Tools designed to support the most profitable buying, selling

DTN ProphetX® Grains Merchandiser
Tools designed to support
the most profitable buying,
selling, or grain carrying
With the volatile commodity markets, high transportation
Calculate your profitability
costs, and increasingly difficult access to sufficient capital,
DTN ProphetX Grains Merchandiser provides real-time cost
the role of the grain merchandiser and other grain elevator
of carry calculators and risk management tools so users can
stakeholders has become more challenging. In addition,
know instantly how today’s markets are impacting their
with the advancement of online grain buying and selling,
bottom line. The cost of carry calculator allows you to make
merchandisers need to keep their posted basis bids current
fast and easy assessments to determine where to place
with the changes they receive from their destination
and roll hedges or whether to “fill the house” and carry
markets. DTN ProphetX Grains Merchandiser allows
the grain to a future delivery month, or to turn around and
merchandisers to actually see the depth of the electronic
sell the grain back to back in the same delivery month. The
futures market, analyze and determine the best destination
bid calculator is a bid management tool for tracking and
bids, set the most competitive origination bids, and manage
analyzing destination market data, as well as developing
their market exposure closer than ever before.
your own published cash bids. It will also analyze the basis
carry and futures carry simultaneously to identify your best
DTN ProphetX Grains Merchandiser provides merchandisers
sales and margin opportunities.
with a powerful dashboard to access the market
depth, real-time bid analysis, cost of carry, and position
Deepen your analysis with quotes and local pricing
management tools — helping them place better hedges,
One of the most critical pieces of information to a grain
set accurate bids, maintain profit margins, and closely
merchandiser is current bids from other origination and
manage market risk. Viewing split screens and multiple
destination points. No other provider can offer the depth of
information sources makes it easy for users to get at–a-
cash market information that DTN/The Progressive Farmer
glance information for more timely decisions. Onscreen and
mobile alerts also help in making immediate decisions that
could make or break an operation. All of these tools are
The calculators pull in real-time information from the
critical in order to survive in today’s volatile markets.
exchanges, local cash prices and basis from other 1.800.511.0095
origination points, and destination plants — and then
provide you with the tools to customize the calculators and
the business decision tools of your organization. With DTN
ProphetX Grains Merchandiser you have the ability to:
• Dynamically link quote sheets to chart windows and
news indexes, enabling at a glance views. Also, link
real-time and historical data to Microsoft applications,
such as Excel.
• Receive onscreen or mobile alerts to keep an eye on
volatile markets, so when price targets are reached, you
can take immediate action.
• Access public cash grain bids from other local elevators
DTN Cash Grain Bids, along with the national and
regional indexes, provide unmatched visibility into
the cash markets.
and destination points, as well as compare historical
trends, including basis moves.
• Chart your bids against your competitors’ posted prices,
or against regional and national indexes and futures
• Access national basis maps and average charts to easily
compare local pricing to national averages, including up
to three selected counties for cash bid pricing and history.
Utilize industry-focused news and weather
With DTN/The Progressive Farmer’s industry-leading
agricultural news and weather information, you can stay on
top of market-changing conditions. DTN/The Progressive
Farmer not only provides its own proprietary, industry-
gives you insight on what the market may do in both the
near term and over the long run.
Corn, soybeans, and wheat strategies are all included
to give you daily futures, options, and cash analysis and
recommendations based on the current market situation,
enabling you to make more informed decisions and increase
your bottom line. Additionally you can set up custom filters
and alerts to bring the most important news stories and ag
articles to your attention.
leading domestic and international coverage from the
largest and most-respected newsroom in the industry, but
from other highly-regarded sources like Dow Jones, the
USDA, and more.
Through some of the ag industry’s most respected analysts,
DTN/The Progressive Farmer provides summaries and
commentary in short recap form, helping you quickly make
sense of it all. This accurate, easily digestible information 1.800.511.0095
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