MDM Engineering Customer Story

MDM Engineering
Customer Success Story
AutoCAD® Map 3D
Autodesk® Inventor®
AutoCAD LT software
is compatible with our
other selected 3D design
tools, including AutoCAD,
Autodesk Inventor, and
AutoCAD Map 3D. That
makes it easy for us to
use a familiar 2D tool for
drafting and detailing
whenever we prefer.
Going for gold.
MDM Engineering designs metal
processing plants more collaboratively
with AutoCAD LT software to help
connect engineering teams.
—Nick Antonov
Senior Drafter
MDM Engineering
Image courtesy of MDM Engineering.
Project Summary
MDM Engineering helps mining companies plan,
design, and build projects that maximize the
extraction of valuable minerals using advanced
processing technologies. The company prides itself
on designing processing plants that are functional,
durable, and easy to maintain—all while keeping
projects on schedule and on budget. MDM’s efficient
design workflow is part of what helps the company
to deliver projects so successfully. From conducting
feasibility studies to construction, MDM Engineering
relies on AutoCAD LT® software as its core drafting,
detailing, and documentation tool. AutoCAD LT
enables MDM’s team to draft as much as 80 percent
of individual projects in a familiar, 2D environment.
For aspects of projects MDM prefers to engineer in
3D, the company uses AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Map
3D, and Autodesk® Inventor® software.
Located in Stilfontein, South Africa, the Mine
Waste Solutions (MWS) Plant provides an example
of how MDM uses compatible design tools to
engineer projects. The US$225 million MWS Plant
will reprocess the waste material generated from
traditionally processed gold and uranium. Using
more advanced techniques, the plant will extract
gold and uranium that would otherwise have been
unrecoverable. MDM used AutoCAD LT software
to design a basic process flow to help the client
plan the early stages of the project. As the project
advanced, the team completed road and grading
plans in AutoCAD Map 3D. For tank and chute
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design, MDM turned to Autodesk Inventor software,
which allowed the team to go beyond 3D by creating
digital prototypes of key equipment within the plant.
Compatible with the other software on the project,
AutoCAD LT played a central role on the project by
helping MDM to:
• Work as much as 20 percent faster with preconfigured dynamic blocks
• Keep all the elements of the multidisciplinary
project connected
• Produce accurate construction documentation
• Use familiar 2D tools for preferred tasks
• Allow drafters to choose their preferred interface
About MDM Engineering
Specializing in minerals processing, MDM
Engineering delivers engineering and construction
services to mining and resource extraction
companies in the precious metals, uranium, base
metals, and diamond industries. MDM is based in
South Africa and has deep experience delivering
projects across the African continent. To date, the
company has engineered and constructed more than
52 mineral processing plants in 14 countries.
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