Aviation Programs Checklist

Aviation Programs Checklist
Name and phone number: _________________________________________________________________________________
Term Applying For (Semester/Year):__________
Aviation Program Option: ______________________________________
(AAS Professional Pilot, Air Traffic Control, General Aviation Pilot,
Helicopter Pilot, or specific Certificate)
Check off the boxes once the task is complete. If the task doesn’t apply, write N/A to the left of the check box.
Complete Steps 1 & 2 on the How To Get Started page: http://www.aims.edu/prospective
Apply for admission to Aims Community College: www.aims.edu/student/admissions/application
Apply for financial assistance if needed. www.aims.edu/student/finaid
Additional Resources:
Aims Scholarships: www.aims.edu/student/finaid/scholarships/
Note for VA students: Contact the VA School Certifying Official at 970-339-6530 prior to applying to scholarships. The
wording in the scholarships may impact your VA benefits.
VA Students ONLY: Submit DD214 AND Certificate of Eligibility to the Financial Aid office
Submit Official Transcripts from all institutions to the Admissions office for review.
Assess for college placement and determine College Readiness.
Watch the “An Introduction to Aims Aviation” online video and fill out the Certificate of Completion.
“Becoming an Aims Aviator” video AUTHORIZATION CODE: ____________________________________
Watch the following three StudentLingo (www.studentlingo.com/aims) videos in their entirety (these videos are timed)
and print the completion certificates: For “Instructor Name” type in “Aviation Department”
 Time Management: Strategies for Success
Complete the online Aims New Student Orientation. The link to the orientation can be found on your online student
account (MyAims). Once you pass the quizzes in the orientation, a note will automatically be added to your records.
Admissions can assist with any questions.
Financial Literacy: Smart Money Skills For College & Beyond
 Navigating the Financial Aid Process
Schedule an advising appointment with Student Services Advisor, Beau Bienvenu. 970-339-6251. Bring THIS checklist
and documents with you to the appointment.
MUST BE COMPLETED BY BEAU BIENVENU or other student services advisor:
Student has been determined to be College Ready.
Date: ______________
Signature of Beau Bienvenu or SS Advisor
**Submit this Checklist (both pages complete) along with the four videos’ certificates of completion to the Aviation Department**
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Aviation Programs Checklist
Please read the statements below and initial
________ It is the student’s responsibility to complete this checklist and submit all original documentation to the
Aviation Department. Contact information is aviation@aims.edu or 970-339-6472.
_________ It is the student’s responsibility to obtain required documentation for the program prior to the start of
classes for the term. This includes the FAA medical certificate.
_________ Submission of materials will put the student on our Ready-List for the selected aviation program and
term. Inclusion on the Ready-List does not guarantee entry into any program in any given term. Open
slots are filled through the Ready-List, but there may be fewer openings available than number of
prospective students on the Ready-List.
_________ Airplane or Helicopter pilot applicants: I have met with a certified flight instructor and submitted my
application for an FAA student pilot certificate through the FAA’s IACRA database.
_________ Air Traffic Control applicants: I have spoken with Dusty Brailsford / Larry Stephen (circle one) on
______________ (Date) and received information of pending legislation that may impact the Air Traffic
Control Program.
Initials of Ms. Brailsford or Mr. Stephen _________________
_________ I understand that failure to meet requirements within the program, once accepted, can result in being
dropped from the aviation program.
_________ I understand that if I receive a slot in any aviation program, my attendance at the New Aviation Student
Orientation is MANDATORY and failure to attend could result in my removal from the program.
DATE: __________________________________
STUDENT NAME (print): _________________________ SIGNATURE: ________________________________
STUDENT AIMS ID NUMBER: A00______________ PHONE NUMBER: _____-_____-_______
For Aviation office use only:
Date received: ______________
Intro Cert: Y N
Time received: ______________
Time Mgt Cert: Y N
Fin Lit Cert: Y N
Checklist complete w/Signatures & Codes: Y N
Nav Fin Aid Cert: Y N
Ready List: Y N
Received by: ____________ (initials)
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