How To Use Symphony WorkFlows Offline Mode Offline

How To Use Symphony WorkFlows Offline Mode
When the Symphony server is offline (unavailable), you have the ability to use WorkFlows in Offline mode to continue circulating items and registering
new users. SEO recommends that you only use Offline mode to Checkout items and to register new users.
Offline Mode Checklist
Check Operate in Offline Mode
Checkouts and User Registration only
Once finished and Symphony is back online; Log back in as soon as possible to ensure accuracy
Offline mode procedure:
1. Launch the Symphony WorkFlows client. In the Configuration window, select the Operate in Offline Mode check box,
and click OK.
2. From the toolbar, choose Offline. Then click on the Offline Session wizard to set the properties. Note: if you change
settings in any other wizard (e.g. Checkout) these settings will not save properly. Â You must define your settings
while in the Offline Session wizard.
User Access should be set to OFFLINE.
Select the Library (by three letter code) that will record the offline transactions.
Current date and time are taken from the clock on your PC, so be sure this is set correctly.
You may select to have a default due date for all items, or if you leave this field blank the system will use your
library's circulation map (circmap) to determine the due date but will not list a due date on the receipt. Â
By default, the date that was entered last time you used Offline mode will be displayed so make sure you enter
a correct due date if applicable.
Take note of the Log directory where your PC saves the offline file.
1. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 - By default, the log file is created in the C:\Users\%current
user%\Sirsi\Workflows\LOG directory. For example, if you logged into the workstation as CIRC, the log
file directory will be C:\Users\CIRC\Sirsi\Workflows\LOG.
The system creates a list of barred and blocked patrons which are downloaded to the workstation each time
you login. This file can be used to decline checkouts to patrons that meet these criteria. You cannot override
the block. Â If you do not want to decline service to barred/blocked patrons while in offline mode, make sure
you uncheck the "Use user delinquent list file" box.
Once you have set values for the offline transactions, click OK.
3. You can use the Offline wizards while the Symphony server is unavailable. As you work, transactions are written to a
log file named for the library selected in the Library field. Â The log file is created in the \%current
user%\Sirsi\Workflows\LOG directory in the home directory of your login, which is typically C:\Documents and Settings
for Windows XP workstations and C:\Users\ login\Sirsi\Workflows\LOG for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 workstations. For
example, if you logged into a the HCO (Holmes County) as CIRC, the log file would be inÂ
a. Each time you use your login to record offline transactions, the transactions will be appended to the log file. The
log file will continue to record transactions until the workstation can connect to the server again.
b. You will not be able to use search options that are normally available in Workflows. You can, however, enter
patron and item barcodes and set custom checkout and custom discharge periods.
When connectivity has been restored, exit Workflows and log back into the system and be sure to uncheck
"Operate in Offline mode" as shown below
b. As you are logging into the system, Workflows automatically uploads the offline file and then removes it
from your workstation. It may take a few minutes for Workflows to transfer the file to the server.
Workflows does not give any indication that the transfer is finished. The only way to know is to look for
the file in the log directory; If it is gone you can be assured it finished transferring as Workflows does not
remove the file until it has completed the transfer.
Recommended Upload Operation - When possible; Log on all staff workstations that used Offline the
same day of the outage to ensure all transactions are accurate.
You can practice this standalone process anytime, just setup the Standalone properties and actually do some work in the
offline wizards and log back into the server as you normally would and verify the transactions after the report has been ran.
All offline transactions are processed at 8:00PM Monday through Friday and 4:00PM on Saturday and
Sunday, excluding holidays.