webMethods Adapters

webMethods Adapters
Use webMethods Adapters to deliver new
applications to run the business, from
business solutions—faster—while increasing
packaged applications like SAP and Oracle
the value of your IT assets. You can service-
Standardized user interfaces
Your company relies on all kinds of
to cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS)
enable and integrate packaged applications,
Plug-ins for the webMethods Integration
applications like SalesForce.com. That’s why
databases and deployed logic to execute new
Server development environment enable to
we offer webMethods Adapters, so you can
business processes in real-time.
you to simply “point and click” to configure
adapter service and adapter notifications. This
quickly connect these resources to your SOA.
webMethods Adapters are software that let
We’ve kept it simple by offering a common
means no coding for back-end integration!
development framework and common
Enjoy a standardized user experience for both
you plug your existing applications into the
run-time infrastructure for all adapters. They
administrative and development tasks and a
webMethods Integration Server. No coding
share common user interfaces and design
common set of interfaces to manage
required! They “speak” SAP, Oracle, J2EE, .NET
approaches. Custom development’s also easy
connections and other administrative
with APIs that speed up development and
and just about any other technology.
simplify event-driven applications and
Connection management
Configure and manage connections and
settings from a single interface using the
webMethods Adapter Framework. You’ll have
Service Enablement, Mediation & Orchestration
the infrastructure to enable all adapter
services and adapter notifications to securely
and reliably connect to the appropriate
application or other data source. For security
and compliance purposes, the framework also
provides centralized journal and audit logging
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& Files
B2B Trading
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& Legacy
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With webMethods Adapters, you can quickly connect virtually any IT asset to execute
business processes in real-time across your organization and with trading partners.
capabilities so you can track and monitor the
health of the system, as well as who is
accessing what application for compliance
Development APIs
Adapter notifications
Your legacy and homegrown applications
For applications and data sources that offer
weren’t necessarily built with integration in
event-driven actions, such as queuing systems,
mind. The webMethods Adapter Development
the webMethods Adapters Framework provides
Kit makes it easy to develop adapters for these
adapter notifications to notify the webMethods
applications—and other applications without a
Integration Server when specified events occur
standard interface for integration—to connect
in the adapter’s resource.
Connect a wide variety of applications
and resources through a common
adapter framework. No coding
quickly to your SOA.
Adapter notifications can either poll a resource
Speed up development by using APIs
on a regular interval to determine whether an
and assure easier access to event-
The webMethods Adapters Framework supports
event has occurred. Or, they can “listen” for
driven applications and resources.
multiple levels of transaction management—for
events, such as messages being delivered to a
queue. Once an event is detected, the
Transaction management
webMethods Integration Server can process the
• Local transactions, in which multiple actions
on a resource are treated as a single unit
and are all committed or rolled back
• Two-phase commit transactions, in which
multiple actions across two or more
event data and easily pass it along to the rest
of your enterprise.
connected applications and resources.
If you’re integrating your internal applications
with Salesforce.com, you’re faced with the new
resources are committed or rolled back
challenge of how to integrate SaaS applications
with those you host in-house, such as SAP.
the transaction
using a common interface across
Salesforce.com adapter
together, depending on the successfulness of
•Automatic commitment of transactions
Improve systems manageability by
Now you can achieve that integration quickly,
reliably and worry-free using the webMethods
Take the next step to get there — faster.
Salesforce.com Adapter. This robust adapter lets
Service enablement
you plug Salesforce.com into the webMethods
To find the Software AG office nearest you,
Integration Server without any coding.
please visit www.softwareag.com
With the webMethods Adapters Framework,
Out-of-the box features simplify your integra-
it’s easy to service-enable existing resources.
tion while giving you maximum flexibility and
Simply “point and click” to expose functionality
making optimal use of your resources.
of back-end applications and other data
Future-proofed integration
By using an adapter-based approach to
integration, you’ll reduce the complexity of
webMethods Integration Server to initiate and
updating and maintaining integrations over
perform operations on the adapter’s resource,
time. Our adapters team continuously builds,
exposing the functionality and the data of that
tests and implements adapters to work with
resource for use within your entire enterprise.
new product versions. This helps to assure that
These services can range from simple database
future versions of applications will continue to
queries to complex SAP BAPI transactions.
work in your environment.
Software AG’s 4,000 global customers use our
software to improve business processes and drive
an agile IT infrastructure. Our customers’ goals
are to reduce costs and increase flexibility and
efficiency. We help them do this by optimizing and
governing their operations and aligning IT with the
business goals.
Our leading Business Infrastructure Software portfolio is used for data and system integration and
modernization. It fosters new levels of IT agility
through SOA and allows the rapid creation of new
business processes with BPM.
Our 40-year history of success ensures our customers have a reliable platform for driving future
business results—faster.
Software AG – Get There Faster
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Adapter services are re-usable within the