Late Submission of Work Policy

Policy on late submission of work (and extension requests)
The University requires all students to submit assessed coursework by the deadline stated
in the assessment brief.
A student may apply for an extension of time to complete assessed coursework if there are
personal circumstances which are unforeseen and unpreventable and have a serious effect
on the student’s ability to submit the work by the published hand-in deadline.
The student must submit an ‘Application for Authorisation for Late Submission of Assessed
Work’ before the hand-in deadline. Appropriate medical certification, or other relevant
evidence confirming the circumstances, must be provided.
Guidance is available to students from the web page
which can be accessed from the General Information / Academic Links section of
The Faculty’s Student Support Team is responsible in the first instance for the authorisation
of a late submission. Submissions should not normally extend beyond the end of the last
week of the relevant academic session or beyond the date when assessment feedback is
issued to the student cohort, where this is earlier.
Where coursework is submitted without approval, after the published hand-in deadline, the
following penalties will apply.
For coursework submitted up to 1 working day (24 hours) after the published hand-in
deadline without approval, 10% of the total marks available for the assessment (i.e.100%)
shall be deducted from the assessment mark.
For clarity: a late piece of work that would have scored 65%, 55% or 45% had it been
handed in on time will be awarded 55%, 45% or 35% respectively as 10% of the total
available marks will have been deducted.
The Penalty does not apply to Pass/Fail Modules, i.e. there will be no penalty for late
submission if assessments on Pass/Fail are submitted up to 1 working day (24 hours) after
the published hand-in deadline.
If assessments are not being graded on a % scale (i.e. out of 100%) staff should seek
guidance from Faculty Registrars on the appropriate application of the late submission
penalty policy.
Coursework submitted more than 1 working day (24 hours) after the published hand-in
deadline without approval will be regarded as not having been completed. A mark of zero
will be awarded for the assessment and the module will be failed, irrespective of the overall
module mark.
For clarity: if the original hand-in time on working day A is 2 p.m. the 24 hour late
submission allowance will end at 2 p.m. on working day B.
These provisions apply to all assessments, including those assessed on a Pass/Fail basis.
Policy on late submission of work (and extension requests) (Updated 6 October 2015)
A working day is defined as a day when the University is open and staff would normally be
available for work and thus also be available for contact by students. Penalties accrue only
on working days (not weekends or public holidays) so Faculties are advised not to use
Friday as a deadline where hard copy submission is required. Where this is unavoidable
Faculties should ensure that students are aware that submission later than the Friday will be
handled in accordance with paragraph 1.4.2.
In cases where there is a facility for the electronic submission of work, penalties accrue on
non-working days.
For clarity: an assessment due to be submitted electronically at 5 p.m. on Friday
incurs a penalty under 1.4.1 if submitted late and before 5 p.m. on Saturday.
Thereafter paragraph 1.4.2 applies.
The raw mark and the penalty imposed should be calculated by the assessor and both
should be indicated on the script or cover sheet.
Exemption from the requirement to apply the standard system of penalties for late
submission of work to a particular module or element of a programme of study may be
granted by the University on submission of a reasoned case for consideration (e.g.
Professional Body Regulations) by the Regulations & Frameworks Sub-Committee of the
Student Learning & Experience Committee.
A student has a right of appeal against examination/assessment decisions, including
decisions on late submission requests, in accordance with the University’s appeals
procedures, which are described in the ‘Handbook of Student Regulations’ at:
Version 1.2
Last updated October 2015
Document Notes:
this information was included in ARNA up to / including 2014/15 2|Page
Policy on late submission of work (and extension requests) (Updated 6 October 2015)