SHOFAR AND TRUMPETS 23 of time if it depends solely on

of time if it depends solely on trumpets - on its military
force. The dreadful, abysmal tragedy of World War 11,
which it will take generations to remove, is traceable directly
to wicked Germany, which by ceaseless action of military
force kindled the conflagration which consumed nigh all
civilization, killing millions of innocent peaple in a thousand
ghastly ways. This principle has been invariably repeated
throughout human history. Whenever the conscience of
mankind permitted the existence of brute force as a political
factor, society disintegrated, and bloodshed and wholesale
destruction followed. In brief, it is obvious that the millenium of general righteousness and happiness will not be
ushered in by the trumpets alone.
On the other hand, it has been the destiny of the Jew
to demonstrate to the world two eternal truths. First, that
the political and
with respect to the two kinds of power
the spiritual - which every normal nation possesses, the
more important one is the spiritual heritage. This principle
has been clearly verified in Jewish history. At no time have
we been the greatest of all peoples in numbers; in God's
own words, "you were the smallest of all peoples" (Deuteronomy 7:7). Yet the influence of the teachings of Israel
upon mankind transcends by far those of the larger nations.
There is not a corner on the earth where the wisdom of
Israel has not penetrated, elevating man, awakening the best
that is in him, bringing him nearer to both God and man.
True to the symbol, when Israel lived in his land and enjoyed political power together with the other sovereie