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AC Power
for Business-Critical Continuity
Liebert Adapt PM
30kVA to 160kVA
Unparalleled Efficiency
Low Footprint
Truly Adaptive and Flexible
Liebert Adapt PM Intelligent Power System is a new generation integrated IT equipment room UPS
and intelligent distribution management system developed by Emerson with over 40 years of large
power UPS production experiences and industry leading IDC power supply and intelligent power
management technology.
Medium data equipment rooms of enterprises, financial and securities data centers, medium
and small IDC centers of governments
Technical features
System features
UPS and battery system Adapt PM style rack,
tidy and beautiful
Built-in 30KVA rack-mounted UPS (weight
<35kg, height: 3U, up to 5 sets paralleled in
one rack)
Built-in swappable 150KW bypass module
Built-in input/output distribution switch and
manual maintenance bypass
Built-in intelligent server power management
system SPM, able to detect the ON/OFF status,
voltage, current, power factor, harmonic and
electricity consumption of each branch, and
set 2-level load current pre-warning
Optional with swappable distribution module
with 18-way circuit breaker for expansion and
output distribution circuit adjustment
Optional with ABB hot swappable circuit
breaker, branch switch expansion or load
phase adjustment can be realized without
powering off the main circuit
UPS power supply and load distribution adopt
dynamic configuration, with the UPS capacity
and number of load distribution circuits
changed with the increase of IT systems
SPM intelligent distribution unit
ABB distribution module (18 routes)
ABB hot swappable distribution module (18
Nader distribution module (18 routes)
UPS dry contact card
SiteMonitor UPS monitoring software
Load bus synchronization (LBS) cable and
expansion component
Temperature/humidity sensor
Rack battery cabinet
Outstanding environment-friendlyand energyefficient features: Efficiency > 96% at
50%~75% load, Efficiency >95% at 25% load, Input power factor ≈1, input harmonic current <3%
Powerful loading capacity: Output power factor = 1, with leading and lag power factor, no derating
Easy for installation: Top/bottom cable inlet/outlet available, needs no feeder cabinet,
integrating UPS and intelligent distribution in the cabinet
Easy for maintenance : Front access, maintenance and replacement of rectifier, inverter,
bypass and fan can be completed in 2 minutes
Easy for modification: The parallel system can share the battery system. The battery
adopts 12V × 30/32/34/36/40 cells design and features flexible configuration. It is easy to
use the original battery system upon the modification of the old system, and the failed cells
can be promptly removed without affecting the operation of the UPS system.
Liebert Adapt PM Intelligent IDC Power System
Power (KVA/KW)
Physical parameters
W× D× H (mm)
Weight (kg)
Input features (rectifier)
Rated input voltage
Rated operating frequency
Input voltage range
Input frequency range
Input power factor
Input THDi
Input walk-in function
DC features
Charger output voltage regulation accuracy
DC ripple low voltage
Output features (inverter)
Inverter output voltage
Output power factor
Voltage Steady state
stability Transient state
Steady state response time
Inverter overload capacity
With 100% balanced load
With 100% unbalanced load
Total THD 100% linear load
100% nonlinear load
Bypass input voltage
Bypass voltage range
Bypass overload capacity
Mains synchronization range
Measured frequency precision (internal clock)
System efficiency (full load)
SPM intelligent distribution system
Number of branch switches
Capacity of branch switch
Monitoring function
Operating environment
Operating temperature range
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Maximum operating altitude
Noise (1m)
IP class
Liebert Adapt PM
30, 60, 90, 100, 120, 150, 160
600× 1100× 2000
380/400/415VAC, three-phase four-wire
228V~476V, -20%~+25% full load, -25%~-40% linear derating,
able to connect 70% load under -40% condition
Available, 5~30s settable
Liebert Adapt PM Intelligent Power System
380/400/415VAC, three-phase four-wire
1 (kVA=kW)
<± 1% typical
<± 5% typical
1 hour for 110%, 10mins for 125%, 1mins for 150%, 200ms for >150%
<1.5 %
380/400/415VAC, three-phase four-wire
Default: -20%~+15%, other values, such as -40%, -30%, -10%~+10%,
+15% settable through software
Long term for 135%, 1 hour for 170%, 100ms for 1000%
± 2Hz (default), ± 0.5Hz~3Hz settable, with increment of 0.5Hz
50Hz/60Hz± 0.02%
>96% at over 50%, >95% at over 25%
Swappable and expandable 18-route
distribution switch module
18 routes × 3
25A as standard, 10~63A optional
Main circuit and branch ON/OFF status, voltage, current, power factor,
harmonic, electricity consumption, 2-level current pre-warning
-25~70˚C (excluding battery)
0~95%, no condensing
≤1000m, When operating at 1000~2000m,
derated by 1% for every 100m increase of altitude
55~62dB, adjusted according to load rate
IP20 (with built-in dust filter)
Safety: IEC60950-1; IEC62040-1-1/AS62040-1-1, EMC: IEC62040-2/AS62040-2/
EN50091-2 CLASS A; Design and test: IEC62040-3/AS62040-3
Large LCD display