Homework 8 Due: 4/29 NO late homework will be accepted!! If you

Homework 8
Due: 4/29
NO late homework will be accepted!!
If you know that you won’t come to class (NOT recommended), email
me your homework. But the due date still applies. I need to receive it by
4/29 10pm.
You are responsible to know everything I talked about in class.
• Although we don’t cover everything in Chapter 6, you should read the
parts we covered (you can skip Section 6.6). But most importantly, you
should read the summary sheet for Chapter 6 I posted on the website.
And review the slides, and the worksheet from class.
• Do the following problems from the book. Write the answers
NEATLY on papers STAPLED together. (No stapler in the room, so
staple them before you come to class.) Do not write the homework in
your notes. Write them on separate papers, so I can collect them. I
collect homework at the beginning of the class, so make sure you have it
ready to turn in. I will be in the classroom early, around 6pm, so you can
come early if you have questions.
• Pg. 278: 7, 8
• Pg. 287: 5-8 ALL, 9, 12, 15
• Pg. 308: 5-8 ALL
Also, you need to do a mini Internet project now. The project
description is on pg. 316.
Once you got to the website given in the book
(www.aw.com/triola), click on the 4th book (Elementary Statistics
Using the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator 2nd Edition), then click on Internet
Project, then click on Chapter 6 project. You must go through
the whole project.
You need to turn in exercise 3.