A Negative Attitude Affects Every Aspect Of Your Life

A Negative Attitude Affects Every Aspect Of Your Life
Maintaining a negative attitude can cripple the person
you are meant to be. A self-defeating negative attitude
will have a negative impact on every aspect of your life
and if you allow it to it can alter your physical and
mental well-being. I will be the first to agree that things
go wrong in life at times but ultimately we each choose
how we react to troublesome events.
Negative Attitude Impacts Health
Maintaining a negative attitude drains the energy right out of you. Negative attitude can shorten
your life. When you become angry, upset or frustrated, you let negative emotions overtake you.
What happens to the human immune system when people have negative attitudes? You can
actually weaken your immune system with negativity. There have been studies that show how
people with negative attitudes are more susceptible to getting sick compared to those with a
positive outlook on life.
Chronic stress from negative attitudes and feelings of helplessness upsets the body's hormone
balance and depletes the brain chemicals required for feelings of happiness. New scientific
understandings have identified the pathways through which human emotions, such as hope and
fear; impact the body's immune systems and overall vitality.
People with negative attitudes are not as healthy as people who have positive attitudes. People
who have positive attitudes also have fewer bad habits. While a positive attitude does not
prevent or cure all health conditions or diseases, it does play an instrumental role in disease
prevention and treatment. A person who sees everything in a negative light will have a harder
time getting over an ailment than a person with a positive attitude.
A positive or negative attitude not only determines what we will do
with the choices that we are presented with, it also determines
how we feel – from a physical standpoint. A positive person may
wake up with some pain, and tell themselves that the sooner they
start moving around and getting on with their day, the sooner the
pain will go away or subside. A negative person will decide that
their pain is too great to even get out of bed. They cannot
function, and if they do function, they are going to do it in pain.
The negative person will carry their pain and discomfort with them
all day. The positive person actually will – at the very least –
notice that the pain has diminished a great deal, if it hasn’t
subsided altogether.
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Negativity’s Negative Affect On Relationships
When you have a negative attitude it does not just affect
you, it affects everyone around you and over time this will
take its toll on all your personal relationships.
A negative attitude is self-destructive it will only hinder the
process of maintaining good relationships. You will find
yourself blaming others for your problems. You will make
your rut even deeper by complaining all the time. You will
actually be stricken with physical and mental stress. There is
nothing good at all that comes from staying in that state of
It harms others. Your negative mood affects people around you. You should never make others
feel bad because by doing so you are contributing not only to your own misery, but also to the
unhappiness of others. Attitude problems can plague even the best of relationships. A negative
attitude has the power to ruin conversations, frustrate partners and friends or even end a
relationship for good.
Keep Your Own Negative Thoughts and Behaviors in Check
If you do nothing else but focus on managing your own negative thoughts and behavior, you
will come a long way towards remaining positive. A negative attitude is contagious, but a
positive attitude is infectious as well. Hang out with positive people that encourage you to be
your best self.
Everyday Negative Behavior At Work
A negative attitude drains you of your energy, which causes you to lose focus and motivation. It
strips you of your ability to achieve professional success in your life.
Of course, maintaining an upbeat attitude for 30 minutes or an hour during an interview is far
easier than fighting off grumpiness every day. Habitual negativity is a problem because it can
quickly become your trademark and overshadow any accomplishments. And in a tough job
market, when workers are feeling stressed and employers consider trimming back head count,
you do not want to be remembered for being the local sourpuss. You could lose your job.
"In this recession, people are having to do more with less -- that's just a fact.” Milligan says. "If
you're the employee that complains about clients or the workload or the commute or the
manager -- and you seek out opportunities to talk about your misery -- this will definitely pose a
problem with your employer and co-workers." It is damaging to your position.
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Verbally complaining is not the only problematic negative behavior at work. "The non-verbals
will always prevail if we are trying to mask negativity. For example, the employee makes a
comment that sounds OK but the facial expressions and/or body language makes it clear that
she or he isn't on board," Cooke explains.
Non-verbal cues can give your bad attitude away.
In your quest to compensate for a lack of enthusiasm,
you do not need to become the resident cheerleader,
either. Your boss will probably sense insincerity if she
tells you to report at 7 a.m. tomorrow for a meeting and
you react with a cheer of approval. Instead, learn to say,
"Sure," without emitting a long sigh as you walk away.
Remember that not every aspect of a job will be fun and
exciting. And sometimes you will want to roll your eyes
when the boss is not looking, but make it an exception,
not a habit. After all, you don't want to be that person.
Regardless of What You May Believe…
Maintaining A Negative Attitude Is A Matter of Choice!
If you allow pessimism to go on for too long it
will negatively affect many areas of your life
and it becomes a vicious cycle of negativity.
If you choose to allow certain events or
circumstances in life to dictate your mood-you
are giving away your personal power to what
triggered your negative attitude.
We all have the ability to defeat negative
thinking but the only way that you will ever
win that battle is if you arm yourself with
some specific skills to take back control of
your life.
Let’s face it, there are going to be those days
when it seems as though nothing is going your
way. The worst thing you could do is to allow
those things that go wrong define you as a
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Defeating A Negative Attitude For Good!
Nobody wants to live with a negative attitude and
nobody has to. You do not have to live another
day in misery. Positive thinking can work and it is
something you can put to use starting this very
When you have a negative attitude just think to
yourself that you have the power to change how
you feel. Focus hard on some positive aspects of
your life and keep your mind focused until it just
naturally takes over on its own. Repeat positive
affirmations, visualize positive situations, give it a
try it is definitely better then feeling totally
If you take this approach towards life you empower yourself to control your destiny and with this
type of personal power you can defeat a negative attitude. Spending time writing in or reading
from personal journals can help you from falling prey to those negative thoughts that try to
creep into your consciousness.
Practice it often
This is an easy habit to forge and once you do it will change your life in ways you can only
imagine. It does not matter how bad the day before may have been because the fact is that day
is gone and that is the beauty of life, every day we get a brand new day and it is up to us to
make the best of every new day of our life.
You have to tell yourself that the past is the past and regardless of how good or bad it may have
been you cannot change it, all you can do is to focus on the day that is right in front of you and
you have control over how that day turns out. Learn to focus on the here and now and do all you
can to make the most of what you have.
Nothing good can ever come from having a negative attitude; it will lead you down a long
and lonely dark path.
These simple acts can pull you out of that negative attitude and can salvage your day. Make
a habit of this and people will begin to notice a change in you… You will begin to notice a
change in yourself.
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Positive-Thinking Journal
Fill out the chart below with positives from your life. Write at least one example for each section. Add to the list in
the future. Remember and revisit these experiences and thoughts when negative thoughts darken your attitude.
Optional: Transfer to a bound journal and continue recording the positive things in your life.
These are things completed
successfully; achievements.
These are valuable or useful abilities,
assets, or qualities.
These are positive statements or
declarations of the truth or existence
of something
I won a gold medal at
 I am a good listener.
 I draw beautiful pictures.
 My team won first place at
the tournament.
_____________________ ________________
My enemies cannot defeat
me. I am strong and can
stand on my own.
I know I am important.
Happy Memories/Positive Experiences
Write a description of an event or experience from your life, which gave you a happy feeling.
10 Grade