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Before Your Arrival
All Non-European citizens need a visa for entry into Germany and to study here, apart from countries
with a special agreement. As soon as you have received admission from the University of Bayreuth,
you can apply for a "student visa". Do not enter Germany with a tourist visa! For further information,
please click here:
Federal Foreign Office FAQs
Health Insurance
Health insurance is obligatory in Germany. Medical treatment for illnesses and accidents is only
covered through insurance. In order to matriculate at the University of Bayreuth, you need to submit
proof of health insurance.
The following applies to EU citizens: Your health insurance is valid in Germany. Please contact your
health insurance provider before departure to clarify the details. Confirmation of your health insurance
is required for matriculation.
The following applies to non-EU citizens: You may acquire insurance after your arrival in Germany.
The monthly premium offered by the “Techniker Krankenkasse” within Germany is 76.41 € (for
students below 23 years) or 77.90 € (above 23 years).
Passport/Identity Card
Please make sure your passport or your identity card is valid for the entire time of your stay!
Contribution to the Studentenwerk/Tuition fees
Please pay the Studentenwerk contribution of 88.93 € into the account of the University of Bayreuth.
Recipient: Staatsoberkasse Bayern in Landshut
Bank Account: Bayer. Landesbank München, BLZ 700 500 00, Account Nr. 4101190315
Reason for Payment: Applicant Number, IM151,Last Name, First Name
IBAN: DE36 7005 0000 4101 1903 15
Please bring the receipt of the transaction for your matriculation.
For matriculation, you will require a "Zulassung zum Studium an der Universität Bayreuth"
(admission letter to study at the University of Bayreuth). You will receive this document from the
International Office of the University of Bayreuth. Please note that the admission letter will be issued
only once.
Passport Photographs
You will need 4 current passport photographs for your matriculation and other documents.
Useful tips for your stay in Germany
Just Landed in Germany
Universität Bayreuth • Service for International Students (SIS) • ZUV 0.11.2 • Universitätsstraße 30 • 95440 Bayreuth •
+49 921 55 5319 •
Your Arrival
Arrival Period
The period of arrival is on 01/04 to 02/04 and 07/04. (don’t forget the Easter Holiday between 03/04 to
06/04. University is closed and shops only open on 4/04!). Please be sure to arrive in Bayreuth on
these days.
It is important that you are here for the information meeting for international students on
Wednesday 08/10 at the latest. The information meeting is the beginning of our Orientation Period.
Your attendance at the Orientation Period is mandatory!
The majority of international students do not arrive directly in Bayreuth, but via Nuremberg. Between 6
am and 11 pm, trains depart hourly from Nuremberg main station to Bayreuth. Please make sure that
you are in the correct railway carriage, since trains are separated en route.
Find the best way to travel to Bayreuth: GoEuro
The train journey to Bayreuth takes about one hour. There is a bus stop directly outside the train
station in Bayreuth. From there you need to take the bus in the direction of ZOH (Zentrale
Omnibushaltestelle, "central bus station"). Here you can easily take a bus to the student
accommodation of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken.
Bayreuth bus map
Student Accommodation & Shuttle and Key Service
If you are moving into a student dormitory room provided by the „Studentenwerk Oberfranken (SWO)“,
you must clarify the time of your arrival with the caretaker. You can contact your building’s caretaker
from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 9:00 am (via phone or email).
If, for any reason you are not able to clarify the time of your move in with the caretaker (e.g. because
of a very late arrival), we can pick up the dormitory key for you. For this purpose the International
Office offers a shuttle and key service for international students during the arrival period.
If you want to make use of the shuttle and key service, you need to fill in the arrival document “Reply
for Arrival” which can be found on the welcome page of the Service for International Students
(International Office) and send it to us via email.
How to Get to the University
From the central bus station (ZOH), you can either take bus no. 304 (direction: Birken/Universität) or
bus no. 306 (direction: Campus/Hohlmühle). Get off at the bus station “Mensa“. This area is already
part of the university campus. For a campus plan of the University of Bayreuth please click:
Campus map
International Office/ Service for International Students (SIS)
The International Office is the central drop-in-centre for all international students. We advise and
support you in all areas regarding studying and every-day-life. We are located in the building of the
Zentrale Universitätsverwaltung (ZUV) on the first floor. If you have further questions you can contact
us anytime.
[email protected]
Universität Bayreuth • Service for International Students (SIS) • ZUV 0.11.2 • Universitätsstraße 30 • 95440 Bayreuth •
+49 921 55 5319 •
General Information
Early Arrival/Late Arrival
If you arrive before the beginning of the official arrival period, you need to arrange your arrival directly
with the caretaker of your dormitory. In each dormitory, you can find the caretaker in his office from 8
am – 9 am, Monday till Friday.
Try to avoid a late arrival, as you will miss the important Semester Opening and the orientation period.
If you arrive belated, you need to arrange your arrival directly with the caretaker of your dormitory.
Please inform us in any case!
Places to Stay Overnight in Bayreuth
If you do not have accommodation in Bayreuth yet, or you arrive late, we recommend you contact the
youth hostel in Bayreuth well in advance. The youth hostel is directly adjacent to the campus:
Jugendherberge Bayreuth
Studying in Bayreuth
Pre-Semester Orientation
From 09/04 to 11/04 the pre-semester orientation will take place for all international students. During
this time, an introduction to the German academic environment and language will take place. The
purpose of this course is to familiarise yourself with studying at a German university. It helps to avoid
problems and answer questions you might have at the beginning of your studies.
In general, there is no set schedule at German universities. You must create your own schedule from
various modules. It is important that such modules are recognised by your home university (see
Learning Agreement). When creating your schedule, please note that there is an up-to-date
“Vorlesungsverzeichnis” (lecture timetable) for the winter and summer semesters respectively.
Events for International Students
For information about the latest events during semester please register for the Newsletter and add us
on Facebook!
ISN Bayreuth
Universität Bayreuth • Service for International Students (SIS) • ZUV 0.11.2 • Universitätsstraße 30 • 95440 Bayreuth •
+49 921 55 5319 •