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Accelerator-pedal module
Accelerator-pedal module APM
The air and fuel systems of gasoline engines prepare
an air-fuel mixture which allows the engine to generate
the required torque. Simultaneously, this mixture also
fulfills further requirements, for example from the
exhaust system. The electronic engine control adjusts
the ideal air-fuel ratio and the optimal injection timing.
The engine control evaluates sensor signals from the
entire drivetrain and the exhaust system, prioritizes
them and converts them into control commands.
The driver’s requirement for more or less torque is a
key input variable for controlling the air charge electronically. The accelerator-pedal module provides this
Customer benefits
variable as a sensor signal.
▶ Comprehensive system expertise: hardware
(pedal), software and system know-how from
a single source
The accelerator-pedal module (APM) comprises
▶ Designed for worldwide application
an accelerator pedal and a potentiometer or a non-
▶ Easy switch from contacting to non-contacting
contacting Hall sensor as angular-position sensor.
sensor due to modular concept
This sensor registers the movement and the position
▶ Packaging advantage based on compact design
of the accelerator pedal. From this information, the
▶ Lightweight module
engine management calculates the required torque
▶ Low application effort
and accordingly addresses the throttle device and
the injection system. The accelerator-pedal module
▶ APM 3.0
– Best price-performance ratio
– Active feedback for the driver: several different
feedback types for different functions
gear change assist
speed warning
can output analog or digital signals.
Gasoline Systems | Accelerator-pedal module
The accelerator pedal is made from plastic. It is
Technical features
available as a floor mounted or suspended pedal.
Idle voltage tolerance
A new topology-optimized design helps to reduce
Sensor synchronicity
weight by up to 25% compared with the previous
Housing width
≤ 44 mm
designs while maintaining the same strength.
250 g
Direct burst force
≤ 1,500 N
The design of the Bosch accelerator-pedal modules is
Returning force
≤ 10 N
based on our field experience with over 25 million units
Proven lifetime cycles
supplied. The pedals fulfill all international requirements
Analog and digital
such as reliability, measuring precision, service life and
crash behavior.
Technical features
Force tolerance
≤ 25 N
Response time
86–146 ms
Feedback types
Vibration, force feedback,
2-stage including
security system
Electronic on board
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