Annotation: The ability to actively edit, write
upon, and mark up shared content. A number of
room features facilitate this functionality, include
document cameras, overhead projectors,
interactive flat screens, and interactive podia.
Assistive Listening Device: A device to aid in
listening. Rack-mounted receivers transmit
projected audio (from microphones and shared
content) to a handheld device assigned to
students. Handheld devices are available from
LETS (353-1213) and Disability Services (3533658).
Auditorium: Student seating made up of fixed
individual seats, with attached tablets. Auditoria
may be sloped or tiered.
Blackout Capability: The ability to achieve
complete darkness, either through window
treatments or the absence of windows.
Case Room: Student seating made up of fixed or
free-standing chairs on multiple tiers, with fixed
semicircular tables.
Centered Screen: A screen that is centered upon
the primary teaching wall.
Chalkboard: Wall-mounted writing surface(s)
standard to most BU classrooms.
Classroom Capture: A product installed in some
BU classrooms that records audio and shared
content, for later use by students. Classroom
Capture is only available in spaces with in-room
Computer in Room: Some BU spaces contain
computers. These may be rack-mounted, or
installed inside a podium. These are typically PCs,
but in some cases may be Macs.
Confidence Monitor: A small display, mounted
either on a podium, or the back wall of a room,
used as a visual reference point by the instructor.
Digital Projector: A ceiling-mounted device that
projects content shared through a computer or
personal device.
Dimmable Lights: Ceiling lighting that can be
dimmed, allowing for a partial reduction in light.
Document Camera: A device used to project, and
actively annotate, shared content. Document
Cameras can also project a 3D object.
DVD/VCR: Combo DVD/VCRs are available in
many BU classrooms. These can be used to play
DVDs, VHS, and CDs.
Enrollment Limit: The limit to the number of
students able to enroll in this class or section. This
number impacts the size of room this class or
section can be scheduled in.
Flat Screen TV: A wall-mounted television used to
project shared content. These often replace
digital projected and screens in smaller
Flexible Seating: Rooms containing student
furniture that can be reconfigured easily. Flexible
Seating includes both rooms with individual
student desks, and movable tables and chairs.
General Purpose Classroom: A General Purpose
Classroom is one whose features do not limit
functional use by academic field. All General
Purpose Rooms contain, at minimum, student
furniture, a chalk or marker board, a projector,
access to the internet, and wall connections to
allow use of a personal laptop or devise with the
HDMI Connection: A wall connector used to
transmit data from a personal laptop to a
projector or other installed system.
Interactive Flat Screen (Smart Board): A wallmounted digital screen which allows for
annotation of projected content.
Interactive Podium (Smart Podium): A tablet,
affixed to a podium, which allows for annotation
of projected content.
Internet Access – Ethernet: A wall connector
enabling access to the internet through a cord.
Internet Access – WIFI: Wireless access to the
Lab Demo Table: A demo table at the front of a
classroom, equipped with power outlets, VGA and
HDI connectors, and running water.
Lecture Capture: A product installed in some BU
classrooms that records audio, shared content,
and video of the instructor teaching, for later use
by students. Lecture Capture is only available in
spaces with in-room computers, and typically only
in large auditoria.
Marker Board: A white board, glass board, or
porcelain board, mounted to one or more walls in
a classroom. These are less common that
chalkboards in BU classrooms.
Multiple Teaching Walls: In addition to a primary
teaching wall (a ‘front’ wall) an increasing number
of BU classrooms have writing surfaces on
multiple walls. A few rooms have screens
mounted to multiple walls.
Off-Centered Screen: A screen which is aligned to
either the left or right side of the primary
teaching wall.
Overhead Projector (Transparency Projector): A
device used to project and annotate content from
a clear plastic sheet or roll. While Overhead
Projectors are rarely installed in classrooms, but
are available upon request.
Personal Capture: A product installed on a
personal laptop or device that records audio and
shared content for later use by students. Personal
Capture is available to all BU instructors, and can
be installed by LETS (353-1213) or a Collegespecific IT group, as appropriate.
Piano: A small number of otherwise standard
Registrar-controlled classrooms contain pianos,
which are required for use in specific classes.
Many additional pianos are available on campus,
but these are generally housed in specialized
proprietary spaces.
Proprietary Space: Proprietary Spaces are those
controlled by specific academic units. In some
cases these are General Purpose Classrooms, but
in other cases, these may be Specialized Rooms,
such as labs or studios.
Registrar-Controlled Space: The Registrar's Office
controls ~235 academic spaces on campus. These
are all General Purpose Classrooms or Auditoria.
Seminar Room: Rooms containing one large
centered table that both students and faculty sit
Specialized Room or Equipment: Specialized
rooms are either program specific in nature, such
as a dance studio or chemistry lab, or contain
specialized equipment such as 3D printers or
easels. In either case, they are inappropriate for
classes of other disciplines.
Tables and Chairs: Student seating made up of
group tables, which seat 2-9 students and can
typically be rearranged into various layouts.
Tablet Armchair: Student seating made up of
individual student seats with attached desks.
These can be arranged into various layouts.
VGA Connection: A wall connector used to
transmit data from a personal laptop to a
projector or other installed system.
Wireless Projection (Air Media, Apple TV): A
device installed in some rooms which enables
wireless projection, through the Cloud.