iSolve™ Business Appointments

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iSolve™ Business Appointments
Intelligent Connections for Unprecedented ROI
Networking has evolved - intelligent connections for unprecedented ROI
No more… time wasted scrolling through delegate lists looking for
potential prospects
iSolve automatically connects you to the most relevant buyers at the
No more… shots in the dark, random prospecting
or wasted pitches
iSolve intelligently matches you to qualified buyers based on your
solutions and detailed investment information they provide
No more… first meeting nerves or uncertain introductions
iSolve puts you in contact with your matches pre-event
so at the Summit the ice is broken and you can talk business
No more… sales reps suffering from exhibition hall exhaustion
iSolve Business Appointments are scheduled and flexible to fit your
resources and goals
No more… half-hearted encounters with people not interested in your
iSolve introduces you to delegates who paid to attend and explicitly
requested solutions such as yours
No more… conducting meetings in a noisy hall or busy foyer
iSolve provides secluded, dedicated meeting space for private,
productive and ultimately profitable business meetings
Introducing iSolve™ - a fresh new way of thinking, connecting you with clients whose business-critical issues you can solve!
Here’s How It Works:
Commercial Partner. You. Our Client
our key offerings
The business challenges
you cater for The
solutions you provide
ho buys from you
Who you’re targeting
Industry, company size
& type
Typical job titles
Delegate. Your Prospect
Issues they’re facing & how
their business is impacted
How they want to
solve their business
critical problems
here they’re making capital investments
What their budget is
What types of solutions are they
looking to invest in
What type of companies they
want to work with
Your Matches
The secret recipe - using a proprietary compatibility measuring
algorithm iSolve matches you to the prospects most likely to
purchase your solution
Pre-event Contact
You arrange a call with your hot prospects to break the ice,
make introductions and set an agenda for the summit
On-Site Business Appointments
Meet up at your exclusive VIP iZone in your own branded pod
Scheduled at times with no session clashes
Discuss your prospect’s challenges and frame your solution using
the intelligence gathered pre-event
Progress the relationship to the next stage and agree follow up steps
Delegates provide feedback on the meeting, your solution and the next
steps agreed
If you’d like more detail then we’ll send a bespoke survey to all your
clinic attendees
Packages Available
• 4 pre-arranged iSolve™ Business Appointments
• 1 x company pass
(prices exclude 5% service charge and tax)
iSolve +
• 8 pre-arranged iSolve™ Business Appointments
• 2 x company passes
(prices exclude 5% service charge and tax)
iSolve Premium
• 12 pre-arranged iSolve™ Business Appointments
• 2 x company passes
(prices exclude 5% service charge and tax)