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Supplies from our Company shall be ruled exclusively by
the following General Conditions of Sale. Any clause or
condition whatsoever in conflict with the terms set forth
hereunder shall be null and void and to no effect unless it
has been previously agreed upon and accepted by us.
Offers made by our Company shall be deemed in all
circumstances subordinate to subsequent acceptance by us
and must be sent in writing by fax or e-mail directly to our
head office or the office of our representative for the area
We reserve the right to accept orders passed on verbally
but in no case shall we be liable for any error and/or
Orders shall be binding at all times for the Customer,
irrespective of whether written acceptance has been
received or not, and shall also become binding for our
Company once confirmation has been sent out, without
prejudice to the exceptions set below.
No orders shall be accepted that include penalties or
commitments of any kind whatsoever.
Prices shall be those charged on the date the order was
accepted; any increases in materials shall be
communicated in writing within the shortest time possible.
All quotations are for goods rendered ex-factory or ex our
Company works, and shall exclude packing, testing,
assembly and any accessory charges.
Delivery is deemed to have taken place at the time the
products are made available to the Customer in our
company warehouse or after delivery to the carrier.
If the Customer does not provide promptly for collection
for any reason whatsoever, the said products shall remain
in storage in our warehouse, without any responsibility on
our part for their preservation for a maximum period of
three weeks. After such term, the order shall be considered
null and void and the customer shall lose all rights
whatsoever over such goods. New order shall be carried
out only after having received the payment by the
customer and shall respect new delivery time.
While the delivery terms indicated on proforma invoices
must be respected as far as possible, they shall be
considered at all times for information only. Our Company
shall assume no liability whatsoever for damage caused by
delays in delivery and reserves the right to extend delivery
terms in the event of impediments due to events beyond
the control of our Company or failure by the customer to
pass on instructions necessary for the fulfilling of orders,
subsequent modifications, delays in payment or nonpayment of previous supplies.
Shipments shall be deemed executed on behalf of the
Customer, at his risk and danger, according to indications
Our Company guarantees that all products shipped are
new, tested and in perfect working order. Complaints
about any tampering with or damage to products must be
presented by the Customer to the carrier as it is to be
presumed that these are caused during transport
Our Company shall take into consideration complaints
regarding manufacturing defects and discrepancies with
regard to the order only if these are made within 8 days
from the date the products were received, preferably in
In absence of instructions from the Customer, our
Company declines all responsibility both for the choice of
means of transport and for tariffs charged by carriers.
Should our Company agree to pay even only a part of the
transport costs, it shall use the means of transport deemed
most fit.
Payments must be made to our Company address as
agreed upon during acceptance and confirmation of the
order unless previously agreed otherwise.
If payment is not made by the arranged due date, without
prejudice to our right to demand payment, our Company
shall calculate interest on arrears at the rate stipulated by
article 5 Legislative Decree 9 October 2002, no. 231.
Moreover, the manufacture and delivery of products still
on order may be suspended and the remaining goods
cancelled without any right to compensation or indemnity
of any kind whatsoever.
Any dispute with regard to products either being
manufactured, ready for shipment, already shipped or in
the Customer’s possession does not free the latter from
the undertaking to withdraw the whole quantity ordered
and make payment on the arranged due date.
It shall be our concern, following appropriate checks, to
establish any refunds, replacements and repairs according
to conditions laid down in arts. 6 and 9.
Everything possible shall be done to make sure that the
descriptions, drawings and any other information
contained in correspondence, catalogues, etc. is accurate
but our Company shall accept no liability whatsoever for
any inaccuracies existing in such documents.
Our Company provides a guarantee for a period of one year
from the date the products are delivered, limited
exclusively to repairs or replacement free of charge of
defective pieces.
Guarantee is applied on new products or changed in case
of reparation.
The Customer must however report defects as laid down in
article 4, in order for the guarantee to apply.
Complaints shall never give rise in any circumstances to the
cancelling or reduction of orders, still less to the payment
of indemnities of any kind by our Company.
The disputed products must be sent back to our Company
free of all expenses for checks to be carried out.
Under no circumstances, shall the SACCARDO Srl company
be responsible for any damages, including physical injuries
to persons, without limitation, or for any damage due to
loss, including loss of income, and/or interruption of
business activity or other economic losses.
The liabilities of our Company for damage caused to
whomsoever from accidents of any kind whatsoever
caused by products of ours that are defective shall only be
those that are mandatory by Law.
In the event that it is not possible in any way to return the
material and the Customer prefers to repair it in loco,
before proceeding with any such repair operations, our
Company must be promptly informed of the damage and
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only if repairs are agreed upon in advance, are quantified
and documented, shall our Company proceed with
reimbursement of the repair costs.
Nothing shall be owed for the time in which the installation
remains out of operation or for refunds of direct or indirect
expenses and damage.
The warranty will be invalidated if the purchaser does not
send a written detailed notification to the SACCARDO Srl
company about the nature of any defect found in the
motors and/or electric spindles, within 10 days of the
appearance of the defect in question.
Furthermore, the warranty shall be invalidated should the
purchaser not allow the SACCARDO personnel to carry out
every check required or in the case where, following a
request to return and/or recover the faulty product and/or
component, the purchaser fails to proceed accordingly
within 15 days of the actual request.
The guarantee does not apply if products returned as being
defective have in any way been tampered with, repaired or
used improperly or in a way that does not comply with our
instructions, neither does it cover damages or defects due
to external agents, lack of maintenance, natural wear and
tear, inaccurate choice of type, assembly error or other
causes which are beyond the control of our Company.
The warranty does not cover any defects due to ordinary
wear of those parts which, by their nature, are subject to
fast continuous wear (e.g.: bearings, rings and various
seals, chucks, bushings, tips, joints etc.)
In particular, the SACCARDO Srl company does not
guarantee any working life for bearings since this depends
on external factors, such as tool balancing level, type of
processing, type of worked material therefore radial and/or
axial forces, impacts and/or mechanical stress beyond
standard values, preheating, storage etc.
Furthermore are not under warranty damages caused by
plants non-compliant to the specification described in our
instruction manual.
For example, we underline following cases of loss of
guarantee :
 Lack of no-return valve
 Lack of pre-heating cycle
 Long storage (over one year) without the required
 Pressurization insufficient or excessive
 Quantity of coolant insufficient or excessive
 Cooling (by air or liquid) insufficient
 Closing/obstruction of drainage holes of the joint
 Working with closed tool without turning off water
 Use of contaminated coolant because of lack of
adequate filter
 Lack of filter between inverter and motor/spindle
 Mistakes on inverter configuration
All the products are tested on our premises using our own
instrumentation. Neither assembly or maintenance of the
product is included in the sales price. If requested by the
Customer, either at the time of ordering or subsequently,
any accessory service, such as testing using particular types
of instruments or methods, or in special conditions, either
on our premises or in a place indicated by the Customer,
assistance with assembly or routine and supplementary
maintenance, our Company shall evaluate and charge for
such operations separately and issue a normal invoice for
services rendered.
For all and any aspects not contemplated herein, the
parties shall refer to the provisions laid down by the Civil
Code and Italian law, also with regard to contracts
stipulated with foreign subjects.
For all and any disputes not resolved by mutual agreement
between the parties, the Law Courts of Vicenza shall have
exclusive jurisdiction.
Any disputes or challenges do not exempt the customer
from compliance with the conditions of payment agreed
upon nor do they imply an extension to such conditions.
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