Underwater Luminaires

Underwater Luminaires
Under Water Luminaire
• Underwater Luminaire is a round shaped non integral
type luminaire with 3 x 3 watts power LEDs (warm white)
with an external driver suitable for 230 Volts AC inputs
and 24 Volts DC output.
• The luminaire has basically three components, viz.,(i)
LED module which houses the three LEDs in a die cast
aluminium enclosure, water proof cable entry with gland
and covered with a heat resistant toughened glass , (ii)
non corrosive stainless steel plate SS 304 grade to serve
as a cover plate and hold the top LED module set up and
bottom PVC housing for mounting the assembled
luminaire and (iii) PVC bottom housing with cable entry
knock-outs and four pieces of sliding side covers for
power cord outlets.
• Luminaire wired ready for use and suitable for operation
on 230 Volts single phase AC. The driver is a 24 Volts DC
output driver for outdoor application.
• The luminaire with a special PVC outer ring and bottom
PVC housing can be mounted in any position under the
water in swimm
3 x 3W LED