I have a couple things I`d like to mention for prayer, nothing terribly

I have a couple things I'd like to mention for prayer, nothing terribly tragic or anything, but
things that we would appreciate prayer for non-the-less.
Gina and I got to go to supper with Lance (RAGS staff) and his wife last night and had a great
time with them. Lance is quickly becoming a good friend and we seem to work well together
and enjoy working together which is really cool. Lance is suffering from kidney stones right
now and is in a good deal of pain. If he takes the meds the doctors have given him it makes him
loopy, so he's trying to avoid that.
I'd also like to ask people to pray for the personal relationships of the various RAGS staff. There
seems to be a lot of stress latley in the relationships, which is surprising with the bizarre and long
hours they keep and the dedication everyone has to their work. This does take a toll though, so
prayer for balance and wisdom is good.
Tomorrow night is our wrap up youth event, and I'll be saying goodbye to some of our grads who
I've had the longest relationships with. Mark and Troy (two of our other pastor's kids) are
graduating and going to college out of the city. These guys are strong Christian young men who
have brought a tremendous amount to our youth group, and I consider them friends too, so their
departure is a little hard. They were just young kids when we arrived here, and now they're
strapping young men who are stronger and faster than me :-) I'm going to miss them. On the
other hand, I'm excited about who is moving up next fall and what youth group will be like next
On the prison front, please pray for wisdom for me. I'm doing more work for RAGS in this area
as well, but I feel a little like a spy sometimes (lot's of guys know me as a chaplain, fewer guys
know about my connection to RAGS), and I'm worried at times that I'm going to say or do the
wrong thing and someone will get hurt. One fellow has already been roughed up after he talked
to me. I don't mind this scenario, it just means the tension level is sometimes a little higher. You
could probably prayer in general for the safety of the guys I work with in jail.
Lastly I'd like to ask for prayer over vehicles again. I feel bad asking about this, it kind of feels
like this is an area that God really wants to stretch our faith :-) Someone has given us a truck as
a stop gap until I get the Land Cruiser on the road again. One item of faith is that it needs to go
through 2 SGI inspections to get licensed. I'm not sure how that is going to work. The second is
that it is a 1988 1 ton dually crew cab. I really like the crew cab part because it means I can haul
people and gear/junk at the same time. The 1988 dually part means it is going to hurt from a fuel
economy stand point. In the midst of this I keep thinking, "God knows what he's doing... God
know's what he's doing... God, what are you doing? God knows what he's doing..." You get the
picture. Anyway, I'd appreciate prayer about the truck :-) I know that if God can provide us
with vehicles for 8 years when we've never really been in the position to buy one, He can get this
one back on the road.
Thanks again so much for your prayer support, financial support, and words of encouragement.
May God bless you as you bless others!
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