DR. HUMBERTO MUÑOZ GARCÍA Dr. Muñoz García is a sociologist





Dr. Muñoz García is a sociologist. He received a BA from the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), an MA from the Latin American Faculty of Social

Sciences in Chile, and a PhD from the University of Texas in Austin.

He is an Emeritus researcher at the Social Research Institute at

UNAM, where his academic work includes books, compilations, contributions to books and specialized articles. His current lines of research are the relationship between education and social inequality and the political factors involved in institutional change in higher education. He has organized and coordinated inter-institutional research projects, in addition to numerous events and publications in his field of study. Since 2002 he has written specialized articles for the supplement



Dr. Muñoz Garcia’s teaching activities have taken place in the Latin

American Faculty of Social Sciences (Mexico), the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature at

UNAM, the Inter-institutional Doctoral Program in Education, with headquarters at the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes, at which he was a professor and member of the Academic Council, and at the Benito Juárez Autonomous University of Oaxaca. He has supervised PhD, MA and BA theses, and trained researchers who currently work independently. He has attended numerous congresses and meetings in Mexico and abroad.

Dr. Muñoz Garcia’s academic work has been linked to institutional activities as the Academic Secretary of the Social Research Institute, the Director of the Center of Studies on the University (CESU), the

Coordinator of Humanities on three occasions, and Director General of

Academic Staff Affairs at UNAM. Together with a group of colleagues, he created the Higher Education Seminar, an inter-institutional


organization. This group comprises research, teaching and dissemination activities.

The Science Academy awarded Dr. Munoz the Research Prize for

Social Sciences in 1984. He is currently a member of the National

System of Researchers, Level III, and received the ANUIES Prize 2012 for Contribution to Higher Education in the Professional Experience

Category . Moreover, he has been a member of national and foreign editorial boards, judging and assessment Commissions, and the

Director of the “Las Ciencias Sociales" and “Problemas Educativos de

México” collections, for over twenty years.

Dr. Muñoz García was a member of the board of directors at El Colegio de Sonora, the University of Sonora and the Center for Research and

Higher Education on Social Anthropology.