Meet Cisquo and Ricky: Cisquo Ricky

Meet Cisquo and Ricky:
Cousins at Brent’s Place
h boys have the same
isquo and Ricky are cousins. Bot
Bone Marrow Transplants,
genetic disorder, both are getting
and both are staying at Brent’s Plac
t something was wrong
ilary, Cisquo’s mom, first knew tha
was born without platelets.
with her newborn son when he
diagnosed with WiskottShortly after he was born, he was
une deficiency that reduces
Aldrich syndrome, a genetic imm
with other issues. His only
the ability for blood to clot along
undergo a Bone Marrow
possible cure would be for him to
ved at Brent’s Place in April
Transplant. Cisquo and Hilary arri
ed for the road ahead.
of 2014, full of hope and prepar
ns from his transplant,
isquo has had many complicatio
ch longer than planned.
which have kept him in Denver mu
her to be here on her own
Hilary has said that it is hard for
efitted from meeting other
with Cisquo, but she has really ben
eriences. Through the
families going through similar exp
y have a support network.
community at Brent’s Place, the
R ic k y
C is q u o
hile Cisquo was undergoing treatment in Denver, his
aunt, Rose, became pregnant. Wiskott-Aldrich is a
genetic syndrome, and Rose knew that there was a higher
chance of her new baby having the disease. When little Ricky
was born, he tested positive for Wiskott-Aldrich. They began
immediately planning to come to Denver so that Ricky could
undergo a Bone Marrow Transplant.
ow both families are at Brent’s Place, while Cisquo
and Ricky recover from their Bone Marrow Transplants.
Ricky’s dad, Richard is traveling back and forth between
Brent’s Place and their home in New Mexico. This has been
tough on Rose, but it has been helpful to have her sister
Hilary here for support. Hilary can help watch Ricky’s older
sister Nevaeh and provide invaluable guidance as Rose faces
this journey with Ricky. They can support each other through
this trying process. With Brent’s Place they have a place to
call home and staff and volunteers working to make sure
their lives can be as stress free as possible.
To the bravest little warriors, the world has ever known,
You fight battles in this world that none should have to known.
Your little hands are tired and frail your feet can barely stand,
But your heart is greater than the stars
Letter from Sean
It is that time again to look back
on another magical year at Brent’s
Place and begin looking forward
with excitement to the year ahead.
As I sat down to write this letter for
the fifth year, I found myself with
the same goals I’ve had in previous
years: I want to take these precious
opportunities to let you all know that
Brent’s Place is making a difference
in so many lives, that the money
and time you invest is going directly
to help families as they struggle
to find hope and healing together,
and that we appreciate all that
you do to make Brent’s Place so
special. As I searched for a new way
to accomplish this, I remembered
something that touched me very
deeply in 2014—a poem that so
beautifully speaks to the work that
you make possible. The poem is even
more meaningful to me because it
was written by a mother during her
stay at Brent’s Place. I have shared
the poem below, and I hope that it
gives you a sense of the journey you
are part of through your support of
Brent’s Place.
Thank you for standing
behind the little warriors.
Your strength is much and grand.
There are questions in your shining eyes, that no words could ever make,
And no one can fully understand the pain that you must take.
The battles that you must fight are unfair and shouldn’t be,
But you know how to make it past to times when you are free,
You are more beautiful than you know
Though no hair is upon your head,
Your heart is full of adventure and hope, though you are sick in bed.
It seems so strange to understand, the medicine they give,
It makes you weak and tired and ill,
Though they say it will help you live.
Be courageous! Be hopeful! Fill your heart with dreams!
Take the love that’s in your soul, let it flow as a stream.
To the ones around you who have the strength to hold your hand,
Let it be your gift to them to teach them how to stand,
JULY 25, 2015 - Celebrating 27 years!
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rent’s Place all started with an event, Kid’s Cure for Cancer!
On July 25th we will celebrate the 27th Kid’s Cure for Cancer
and hope you will consider joining us for our signature event.
Visit for more information
ast year’s move to the gorgeous General’s Park on Anschutz
campus was a huge success, and the positive move was never
more poignant then when the walkers stopped to wave and cheer on
the real heroes, the kids receiving treatment at Children’s Hospital
of Colorado. One walker confided “that being here, right across the
street from Brent’s Place and at the foot of the hospital just brings it
all home why we need to support a home of hope and healing for all
of these children.”
his one of a kind event includes interactive obstacle zones, water
zones, and a party zone for all ages. After you complete the
course the fun continues with a pancake breakfast, games and live
music. Don’t miss out on this unique experience to support our past,
current and future Brent’s Place families. There is no registration fee,
so it is easy for every person to sign up and get involved! We hope to
see you there!
As tall as you, though you can’t run or play,
You are a mighty little soldier, you will see better days.
Maybe not here on this earth, for sometimes the cancer wins,
But heaven will be better still, when it sees your little grins.
To the bravest little warriors the world has ever seen
Thank you for showing us, things aren’t always as they seem.
For you have faced the dragons, and you have chased the storm
You are strongest when you are weak, beautiful though you are worn.
- Annie, Addy’s mom
Sean Meyerhoffer
Executive Director
Addy, 4 years old
lived at Brent’s Place for 226 days
while battling t-cell Lymphoma.
4th Annual Family Reunion
July 24-26, 2015
his year we will be hosting our 4th
annual Brent’s Place Family reunion
in coordination with our Kid’s Cure for
Cancer Family fun walk the weekend of
July 24th-26th.
he Brent’s Place family reunion is a
wonderful time to connect with old
friends, make new connections, and
visit with families that have traveled a
similar journey. Brent’s Place staff loves
reconnecting with all our past families.
There will be food, games, and fun family
activities. If you are a past Brent’s Place
family please join us for a weekend full of
fun, family, and friends.
Please visit
for information on our family
portal and family reunion.
Volunteer Spotlight: Joanne Roussy
Brent’s Place Executive Leadership Committee
Thanks to our amazing volunteers, Brent’s Place is able to offer home-cooked meals to families four
to five days a week. However, on any given week, we may have several families who are in-patient
It can be lonely and
isolating at the hospital
and eating in the
hospital cafeteria can
get expensive and old.
at the hospital and aren’t at Brent’s Place to enjoy the delicious meals. It can be lonely and isolating
at the hospital, and eating in the hospital cafeteria can get expensive and old. Joanne Roussy is one
of several committed volunteers who come to Brent’s Place to pick up meals and deliver them to
families who are at the hospital. Many families have told us how nice it is to see a friendly face with
food—but, more importantly, they know that someone outside the hospital is thinking about them.
Joanne has been volunteering with Brent’s Place for five years since learning about our annual Kid’s
Cure for Cancer event that was taking place near her house. After learning more about Brent’s
s a group we can accomplish so much more. Each year,
the Brent’s Place Executive Leadership Committee
(ELC) proves that sentence to be true. Started four
years ago as a volunteer committee to help support the
Brent’s Place programming, this amazing group of young
professionals dedicated to philanthropy has grown to be
Brent’s Place largest volunteer committee. In 2014, they
hosted eight holiday weekend parties for the families at
Brent’s Place and raised $40,000 through their signature
Place she was hooked—Joanne has helped in a variety of ways over the years in addition to hospital
event, Urban Navigator.
delivery, including cooking meals for our Marion Street location, helping out at special events, and
adopting a family during Christmas. We are so blessed to have Joanne share her time with us!
Why do you volunteer at Brent’s Place?
Why do you volunteer in general?
It makes me feel that I can give something back to these beautiful children
I truly feel it is my calling to give. I know that what I do for Brent’s
that need everything we can give. They are all amazing and so courageous.
Place is such a small piece of every need that they fulfill, but I love
I am blessed to be a part of Brent’s Place.
being able to say I helped in some way these beautiful, remarkable,
and loving children.
What is a favorite memory from Brent’s Place?
I have so many memories that will always be a part of my life. I think
probably when I was at the hospital delivering meals and I was able to sit
down and talk to one of the mothers and to really feel what she was going
through with her child and how truly blessed she felt to have Brent’s Place
for her daughter. It made me feel so good to be a part of this truly amazing
and giving Brent’s Place family.
If you are inspired by Joanne, please
contact Rachel at
[email protected]
to become a Brent’s Buddy volunteer.
Meagan Terry, Co-Chair
Louis Nunez, Co-Chair
Kelsey Bottinelli, Social Chair
Brenna Mitton, Social Chair
Stephanie Ricker, Program Chair
Brittany Schoede, Program Chair
Brittany Mcgarry, Event Chair
Bryce Brown, Event Chair
Krystal Deprinzio, Event Chair
or the Brent’s Place families, the holiday parties hosted
by the ELC have become an irreplaceable source of
support and hope. One family, who celebrated their
daughter’s last Easter at Brent’s Place, they shared with us
months later that the memories created at the ELC Easter
party will always be some of their most cherished moments.
On a day when they had no energy or reserves to provide
a holiday for their children, everything from the egg hunt,
Easter baskets, and egg decorating was taken care of so that
they could just bask in their children’s joy and excitement
over celebrations. Without this group of individuals working
to bring these moments to Brent’s Place, none of this would
be possible.
For more information about getting involved with the ELC
please visit
We Remember
Brent’s Place Staff
Sean Meyerhoffer, Executive Director
John Schliep, Business Operations Director
Bridget Fitzpatrick, Development Director
Allen Browning, Family Services Director
Emily Roembach-Clark, Grant Coordinator
Rachel Bernstein, Community Engagement Manager
Brittany Loan, Special Events Manager
Becky Selig, Family Services Manager
Fabian Jimenez, House Operations Manager
Bianca Rios, Administrative Assistant
Mary Kamau, Overnight Manager
Executive Leadership
Committee Chairs
Brent Eley Foundation Board of Directors
Donn Eley, Founder and Board President
Linda Eley, Founder and Board Secretary
Caryn Ellison, First Vice President
Joseph Bruno, Second Vice President
Jim Williams, Secretary
Bruce Siegrist, Treasurer
Nick Tschetter, MD, Director since 2003
Jeff Lambertson, Director since 2009
Mike Evans, Director since 2012
Kevin Kerber, Director since 2012
Joe-Joe Chacko Nair, Director since 2012
Lori Bell, Director since 2013
Tom Whyte, Director since 2013
Roger Giller, MD, medical advisor
Tom Smith, MD, medical advisor
Our most sincere condolences to the families of those
who have lost their loved ones. We keep these families
in our thoughts and our hearts. -Brent’s Place Staff
We will always remember
Aaron Nuvy, Alexandra Roberson, Ashleigh Orosz,
Brandy Gonzales, Cherrie Parish (not pictured),
Chloe Medina, Jacob Worthey, Martin Coburn,
Michael De Leon, Russell Petrick, and Tasha Fleming
(not pictured).
Walk of Hope
Meet Bianca
Bianca began her career at Brent’s Place as an intern in 2012, and we were all sad to see her go at the end of her
internship. After working in the healthcare industry and wanting to further support others on a personal level,
she rejoined our team as the first administrative assistant in November 2014. Her associate’s degree in business
from the Community College of Aurora and her experience in tax preparation prove useful in assisting with some
of the daily operations of the organization. Furthermore, her attention to detail, strong work ethic, and positive
energy benefits all the individuals she supports here.
There is a space at Brent’s Place that carries the names
of many that have touched our hearts and the strength
of those that took important steps at Brent’s Place.
To dedicate your own brick in our Walk of Hope
please visit
2014 Wrap Up! Brent’s Place in Numbers
95 patients and their families called Brent’s Place home
while undergoing treatment.
The average length of stay was
with our longest resident, Raghad (left), going home after
351 days.
75 families traveled over 50 miles to partnering hospitals.
13 birthdays were celebrated.
53 evenings were filled with arts and crafts.
218 meal nights were hosted (which equates to over 8,720 dinners).
Total individual nights spent at Brent’s Place was 5,261 !
More than
July 25, 2015
Kid’s Cure for Cancer
One of a kind evening at
LOLA restaurant in the Highlands.
Five course meal prepared by
twelve of Denver’s top chefs.
Signature event of Brent’s Place.
Family fun walk with breakfast,
entertainment, and children’s fair.
ost children start planning their next birthday parties the
eegan Gerhard and his wife Lisa Bailey moved to
day after their birthday! Birthday celebrations are a big
Denver to open D Bar. Their goal was to create a space
part of childhood, and for the children at Brent’s Place it can
that was not just an average dining experience, but
be devastating to learn that they will need to
a destination created to put people at ease—
celebrate this important milestone away from
a culinary sanctuary. It is clear to anyone
home, family, and friends. However, thanks to
that has walked through their doors that they
some incredible program partners the birthdays
created this and more. It takes more than
at Brent’s Place are one in a million and
just great décor and delicious food to
the children living here cherish their
accomplish an inspired restaurant; it takes
Each cake is as unique as
special day. Most parents tell us that after
great heart and passion. For everyone
returning home kids will ask for years “to
Brent’s Place, we cannot think of two
the child celebrating and
go back to Brent’s Place for their birthday!”
people with more love, empathy, and
clearly created with love, passion then Keegan and Lisa. Everything
they set out to do, they accomplish with
care, and detail.
incredible enthusiasm.
Brent’s Place 2015 Events:
April 15, 2015
Dos Casas
Corporate Social Responsibility – Keegan and Lisa of D Bar
August 17, 2015
Brent’s Place Golf Invitational
A day of golf supporting the families
of Brent’s Place at the gorgeous
Red Rocks Country Club.
birthdays would
be incomplete without the
birthday cake, and—luckily for the
children at Brent’s Place—we are
graced with the world’s best cakes.
For the past four years, D Bar
Restaurant has provided beautiful
custom cakes for every child
celebrating a birthday at Brent’s
Place. Each cake is as unique as
the child celebrating and clearly
created with love, care, and detail.
September 19, 2015:
Urban Navigator, adventure race!
Race through Denver Highlands in teams of two to
four solving challenges and competing in adventures,
and be the first back to Rosa Linda’s Mexican Café.
October 9, 2015:
Roadless Ride
Come spin for an hour or all day at our
one-of-a-kind indoor spinning event
at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club.
Get Your Company
Engage your employees,
add value to your company, and
support the families at Brent’s Place
For more information on Brent’s Place events
Did you know you can DONATE your old or used vehicle
to help SUPPORT Brent’s Place?
"We donated my wife's used truck to Brent's Place in 2014.
Cars Helping Charities made it fast and so easy!" - Howard Smith
Call 1-866-701-2277 or visit
Contact Rachel Bernstein
at 720-343-2807
or [email protected]
Thank you to From The Hip Photo
for providing such beautiful photos of
the Brent’s Place families & programs.
utside of the amazing cakes they create
for every birthday, both world renowned
chefs donate their talents to our Dos Casas event
and donate delicious treats to many of our events.
D Bar, and the two amazing chefs behind it,
Keegan Gerhard
and Lisa Bailey
have become a
part of the Brent’s
Place family and
we are so thankful
for all that they do to
support the families
that call us home.
Corporate Social
Doctor Fix-It
Motivity Solutions
Northwestern Mutual
Wells Fargo
Mercury Payment
Catamount Constructors, LLC
Boulder Creek
First Western Trust
Program Partners
D Bar Restaurant
Sleep Number
From the Hip Photo
Swallow Hill Music
Yoga for Kids
Blue Star Connection
Brent’s Place individual or family donors
Brent’s Place Wish List
Brent’s Place gives a big THANK YOU
to all our generous donors!
We couldn’t do it without you!
HE Laundry Detergent
5 twin beds (mattress, box spring,
and frame). Must be new.
Anti-microbial Shower Curtains
Clorox Wipes
Join Brent’s Legacy Society
to make a lasting impact on the
future of Brent’s Place families
for years to come.
To learn more about
a planned or estate gift
call Bridget Fitzpatrick
at 720-343-2806 or email
[email protected]
For more information about current needs
and how to contribute, please visit
or our Amazon wish list
is a memb
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Mike Herrity
Julia Herron
Margo Hetrick
Dustin Hickert
Joe Hicks
Martin Hicks
Robby Hicks
Dennis Hilburn
Velta Hilburn
Elaine Hild
James Hinkle
Matt Hirsch
David Hull
Thomas Hurley
Mike and Lauri Hutchinson
Patricia Hutt
Veronica Hychalk
Zuzana Hychalk
Lee and Cari Igo
Ryan and Alicia Igo
Patrick Ireland
Taylor Israel-Cleveland
Audrianna Ivy
Brenda Jablan
Catherine Jacob
Nancy Jacobs
Carmine and Margaret Jadarola
Amonrut Jaimoon
Tammy Jansen
David and Kathy Hirt
Jason and Amy Hladik
Nga Ho
Cheryl Hobbs
Jacqueline Hocum
Gail Hodge
Doug Hodous
Chris Hoenshell
Art Hogling
Kathryn Holland
Audrey Holman
Kevin Holman
Teresa Hoppe
Chris Horvat
Judith Hottovy
Leif Houkom
David and Charlene Hovey
Nelson Howe
Nancy Hoyt
John and Robbi Hudgins
Adam Huff
Scott Huffman
Bob and Nila Hughes
Abigail Hull
Sean Jarrett
Valerie Jarstad
Amy Jaynes
Thomas Jeffers
Milagros Jelinek
Stephen Jenkins
Patricia Jenni
Adam Johnson
Andy and Sandy Johnson
David Johnson
Jay Johnson
Marlene Johnson
Michele Johnson
Paul Johnson
Robert Johnson
Tyrone and Cheryl Johnson
Julie Johnson
Alan and Charlotte Johnston
Stephen and Marcia Johnston-Walden
Alexander and Kibbe Jones
Barbara Jones
Douglas Jones
Judy Jones
Marian Jordan
Lori Joseph
Sarah Justice
David and Patti Kallery
Steve Kallsen
Mary Kamau
David Kanter
David Katalinas
Jeff Kauffman
Lindsay Kaufman
Judy Kawa
Kyle Keane
Katie Keating
Mary Keating
Christopher Keefe
Lindsey Keefer
Patricia Kehoe
Margie Kehr
Wayne Keith
Kristen Keller
Anne Kellerby
Mary Kelley
Cynthia Kelly
Paul and Barbara Kemper
Jon Kennedy
D.L. Kenney
Diane Kenney
Kim Kennicott
Cam Kepler
Jody Kepler
Kevin and Monica Kerber
Christopher Kern
Elizabeth Kern
Nancy Kern
Thom Kerr
Sherri Kerr
Rosemarie Kessler
Elizabeth Kidner
Chad King
Cindy King
Carole Kinnison
Wade and Lisa Kinnison
Mike and Mike Kish
Katy Klabon
Robert Kleese
Elizabeth Klepper
Melinda Kloppenberg
Aaron and Nicole Knapp
Josette Koch
Molly Koch
Angie Koetting
Deena Koffler
Bronislava Kogul
Elizabeth Kolble
Joel and Joel Kolodny
Harold and Milrae Korb
Lisa Kornfeld
Donna Kortemeyer
Craig Kosal
Suzie Koscove
Melea Kraemer
Georgia Kraft
Jeffrey Kramer
Brent’s Place individual or family donors, continued
Kelly and Gini Krattenmaker
Susan Krisl
Patrick and Laura Krulik
Sudhir Raghuveer Kudva
John and Janette Kuehn
Brian Kurzel
Amber Kuspiel
Anne Lacelle
Julene LaHam
Amber Lamarca
Ronald and Karen Lambert
Neeli Lambert
Jeff and Linda Lambertson
Susan Lambertson
Cynthia Lambrick
Jennifer Land
Margaret Lane
Jack and Carla Lansford
Ivar Larsen
Diane Larsen
Chris Larson
Sean Larson
Raymond Larson
Michael Laurich
Emilie Law
Stephan Lazare
William and Nola Lazzeri
Brian League
Roberta Lealman
Kathleen Leatherman
Rita Lechner
Kristin Lee
Michelle Lee
Taylor Lee
Shari Leidner
Daniel Leis
Rhonda Leisure
Carl Lenocker
Sandra and Miguel Leotta
William Letzsch
Fredrik Leuhusen
Julia Lewallen
Gary Lewis
Paul Lewis
Araceli Lieberman
Natalie Liff
Marie Limauro
Kurt Linberg
Danna Lindgren
Pamela Livingston
Emily Livingstone
Daniel Loan
Jim Loan
Lucy Logan
Marie Jeanne Lombardi
James and Patricia Long
Megan Long
Dennis Long
Erin Long
Grace Long
Sheila Long
Kam Looney
Sin Lounady
Barbara Louricas
Ari Lourie
Allison Lucernoni
Chris and Katie Lupo
Elaine Luthman
Jeffrey Lyons
Amy MacDonald
Mercedes Macdonald
Jaimee Macdougall
Barbara Macfarlane
Kimberly Mackey
Patricia MacMillan
Jodi Macpherson
Robert Madrid
Alison Maelzer
David Maestas
Suzanne Magerko
Lori Magnus
Richard Magnusson
James and Clare Magri
Clare Magri
William and Marsha Maikovich
Chaman and Aruna Malhotra
Michael Malone
Khursheed Mama
Paula Manczuk
Naresh and Donna Mandava
Evyan Maniatis
Anita Marcus
Lyle Maretech
Michael Maris
Edie Marks
Jennifer Marlatt
Josh Marlow
Christian and Laurie Marlowe
William and Norma Marquardt
Nicole Marsade
Louis and Susan Martella
Andrea Martin
Arbaragene Martin
Jason Martin
Salina Martin
Edward Martin
Marcy Martin
Anita marucs
Bob Masten
Michael Matney
Barb and Larry Matthes
Jack Matthews
Kurt and Teresa Matthews
Ondrea Matthews
Adam Maxwell
Jose Maya
Alessandra Mayer
Debra Mayworm
Mike Mazin
Katie McAllister
Len McBroom
Leon McBroom
Ashley McCarthy
James McCartin
Katie McClure
Chris McCrea
Mic and Sharon McCullagh-McGrath
Michael McCullough
Cindy McDaniel
Brittany McGarry
Heidi McGinness
Bryan McKinney
Alexander McLean
Robert McMann
Julian McManus
Kevin McNeil
Kim McPherson
Yvonne McPherson
Susan McPhillips
Susan McTaggart
Tess Meacham
Cameron Mealey
Richard Medina
Robert Medina
Molly Meehan
Sean Meek
Steve Mehrian
Janien Melendez
Debora Meling
Doug and Doug Merriman
Brent’s Place individual or family donors, continued
Neona Merritt
Emily Mertz
Martin Metsker
Jeanne Meyer
Robin Meyer
Sean and Nicole Meyerhoffer
Janet Meyer-McCoy
Barbara Mick
Bruce Miller
Gregory and Vivian Miller
Herbert and Cathy Miller
Jane Miller
Jonathon Miller
Katherine Miller
Kim Miller
Margy Miller
Stephen Miller
Laura Miller
Tamara Milliken
Billy Mills
Elizabeth Mills
Shane Miner
Marissa Mink
Alan Mitchell
Brad Mitchell
Susan Mitchell
Brenna Mitton
Zach and Jamie Mleko
Kinsey Moench
Janet Moffat
Susan Molstad
Marilyn Mondragon
Stephen and Kathleen Monk
Jenifer Monks
C Montgomery
Jason Montgomery
Ryan Montoya
Barb Moody
George and Paula Moore
Glenda Moore
Jessica Moore
Richard Moore
Wayne Moore
Ruth Moran
Michael and Joni Morella
Helen Morgan
Adrea Morris
Frankie Morris
Alison Morrison
Marla Hansen Morrison
Samantha Moscoe
Jennifer Moss
Rosie Mott
Robbyn Moy
Georgia Mucilli
Frank and Stephanie Mufic
Susan Muir
Chris Munger
Nancy Munoz
Mark Murphy
Matthew Murphy
Steven Myrland
Heather Nagel
Balan and Joe Joe Nair
Sandy Neal
Aliki Nearing
Matthew Negley
Richard Negreann
Tiffany Nelsen
Adam Nelson
Roberta Nelson
Mary Nemeth
Alissa Nenninger
Maria Nethken
Warren Neufeld
Louroles Nevales
Kalen Nevarez
Ryan Nevill
Kenneth and Shannon Newcomb
Riley Newman
Devonna Newman
Bruce Newton
Ann Nguyen
Dave Nichols
John Nichols
R.A. Nichols
Amy Nicholson
Robert Nicoll
Kelly Nixon
Kevin Noll
Thomas Noller
Tania Norby
Jenna Nord
Lora Nordby
Wende Nossaman
Chris and DeAnn Noyes
Paul and Nancy Oberman
Robert and Melonie O’Brien
Elizabeth O’Connor
Mary O’Donnell
Justin Ogorek
Donna Okuda
Allen and Holly Oliphant
Robert and Marilyn Olislagers
Larry and Sally Olsen
Chris and Sandy Olson
Grant and Karla Olson
JF Olson
Saad Al Omari
Charles O’Neill
Tracy Opp
Francis Orosz
Jeff and Susan Orosz
Elaine Orosz
Kenneth and Carol Orr
Erik Ortiz
Gregory Osborn
Kimberly Osborn
Colin Osborne
Bruce Otten
Mary Oursler
Lindsey Owen
Katie Owens
Rick and Cynthia Pacello
Mikael Padilla
Joyce Paich
Eric Pallai
Nancy Paricio
Christine Parisi
Janice Parker
Jenny Parnell
Jennifer Parnnell
Michael Parry
Carol Patterson
Collin Patterson
Kim Paulsen
Nancy Pearlman
Edward Peats
Karen Peeters
Anselmo and Juanita Peralta
Omar Perez
Karen Peters
Eric Petersen
Laurie Peterson
Melanie Peterson
Daniel Pfannenstiel
Seth Pickett
Clifford and LaDonna Pierce
Justin Pierce
Sheila Pitto
Trevor Platt
Kyle Plimack
Patricia Plymell
Amber Pomerleau
Bobby Pompey
FR Poston
Mary Powell
Jennifer Powers
Vicki Pretti
Ward Quarles
Lindsay Reichert-Noisom
Nan Reindl
Christopher and Courtney Renfro
Lisa Renz
Tiah Reppas
Brian Reynolds
Raequel Rhodes
Angela Rich
Anthony Richards
Eddy and Malea Richards
Machelle Richburg
Georgetta Richie
Geri Richmond
Bonnie Rickel
Stephanie Ricker
Cory Rigitello
Justine and Michael Rinow
Bianca Rios
Michael Rios
Michael and Mary Jo Roark
Ricki Roberts
Brad and Sherry Robinette
Carol Robinson
Jack and Suzanne Robinson
Mura Robinson
Dale Robuck
Gloria Rock
Dianne Rodenbeck
Kelly Rodgers
Richard Rodgers
Rebecca Roemeling
Jacalyn Rogers
Nicholas Quintana
Edward and Janet Raban
Kathy Rack
Cameron Radon
Richard and Colleen Raemisch
Matt Rangel
John and Nancy Rawls
Walter and Mary Ann Raynor
Kelli Reder
Steven and Tracey Reed
Judy Reed
Phil Romau
Kathy Romero
Peter Romonenesko
David Rompf
Donald Rones Jr.
C. David Rose
David Rosenberg
Gina Rossi
Harley and Sara Rotbart
Herbert Roth
Jamie Roth
Sharron Rothe
Richard and Sheri Rotolo
Thomas and Jennifer Rottler
Diana Rouse
Joanne Roussy
Carole Rubinstein
Curtis Rullestad
Calae Runge
McKenna Ryan
Patrick Ryan
Samantha Safranski
Jonathan Saiber
Mary Salsich
Leonard and Kimberly Sanford
Don Sant
Michael and Reena Saucedo
Jim Savory
Carol Sayo
Angie Scala
Mary Ellen Scanlan
Gary Schanbacher
Mike and Carol Scheckel
Dean and Mildred Schemm
Dolores and Kenneth Schemm
Donald and Rosalie Schiff
David Schlatter
Otto Schlemeyer
John Schliep
Jay and Elise Schlipman
Brad Schmal
Elizabeth Schmeidler
Martin Schmitz
Mary Schneider
Brittany Schoede
Brandon Schrichten
Melba Schrock
Robert Schulein
Mary Schwartz
Anetta Scofield
Brandy Scott
Jan Scott
Reed Scott
Madelyn Scott
Tom Seeton
Andrew and Ellen Selig
Doug Senteney
Linden Severns
Michelle Sexton
Toni Sexton
Jerry Seymour
Terry Seymour
Tommy Shannon
Steven Shapiro
Bob Shaw
Eric Shaw
James Shaw
Sarah Shaw
Stephanie Shawn
Rachel Shay
Sheryl Shelton
Stephen and Alisa Sherick
Jalpa Sheth
Joey and Debra Shiba
Mark Shimoda
Brent’s Place individual or family donors, continued
Brett Shrewsbury
Hillary Shubach
Ira and Cynthia Shwartz
Amy Siegel
Kati Sieger
Bruce and Carol Siegrist
Jeff Silver
Josh and Rae Simon
Susan Simon
Rae Simon
Justin Simonar
Jane Simonsen
Patricia Simpson
Roger and Jennifer Simpson
Eric Sinclair
Leigh Sinclair
Michael Sinkey
TJ Sison
Angelina Skeens
Laura Skiles
Matt and Christina Skinner
Nancy Skoug
Colin Skowronski
Sharon Slark
Amy Slaughter
Joan Slaughter
Ryan Slaughter
Jeremy Slavec
Reed Slingerland
John and Marriott Smart
Andrew Smith
Brandon Smith
Craig Smith
Denice Smith
Lauren Smith
Paul Smith
Philip and Ellen Smith
Reed Smith
Rob and Jackie Smith
Shane and Rebecca Smith
Steve and Kathryn Smith
Terry and Rhonda Smith
Thomas Smith
Jackie Smith
Kathleen Burns Smith
Chad Snee
Lisa Snider
Lawrence Snodgrass
Judy Snooke
C Grant Sonju
Gregg Sonnen
Kim Sonnen
Ariel and Vicki Soriano
Phillip Sosalla
Debra Ann Southworth
Deena Sowell
Karen Spaulding
Laura Sperry
Devin Spindler
Karen Sprole
James Sprout
Robert Staley
Terry and Suzanne Staples
Dan Starishevsky
Wayne Starks
Alvin Stauber
Ben Stauber
Edward Stearns
Tiffany Steele
Mike Stees
Lauren Steinmetz
Margaret Stemmler
Greg Stepanovic
Robert and Jennifer Stephens
Robb Sterling
Mary Stevens
Eileen Stiffey
Gene and Vicki Stiles
John Stiles
Christina Stine
Jennifer Stith
Steven and Anne Stodola
Genevieve Stoesz
Jared Stohner
Randy Strandberg
Gary and Karen Stratchko
Seraj Talebi
Jo Ann Tate
Alan and Mary Jane Teeters
Richard Telgener
Colin and Meagan Terry
Megan Terry
Steve and Rebecca Teselle
Andrew Thangasamy
Scott Theodore
Carrie Tholstrup
Cassandra Thomas
Olivin Thomas
Britton Thomas
Doris Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Joyce Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Kevin Thompson
Don and Joyce Thomson
Brian and Robin Thorsen
Jane Thron
Andy Thyen
Gina Tincher
Margo Straub
James Street
Daniel Strickland
Kelly Strohm
Paul and Dee Strong
Angela Strutt
Wynne Stuart
Michael and Lynne Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan
Bonnie Sullivan
Michael Sumpmann
Eric and Heidi Sundberg
Meyer Sussman
Mike Sutter
Brooke Swanson
Mark Swanson
Rebecca Swanson
Tami Taggart
Alma Tisher
Dennis Tobin
Carol Todd
Melissa Toering
Warren Toltz
Lynn Tomasek
Elizabeth Tomlin
Mareo Torito
Libia Toroslu
Christine Torres
Ronald and Susan Townsend
Bill and Penny Tracey
Bobby Traub
Timothy Trostel
Rebecca Truitt
Ed Trujillo
Kathryn Trujillo
Kaly Trupp
Brent’s Place corporation/organization donors:
Nick and Renee Tschetter
Michelle Tsukas
Lester Tucker
Lyle and Mitchell Tuoti
Darren Turnbeaugh
George and Kathy Turner
Kathleen Turner
Serena Turner
Shauna Turner
Albine and Melanie Ulle
Lisa Unrein
Laura Urano
Jeffrey and Lauren Utigard
Daniel Vaillant
Hugo Valderrama
Melissa Vallon
Wilmina Van Dyk
D. and Jodi Van Stelle
Luke and Caitlyn Van Valin
Michael and Jamie Vance
Barbara Vanderwall
Don Vangilder
Joanne Vanschaik
Eric Vaughn
Heather Vaunghan Williams
Neal Veta
Becky Vezakis
Daniel Vezakis
George Vezakis
Christine Viamis-Skogen
Erik Vienneau
Jason Vigorita
Ashley Vincent
Franz von Haas
Jim Vrzak
Natasha Vukievic
Stephanie Waechter
Beth Ann Wagy
Salman and Catherine Wakil
Cole Waldron
Marian Waldron
Hailee Walker
Stuart and Catherine Walker
Jesse Walker
John Wallace
Grant and Campbell Walter
Regina Walters
Lucase Wang
Mallory Warman
Emily Warren
Laura Warren
Elizabeth Wasserman
Samuel and Patricia Wassik
Marsha Watts
David and Mischelle Weaver
Patricia Weaver
Craig Weed
Delores Weed
Angy Weeks
Raymond Wekluk
Gary and Brenda Welker
Lynn Welker
Diana Wellendorf
Paul Welling
Marion Wells
Thomas and Ellen Wente
Robert Weyand
Angela Weyenberg
Jackie Whaley
Clinton Whitaker
Andy White
George and Jan White
Marni White
Mahlon Whitehead
Yvonne Whitt
Mandy Whitton
Tom Whyte
Amy Wiig
Robin Wikoff
Bob and Beverly Williams
Jim and Kathleen Williams
Scott Williams
Jeff Williamson
Dede Willis
Katie Willis
Meredith Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
Rohanna Wise
Rick Witherspoon
Deborah Wolff
Allison Wong
Bert and Glenda Wong
Carey Wood
Lu Anne Woodley
Bridgett Woods
Royal and Stephanie Woods
Serena Woods
Michael Woodward
Lily Wool
Kevin Worack
Shari Worack
Kirk Worrall
Christopher Wray
Amy Wright
Jill Wright
Jordan Wright
Phil Wright
Sarah Wright
Al Yadgar
Neil Yadgar
John and Cindy Yallop
Robert Yonts
Sela Young
Rosa Yupa
Brian Zales
Allison Zall
Andrew Zapotosky
Kevin Zegan
Debbie Zell
Mehamed Zeuiton
Donald Ziminski
Barbara Zind
Diane Zitek
Anita Zonker
Loren and Ann Zweig
2914 Coffee
A Spear Land & Cattle Company, Inc.
Agora at the Riverside
Akerman Senterfitt
Akron High School FBLA
Ally Financial
Alpine State Bank Battlement Mesa
American Endowment Foundation
Amgen Foundation
Andante Endodontic Specialists, PLLC
Apartment Association of Metro Denver
April’s Kitchen
Arvada Dental Excellence
ASCENT Foundation
B and B Plumbing
Bank of America Foundation
BBVA Compass
Bear Electric
Bellco Credit Union
Berthod Motors, Inc.
Big Horn Plastering of Colorado, Inc.
Black Rock Financial Management, Inc.
Boettcher Foundation
Bolder Capital
Boulder Creek Neighborhoods
BP America, Inc.
BT Construction, Inc.
Builder’s Heating & Air Conditioning
C&M Properties LLC
Cancer League of Colorado
Canon De Colorado LTD
Carol Jean Frank Estate
Cars Helping Charities
Catamount Constructors, Inc.
Catering Properties Inc
CC Tollgate LLC
CCRG Teleservices LLC
Century Link Clarke M. Williams Foundation
CenturyTel, Inc.
Cherry Creek Has Heart
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Chris Donn Household
Christopher’s Dodge World
ClientSolv Technologies Inc.
CO Bank
Colfax Marathon Partnership, Inc.
Colorado Consulting Services
Colorado Convention Center
Colorado Health Facilities Authority
Colorado Health Foundation
Colorado State Bank and Trust
Colorado Van Association
Colstrip Public Schools District 19
Commerce Bank
Commercial Flooring Service Inc
Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
Community of Christ Church
Community Shares of Colorado
Coral Room
Cornerstone Transaction Management
Services LLC
Covidien Employee Giving
CPM Business Group
CRS Insurance Brokerage
Cultivator Advertising and Design
D Bar
Demi’s Love for Kids
DeSena Associates
Detailed Home Inspection
DirectTV Matching Gift Center
Distillery Solutions, Inc
Donald Coleman
Duke Energy Foundation
Brent’s Place corporation/organization donors, continued
Brent’s Place corporation/organization donors, continued
Eley-Graham Financial Services
Elizabeth J Michaels Trustee
Elizabeth J. Michaels
EMC Insurance Companies
Encana Oil & Gas Inc.
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Eugene C. and Florence Armstrong Family
Faye Coleman
Fidelity Charitable
Finn Real Estate
First American Title Insurance Company
First Western Financial Inc
Frontier Mechanical
Garfield County School District #16
Gilman Family Foundation
Glenwood Springs Ford
Great West Financial
Greenwood Athletic & Tennis Club
for Roadless Ride
Guetz Foundation
Health Connect Properties, Inc.
Highlands Ranch Rotary Foundation
Horizon Dry Wall, Inc.
ICON Venue Group, LLC.
Idalia School Dist RJ3
Igo Oil Field Service
Innovative Real Estate Group, LLC.
Inspection Specialties Inc
J.F. Williams Co., Inc.
Jack Arbaney Construction
Jackson National Life Insurance Company
Jai In Home Care, LLC.
Jamberry Nails
James and Beatrice Salah Charitable Trust
Janus Foundation
Jay’s Valet
Jefferson Park Pub, LLC.
John J. Connor and Irene A. Connor
Family Foundation
Joy Wine & Spirits
Juniper Consulting Group, Inc.
Juss Racing & Entertainment
Kettering Family Philanthropies
Kids Rock
Kin Collective LLC
Knightsbridge Real Estate Group Inc.
Kumon Center of Highlands Ranch
Larrk Foundation
Leadership Aurora
Lefkovitz Foundation
Lia Sophia
LibertyGives Foundation
Linda Jean Wilson Living Trust
Little Lilies Photography
LONG Building Technologies
Macy’s Corporate Services, Inc.
Margaret E. Baker Revocable Trust
Mathews Performance Group
Mcclure-Hill Inc.
Meg Sales Company
Memorial Hospital (UCH) Clinical
Data Resources
Mercer Holdings and Corp
Mercury Payment Systems, LLC.
Metal of Honor Fund
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mile High United Way
Milender White Construction Co.
Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Retail
Montgomery, Kolodny, Amatuzio
& Dusbabek, LLP
Most Precious Blood Catholic Parish
Motivity Solutions
Murrison Environmental, Inc.
NAPA Auto Parts
National Christian Foundation Colorado
National CineMedia LLC
National Jewish Health
National Philanthropic Trust
Naturita Community Library
Nelnet, Inc.
NetWork for Good
New U By Design
Newfield Foundation
Newmont Mining Corporation
Northern Electric, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual
Ontrack Land LLC
Onyx M.D.
Optimist Club of Monaco South
Optimist Club of Tamarac
Ovation Plumbing, Inc.
RCF Management LLC
Rediehs Freightlines Inc.
Richard Lewis Family Foundation
Rio Grande - Lone Tree
Roaring Fork Rental
Rock Bottom Brewery
Rocky Mountain Classic Chevy Club
Sandy Hills Farms
Sarto’s LLC
Saunders Construction
Schlessman Family Foundation, Inc.
Scott Roberts LLC
Sexy Pizza
Sheridan Ross Charitable Foundation
Shylo Country Club for Dogs
Solstice Foundation
Solutions Systems Technologies Inc
Southeast Wyoming Ear
Southwest Concrete Pumping, Inc.
St. Andrew United Methodist Church
St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church
St. Thomas More
State Farm
Stonehocker Family Foundation
Pauls Valley National Bank
Pepsico Foundation
Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.
Playtime LLC
PLUS Foundation
Premier, Inc.
Sully and Co., LLC
Sundance Energy
TET Family Foundation
Texas 4000
The Anschutz Family Foundation
The Denver Foundation
Thomas Family Foundation
Tiny Town
TJ Concrete Construction Inc
TJ Concrete Construction Inc.
TJX Foundaton
Tony Stewart Foundation
Tower Electric, Inc.
Toyota Dealer Match Program
Turnmore Manufacturing
United Healthcare Services, Inc.
United Way Metropolitan Dallas, Inc.
United Way of Central New Mexico
Rose Community Foundation
Rose Medical Center
Roth Sheppard Architects
Running 4 a Reason
Russell Maguire Foundation
Salmon Foundation
Sam’s Hope Foundation
University Of Colorado Denver
University of Wyoming Alumni Association
Urban Luxe Real Estate
Urban Navigator
Vestal Management LLC
VFW Men’s Auxiliary Post 9076
VMT Family Foundation
Weitz Company LLC
Wells Fargo
Western Colorado Community Foundation
Whole Foods Southglenn
Women of Emmanuel
Xanterra Parks and Resorts
Young Philanthropists Foundation
Zane Beadles Parade Foundation
Gifts in Honor Of:
Abe Sutcliffe
Ashlee Vaillancourt
Ashleigh Orosz
Ashton Eske
Avan Bartel
Belen De Leon
BJ Loan
Blake Cummins
Bobbi Nelson
Caden Puccinelli
Cara O’Connor Bartingale
Carol Tarr
Casey and John Marlatt
Chaman and Aruna Malhotra
Charlotte Varney
Chris Starks
Dani Peterson
David Koffler
Devin Spindler
Dillon Jace Buckley
Donn and Linda Eley
Eleanor and Arne Mahlum
Elijah Sanchez and RJ Campos
Erin Grace Sittaro
Esther Alvarado
Frank Mufic
Gayle Terry
Hannah and Tess Finke
Herb and Ruth Giller
Brent’s Place in-kind donors
Isaiah Null
Isley Snow Simon
Issy Stover
Ivy Ciolek
Jamie Roth
Jessica and Dan Giles
Jim and Carole Vowell
Joe Joe Chacko-Nair
Joel and Lori Bell Family
John Keiley
John Madrid
Kara Choquette and John Alden
Kaylee Remmich
Lindsey Ward
Lucas Hychalk
Madelyn Book
Malory Darby Frankie Koetting
Mara Dawkins
Margi Clute
Marty Cressler
Mary Otenberger
Michael Flanigan
Orosz Family
Parklen Henderson
Patty DeWolfe
Paula Bryan
Ric and Caitlin Albertus
Richard and Linda Thompson
Robbie Brncick
Roberta Nelson
Ruth Giller
Sage Petersen
Scout Fairchild
Sela Young
Sherry Allen
Steve and Janet
Grouthaus Family
Sydney Hedges
Taylor Ellison
The Guffeys
Tiffany Steele
Victor Ricker
Walt and Mary Ann Raynor
William Crisler
Willie Duncan
Zev Asarch
Gifts in Memory Of:
Aaron Nuvy
Adam Scott Cohen
Agnus Hatch
Alan Lazarus
Alexandra Brooks Roberson
Anita Boucher
Arlene Sutton
Arleyne Nagel
Art Fink
Ashleigh Lucretia Orosz
Blake Richards
Brent Dawson Eley
Brent Duval
Caitlin Kemler
Carol Frank
Carson Duray
Christopher Runge
Cindy McLean
Cindy Wool
Cliff Pierce
Curtis Henline
Dallin Gunter
Dalton Kerr
Danielle Rodriguez
Derek Creager
Don and Ellen Long
Donald Elliott
Donna Dujat
Farzana Engineer
Fritz Renz
Gabriel Valderrama
Gilda Cositore
Ginger Capehart
Helen Spampinato
James Vincent Hahn
Jared Schlemeyer
Jax Arcaris
Jaxon Formea
Jerry Schostak
Jessie De Angelis
Joe Montgomery
Joseph Teasdale
Judy Wells Dallow and
Marianne Antoniadis
Juliette Analisa Romero
June Hawk
Kaeli Slingerland
Kenna Wallin Reed
Kenneth Bryan
Lenny Joyce
Linda Jean Wilson
Louise Wetovick
Marcus Johnson
Marty Coburn
Mary Helen Ellison Dixon
Mary Siffin
Mathias Giordano
Megan Hicks
Michael Heath Reed
Moe Krauth
Penny Burdick & Alan Keilitz
Philip Harju
Randy Roybal
Rebecca Carlson
Robert Matthew Sanchez Jr.
Ron Fejfar
Rosadel Logelin Lane
Sam Kolve
Sean MacMillan
Stacey Barton
Tasha Fleming
Tex Gillham
Thomas Buck
Timothy King
Victor “Buddy” Thomas
Victoria Seighman
Vince Hahn
Wanda Mufic
Wesley Sowell
Brent’s Place
Walk of Hope
Brianna Bogner
Chloe Michelle Medina
Conrad Sawyer Dixon
Darrin Johnson
Diego Macias
Don and Bev Kass
Doris Eley
Elizabeth Wiedemeier
Emilio ‘Milo’ Conway
Ernestine Eagle Elk
Evelyn Chavira
Gage T. Driskell
Gloria Shefcik
Harry Richard “Dick” Smith
Joel Gonzalez Jr.
Kenneth Schemm
Keshaun Jackson
Matthew Fickes
Maureen Krauth
Pat Harrower
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11980 East 16th Ave Aurora, CO 80010
Making a difference
in the live of children with
cancer and their families...
one day at a time.
Brent’s Place is a leader in Bone Marrow Transplant and long-term oncology
housing and programming. In addition to a “Safe-Clean” environment for
the patient, Brent’s Place provides a supportive and understanding community,
giving invaluable relief from the many physical, emotional
and financial burdens that families face.
Brent’s Place Star Report designed by R Garriott Art & Design.
Thank you for always making us look our best!
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