Yanfei Tu - University of California, Santa Cruz

Yanfei Tu 1156 High Street, Dept. of Computer Engineering, Santa Cruz, CA 95064, E-­‐mail: [email protected] Capabilities and skills • Proficient in programming using Java, C++, C • Numerical modeling and simulation, Programming interfacing equipment, control and data acquisition using MATLAB and LabVIEW • Extensive lab experience of handling optical systems including modulations and detections, optical components, optical fiber, electronic equipment, various laser systems, laser frequency stabilization, electronic circuits, vacuum technologies, low temperature, laser spectroscopy for characterization of alkali metal gas and rare-­‐earth solid materials Education 2014-­‐present MS, in Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz 2004-­‐2009 Ph.D, in Condensed Matter Physics, Nankai University, Tianjin, China Thesis: Light pulses storage and angular multiplexing based on Electromagnetically induced transparency effect in Pr:YSO crystal 2000-­‐2004 BS, in Physics, Sun Yat-­‐sen University, Guangzhou, China Coursework Data Structure, Algorithm and Abstract Data Type, Programming Design, Analog and Digital Circuit, Principles of Microcomputer, Optical Fiber Communication, Photoelectric Technology, Modern Optics, Integrated Optics, Spectroscopy. Research Experience 2010-­‐2014 Research Associate, Dept. of EECS, Northwestern University • Numerical simulated atomic ensemble used in quantum computing and quantum information • Designed and fabricated the servo circuit and lock-­‐in system to stabilize an open cavity laser • Numerical simulated high speed modulator and switching using parallel computing • Developed a setup of atomic trapping in Rubidium vapor 2004-­‐2009 Research Assistant, Photonic Center, Nankai University • Implemented a full-­‐automatically controlled integrated system of optical signal modulation and detection by programming • Implemented light pulse slowdown and information storage using quantum coherence effect • Demonstrated an addressable multi-­‐channel all-­‐optical routing and buffer memory in crystal 2003-­‐2004 School of Physics and Engineering, Sun Yat-­‐sen University • Fabricated OLED screen and enhanced its luminance lifetime by Ozone treatment Teaching Experience • 2005, Teaching Assistant, Electromagnetism, Undergraduate level, 4 credits, Nankai Univ. • 2006, Teaching Assistant, Quantum Optics, Graduate level, 2 credits, Nankai Univ. Awards • National Third Class Scholarship, Sun Yat-­‐sen University, 2001-­‐2002 • National Second Class Scholarship, Sun Yat-­‐sen University, 2002-­‐2003 • Directly admitted with waiver of National Examination for graduate admission, 2004 • National Scholarship for excellent graduate students, Nankai University, 2004-­‐2009 Selected Publications • “Angular multiplexing storage of light pulses and addressable optical buffer memory in Pr3+:Y2SiO5 based on electromagnetically induced transparency”, Yanfei Tu, Guoquan Zhang, Zhaohui Zhai, and Jingjun Xu, Phys. Rev. A 80, 033816 (2009) • “Rydberg assisted light shift imbalance induced blockade in an atomic ensemble”, Yanfei Tu, M. Kim, and S. M. Shahriar, submitted to Phys. Rev. A • “Bragg-­‐matching characterization of atomic coherence gratings in an electromagnetically induced transparency solid with a confocal scheme”, Z. Zhai, Yanfei Tu, Y. Dou, J. Xu and G. Zhang, Opt. Commun 285, 277-­‐280 (2012) • “High efficiency optical modulation at a telecom wavelength using the quantum Zeno effect in a ladder transition in Rb atoms”, S. Krishnamurthy, Y. Wang, Y. Tu, S. Tseng, and M. S. Shahriar, Optics Express 20, 13798 (2012) • “Optically controlled polarizer using a ladder transition for high speed Stokesmetric Imaging and Quantum Zeno Effect based optical logic”, S. Krishnamurthy, Y. Wang, S. Tseng, Y. Tu, and M.S. Shahriar, Optics Express 21, 24514 (2013) • “Evolution of an N-­‐level system via automated vectorization of the Liouville equations and application to optically controlled polarization rotation”, M. S. Shahriar, Y. Wang, S. Krishnamurthy, Y. Tu , G.S. Pati, and S. Tseng, accepted in Journal of Modern Optics (2013) • “Slow and fast lights with moving and stationary refractive index gratings in solids at room temperature ”, G. Zhang, F. Bo, F. Gao, R. Dong, Yanfei Tu, and Jingjun Xu, International Journal of Modern Physics B 22(5), 447-­‐468 (2008) Oral Presentations • “Rydberg Interaction Assisted Light Shift Blockade of Collective Excitations for Quantum Information Processing”, Yanfei Tu, M. Kim, R. Sarkar, and S. M. Shahriar, Frontiers in Optics (FiO)/Laser Science (LS) 2013, Orlando, Florida, USA • “Addressable Optical Buffer via Angular Multiplexing in an Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Solid”, Yanfei Tu, G. Zhang, Z. Zhai, and J. Xu, Frontiers in Optics (FiO)/Laser Science (LS) 2009, San Jose, California, USA