The picture above shows a measuring rail with
camera and step motor
High accuracy
The camera gives high accuracy on a small
measuring range.
Large measuring range
The measuring beam can in principle be unlimited
long which means that it can cover a very large
measuring range.
Independent of the measuring The camera is always above the measuring objects
objects thickness
edge, which eliminates parallax error.
Insensitive against vibrations
and temperature movements
Because the cameras are mounted so near the track
(4 - 20cm), the system will not be affected by
vibrations and temperature tensions.
Modular construction
The system can be equipped with extra beams if
Customer adjusted design
Latronix develops and manufactures the whole
system under the same roof; therefore we have the
possibilities to adjust it according to the customer’s
specifications and requirements.
Application exempel:
The width of three paper webs are detected by four mobile cameras mounted on a beam above
the object. The two farthest cameras detect the edge of the dark paper against the light background. In the same way detects the two cameras in the middle the column between the webs. The
measured values are calculated and presented as three widths.