Reading Area Community College - Thaddeus Stevens College of

Please refer the College's website for information on what General Education Courses your program requires.
SOC, HIST, ECON and ENG 230 and up are all considered Humanities courses.
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology General
Education Courses
AH 106
AH 111
ANT 106
BIO 120
BIO 250
BUSN 106
CHEM 101
CIS 105
CIS 111
DCIS 011
DENG 012
DENG 014
DMAT 010
DMAT 030
DENG 020
DENG 021
DENG 025
DENG 026
DMAT 020
DMAT 021
DSOC 010
ECON 211
ENG 106
ENG 111
ENG 116
ENG 216
ENG 221
ENG 230
ENG 240
ENG 250
ENG 255
HEAL 111
HIST 106
HIST 111
MATH 111
MATH 126
MATH 131
MATH 132
MATH 136
Introduction to Healthcare
Medical Terminology
Introduction to Anthropology
Human Biology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
Small Business Management
Basic Chemistry
Drawing with AutoCAD
Introduction to Computer Applications
Computer Concepts
Concepts of English
Developmental Reading
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Introduction to Algebra
Basic Writing I
Basic Writing II
Basic Reading I
Basic Reading II
Basic Mathematics I
Basic Mathematics II
Success Strategies
Principles of Economics
Composition I
Writing for Publication
Short Story and Poetry
Technical Report Writing
Public Speaking
Composition II
Intro to Drama and and Analysis
Introduction to Folklore
Short Contemporary Novel
Basic First Aid
Heal/PE courses
American History I
American History II
Business Mathematics
Technical Mathematics I
Intermediate Algebra
Elementary Geometry
Technical Mathematics II
Reading Area Community College General Education
Course Equivalencies
RES 110
Orientation to Respiratory Care
ANT 140
BIO 250
BIO 255
MGT 230
CHE 120
Cultural Anthropology
Anatomy and Physiology I
Anatomy and Physiology II
Small Business Management
Principles of Chemistry
IFT 110
IFT 101
COM 051
COM 061
MAT 020
MAT 030
COM 041
COM 051
COM 021
COM 061
MAT 010
MAT 020
Microcomputer Applications
Introduction to Personal Computers
Basic Writing 2
Advanced Reading
Basics of College Mathematics
Algebra 1
Basic Writing 1
Basic Writing 2
Basics of College Reading
Advanced Reading
Math Skills Review
Basics of College Mathematics
BUS 200 or 201Macro or Micro Economics
COM 121
English Composition
COM 163
Writing for the Media
COM 211
Poetry Writing
COM 141
Technical Writing
COM 151
Fundamentals of Speech
COM 131
Composition and Literature
HUM 251
Introduction to Drama
HIS 110
HIS 115
BUS 110
MAT 150
MAT 160
History of the United States I
History of the United States II
Business Mathematics
Foundations of Mathematics
College Algebra
MAT 155
Foundations of Mathematics II
Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology General
Education Courses
MATH 139
MATH 141
MATH 150
MATH 207
MATH 215
PHYS 100
PHYS 101
PHYS 106
PHYS 113
PHYS 213
PHYS 223
PHYS 202
PSY 116
RESP 251
SCI 106
SOC 106
SOC 121
SOC 206
SOC 216
SOC 221
Discrete Mathematics
Elementary Statistics
Application of Physics
How Things Work
Physics in Everyday Life
General Physics I
General Physics II
Application of Physical Principles in Respiratory Care
Introduction to Psychology
Microbiology and Infection Control
Principles of Sociology
Critical Thinking
Sociology of Deviant Behavior
Marriage and Family
Reading Area Community College General Education
Course Equivalencies
MAT 165
MAT 210
MAT 180
MAT 220
Calculus I
PHY 150
PHY 120
Applied Physics
Principles of Physics
PHY 240
PHY 245
Physics I
Physics II
PSY 130
BIO 280
ENV 130
SOC 130
HUM 271
SOC 210
General Psychology
The Environment
Introduction to Philosophy
Social Problems
SOC 220
The Family