In Appreciation of Our Volunteers The Simplest Kind Gesture

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Central Tulsa
5950 East 31st Street
Nickie Bolding
Site Manager
918.664.9000, ext. 235
April 2013
In Appreciation of Our Volunteers
The week of April 21st is National Volunteer Week, which celebrates people who
give their time and talents to uplift and assist others. We’d like you to meet
some of our very valued volunteers (below, and inside page) and to express our
appreciation for the time that they devote to our participants.
North Tulsa
902 East Pine St.
Rebecca Call
Site Manager
918.664.9000, ext. 423
Broken Arrow
3106 South Juniper Ave.
Mike Fauvell
Site Manager
918.664.9000, ext. 338
Grace Burke, Director
Adult Day Services
918.664.9000, ext. 233
Let’s Play Ball!
Paul keeps the ball in play with Clyde
Thank You!
To Archie Booth’s Family for
decorating the Broken Arrow
ADS lobby with such beautiful
bouquets of flowers.
The Simplest Kind Gesture
“I chose to volunteer at LIFE Senior Services because of my love and respect for
seniors. I realize that seniors don’t always get the attention they deserve in the
community. Volunteering here has changed my life in that now I can see that the
simplest kind gesture can mean so much to a senior. They are often just looking
for someone to listen, hold their hand, or talk to them. Seniors are fun to work
with and I enjoy talking with them and helping them with anything they need. I
look forward to coming over to the Center and giving my time to people whom I
enjoy very much. I am so happy that LIFE Senior Services offers a safe place for
these special people, a place to come together each day.”
~ Paul Schuster
~ George Elliston
At Home Where She Belongs
“We are so thankful for LIFE’s Adult Day
Services! This facility has enabled Mother
to stay at home with me, where she
belongs! Mother loves attending. The
staff and participants are friendly and
active and the activities are engaging and
up-lifting! She loves the hair and nail
care. She loves the music and
interactive, engaging things to do. I love
that they have outings and physical
Happy Campers
Louis, Forrest, and Larry begin
their day at ADS enjoying
morning coffee and each other’s
Wilma and Her Daughter Sheila
Thank you so much for the
thoughtful donation ~
From Edwin Meyer in
memory of Helen Meyer.
LIFE’s Adult Day Services has improved
our lives. We only wish we had joined
the ranks sooner!”
~ Sheila S.
Senior Day at the Capitol
On February 25, nearly 350 seniors traveled from around the state for Senior Day at
the Capitol to meet their legislators and make their voices heard on a variety of bills
related to senior issues.
Even though they couldn’t be there in person, Adult Day participants from across
Oklahoma were there in spirit. Participants from all three of LIFE’s centers sent paper
plates with personal messages telling lawmakers what Adult Day Services means to
them ~ and the plates were hung in the capitol rotunda and delivered to each
member of the Oklahoma House and Senate.
Carol Carter from LIFE Senior Services and Mary Brinkley from Leading Age Oklahoma
both visited with lawmakers specifically about the important role ADS plays in
helping seniors who need daytime assistance to continue living in their homes.
Meet Roxana
Doin’ What They Do Best
Folks in Adult Day Services were
entertained by the Bixby Jumpers,
a jump rope team of eight
1st - 6th graders.
They performed with individual
ropes and then Double Dutch.
We really enjoyed the show!
Wake up in the morning gotta get dressed
Brush my teeth make sure my shirt is pressed.
Put on my comfy shoes and get ready for the day,
Eat all my breakfast, then I’ll be on my way.
On my way to work that is
At ADS LIFE Senior Services
Where there are always smiles and stories to be told
Puzzles to be solved and laundry to fold.
I am the Activity Specialist here to keep you entertained,
To help you make friends and learn a new game.
To take you somewhere you haven’t been before,
To greet you with a smile when you walk
through the door.
I am here five days a week because I choose to be
I have a big heart and a soft spot for the elderly.
At the end of the day, when it’s time to go,
I’ll give you a big hug and say “See you tomorrow”!
Keep On Dancin’
Laquila and Roxana
doing the Macarena!
~ Terri Guillemets
Neighbors for Neighbors
Evelyn Jennings
Senior Companion Evelyn Jennings helps
Hortense make an Easter basket. Evelyn
is always aware of participants’ needs and
wants, and takes the time to talk with
them each day. “With just a little training
and a helpful attitude, you get to go
home knowing you’ve made a difference
in someone’s life.”
T. J. Gladney
T.J. volunteers every Friday afternoon,
teaching participants how to crochet!
Cecil Jackson
Cecil is another of our Senior Companion volunteers, and is a great guy to be
around. He’s fun with participants and
with the staff; always has a brain teaser
ready to entertain; and is always ready
to talk, listen, and help.
Nadia Cox
Nadia came in on the weekend to entertain our participants, filling the program
with music and energy.
This generous group of
BA participants collected
canned foods and pantry items
to benefit
Broken Arrow Neighbors.
Monthly Caregiver
Support Meetings
Pine Location
1st Thurs. of the month
Apr 4, May 2 3:00-4:30 p.m.
Call Keysha 918.664.9000 x8448
Donna Nazaire
Donna is a dedicated volunteer who
shares her time five days a week and is
known for her cheerfulness!
Ola Barre
Ola, a Senior Companion volunteer, works
with our senior and Life Lessons participants. Ola enjoys teaching new skills to
both young and old, and has also been
training other volunteers to work with ADS
Broken Arrow Location
2nd Thurs. of the month
Apr 11, May 9 3:00-4:30 p.m.
Call Teri 918.664.9000 x8324
Central Location
3rd Thurs. of the month
Apr 18, May 16 3:00-4:30 p.m.
Call Aimee 918.664.9000 x244
Back to the Books!
Joy, a former middle school
librarian, is busy creating an
inventory of books which have
been donated to the Broken
Arrow ADS program.
5950 E. 31st St. l Tulsa, OK 74135 l 918.664.9000
LIFE’s Adult Day Services
programs are proud to be
Oklahoma’s only
Adult Day programs.
We invite you to celebrate May Day with hearty breakfast served by LIFE Senior Services
staff, and contribute to a great cause at the same time!
Cost is only $5 per delicious plate, and all proceeds from the breakfast will be donated to
the Tulsa Area United Way, turning dreams into reality for folks right here in Tulsa!
Licensed by the Oklahoma
State Department of Health.
Funding sources include:
The Oklahoma Department
of Human Services:
Aging Services Division
ADvantage Program
DDSD Waiver Program
Wednesday, May 1st
7 am - 10 am (until food is all eaten!)
Where: Outdoors at each LIFE location
5950 East 31st Street, Tulsa
902 East Pine Street, Tulsa
3106 South Juniper, Broken Arrow
$5.00 per plate
Veterans’ Administration
Oxford Respite Vouchers
Sponsored by
LIFE Senior Services
Food donated by
Sysco Oklahoma