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CMR Brochure
1. CMR Profile
2. Guaranteed Data Erasure
3. Environmental Management System
4. CMR Process
5. CMR Credentials
About CMR
CMR has traded for 12 years reselling and recycling 80,000 mobile phones and electrical devices each
month throughout 9 countries employing 74 staff. CMR is the principal brand for businesses, retail and
trade, but other sectors of the business operate under different brands:
Trade in site, Fonebank for consumers in the UK, Spain (Eureka Movil), France, Finland, Greece, Croatia and Australia
Trade in site, Zonzoo for consumers in Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
SmartFoneStore for consumers in the UK selling high end used devices
CMR Credentials
9.5 million mobiles recycled since inception in 2003
Recycled over 800,000 mobiles in 2013
Group turnover £14.8 million in 2013/14
Privately owned with 3 Executive Directors
Over £80 million paid to Fonebank customers since 2008
10,000 charity mobiles recycled per month for Oxfam (11 yrs), National Trust (7 yrs), WaterAid (7 yrs), Spanish Red Cross (9 yrs)
First to launch a mobile phone recycling comparison site in the UK (January 2009)
First to launch mobile phone trade in sites in Spain and France
First recycler to sell refurbished/tested preowned handsets in the UK and Europe ( from 2005 to 2011) and currently
CMR’s main modes of collection are; consumer online, private businesses, public bodies, bespoke retail
systems, charity partners and schools. We are efficient, agile and decisive, focusing traditionally on building
strong brands and white label partnerships. CMR Ltd has three shareholders (all Executive Directors) with
more than 30 years mobile phone recycling experience between them. All Directors work full-time within
the business.
Guaranteed Data Erasure
It’s not so long ago that the most sensitive information our mobile phones contained was limited to text
messages, contact numbers, and the odd diary entry. The landscape has changed dramatically since the
arrival of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android Operating System which were unveiled in 2007, the latter
of which has been a catalyst to the explosion of the wider smartphone market. Mobile devices are now
more accessible than ever before. Modern smartphones come fitted as standard with additional capabilities
including; in-built camera, internet capability, GPS, Social Media, MP3 player and they often have more inbuilt memory than recent desktop PCs!
Consequently today’s mobile devices can be an Aladdin’s cave of confidential and sensitive information
waiting to be exploited in the event they are disposed of without taking the necessary steps to safeguard
previously used data.
Traditional Approaches - ‘Factory reset’ only removes data at user level
Traditional mobile phone recyclers use in-built manufacturer reset & restore commands and software
flashing to update handsets with the latest device firmware, which goes some way towards removing user
data from mobile devices. However in reality, these methods are not wholly effective. For example; whilst a
’factory reset’ tends to remove data from the users’ surface level view, this technique does not completely
remove potentially private & confidential data from all devices. This is a threat which is well understood
within the e-crime fraternity and is being exploited relatively simply through using commercially available
forensic software.
Sensitive Data: Old & New
Compared to the first mobile
phones the majority of today’s
smartphones store a wealth of
personal and sensitive data,
including; location, account
information, social media, email
addresses, call logs, browsing
history and personal files.
The once popular Nokia 6310 holds
little more than contact numbers.
Smartphones can carry data including, but not
limited to;
• Activity history: browsing, calls, SMS logs, GPS ‘fingerprint’
• Financial details, Amazon, eBay,
PayPal, Banking
• Photos, videos, music, podcasts
• Client & employee confidential documents: IP, Healthcare,
HR records
• Networking: content from Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace,
Twitter, et al
Magnetic Media Erasure - incompatible with mobile devices
Methods used to securely remove all traces of data contained within PC, laptop, and server hard drives are
based on magnetic media standards.
Smartphones and other advanced mobile devices are typically fitted with flash memory designed to help
to prolong the useful life of device memory. The complex architecture of flash memory renders magnetic
media erasure methods ineffective. It is a common misconception that data erasure standards designed for
magnetic media also applies to smartphones. This is simply not the case. Guaranteed Data Erasure
Advanced Mobile Erasure Services
As an early adopter of specialist erasure technologies for advanced mobile devices, CMR understands
the importance of safeguarding private & confidential business data, and the damaging effects of doing
Our Advanced Mobile Erasure Service is integral to CMR’s core business processes, providing the peace
of mind that you need in order to recycle surplus handsets with complete confidence and documented
Compatible devices are erased in accordance with the specifications of leading erasure technologies,
certified by reports to underpin audit & corporate governance requirements thus mitigating risk for your
CMR Data Erasure Summary
All data removed beyond recovery
Supports all major handsets and operating
systems including; Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Google Android, Symbian and Windows
Non-working handsets destroyed
Data Erasure Facility: CMR has a bespoke
in-house data erasure facility
Process Overview
Devices arrive for
recycling, potentially
containing private &
confidential data
CMR uses industry
leading software to
permanently remove
all data
Mobile devices are
now fully cleared
Certified reports
provide you with
peace of mind
Environmentally Accredited
Environmental Management System
The protection of the environment is central to CMR’s approach. In accordance with this ethos we
have developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) adhering to all guidelines outlined in the
internationally recognised standard ISO 14001. CMR have been accredited to the standard since inception
in September 2003. Environmental and Sustainability audits are done internally and externally twice per
annum by LRQA, a UKAS accredited body.
We use this internal EMS to ensure full compliance with all relevant legislation so that customers,
regulators and the wider community have full confidence in our stewardship of mobile handsets and
accessories. Our EMS is one part of a substantial programme of action, which broadly falls into the
following main categories:
• An Environmental Policy for best environmental practice
• The creation of a Register of Environmental Legislation
ensuring that all our legal duties are met
• Development of an audit plan to ensure maintenance
of the EMS and identify areas for improvement
• Environmental Management Review meetings to analyse
performance and set new objectives and targets relating to CMR’s core aspects. The most important aspect of our
Environmental Management System is the safe recycling
of mobile handsets, batteries and accessories. Our publicly
available Annual Environmental Statement focuses on these important aspects as illustrated below.
Performance Against Targets 2013/14
Corporate Mobile Recycling exceeded its target for 2013/2014. We either recycled or resold in excess of
740,000 handsets and maintained our relationships with our core recycling and reprocessing partner; Else
Refining Limited. All cardboard was recycled via London Recycling Ltd (Camden Council) and was collected
and processed on a bi-monthly basis.
Date / Description
Handset quantity sold for resuse or recycled through Else Refining Ltd
Zero Landfill
Zero Landfill
Zero Landfill
Zero Landfill
Cardboard recycled through London Recycling Ltd
CMR Process Summary
Formal Quotation for any quantity of Mobiles.
Additional Information also supplied including
Environmental and Logistics Accreditation for
conformity to customer procedures.
Collection of Mobile Phones from multiple sites. Preferred third party logistics companies are UPS
(UK) and FedEx (international). An agreed date and
time will be relayed via your CMR Account Manager.
All mobile devices are processed using CMR’s Mobile
Device Management System; identified, entered as
‘working’ or ‘non-working’ and prices attributed
accordingly. IMEI’s and serial numbers are captured
and cross-checked against Recipero’s CheckMEND
Due Diligence Service.
On agreement of Quotation CMR will assign an
Account Manager whose first job is to relay Packing
Instructions to the customer including times and
procedures for collection of goods.
A confirmation email is sent to the customer on
receipt of the goods by CMR.
A report detailing IMEI, Quantity, Customer Ref
Number and Value is sent in PDF or an editable
Excel format. Data Erasure Reports are provided
for each individual unit and sent with the Financial
Report. Financial Report is then utilised by the
customer to generate an invoice to complete the
CMR were appointed as preferred mobile device recycler by the London Organising Committee for the
Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG). On completion of the London Games CMR completed the
recycling of 20,000 mobile devices for LOCOG. As a Worldwide Olympic Partner, Samsung provided mobile
devices to all employees and volunteers participating in the event. CMR enabled more than 2,000 of these
staff to purchase back their devices using a bespoke self designed shop system. In total CMR processed,
data erased, and resold 15,000 units within 6 weeks, paying in excess of £50,000 more than the minimum
contracted value. LOGOC’s ITT was based on four critical success factors;
• Data Erasure
• System Development
• General Competence
“CMR were contracted to take back and recycle all of the
mobile phones and satellite navigation systems that had
previously been used by LOCOG employees and volunteer staff.
They proved to be a good choice providing a professional
and reliable service! Collections and reporting were prompt
and valuation proved to be greater than anticipated. CMR
also developed and adapted their online shop front to
accommodate the employees and volunteers who wanted to
buy the mobile phones they had used at the London Olympic
and Paralympic Games. The whole process was very smooth
and LOCOG were delighted with the quality of CMR’s service”
Simon Taffe, LOCOG
• Commercial Pricing
20,000 Olympic Phones
recycled for LOCOG by CMR
West Midlands Police
Hampshire Constabulary
Since 2013 CMR have been the Principal
Sponsors for the West Midlands Policy
Community Diamond Awards which celebrate
close ties with the local community and highlight
important work performed by Police Officers
in their Region. Olly Tagg of CMR pictured
presenting the Police Officer of the Year Award
to Joe Trusselle.
CMR has partnered with Hampshire
Constabulary for the last 6 years, during which
time we have purchased, processed and data
cleansed a total of 12,500 mobile devices and
paid in excess of £90,000.
CMR collects from 10 different Property Sites
throughout Hampshire, the largest county in
South East England. All mobile devices received
by CMR are itemised with value attributed to
every unit.
“We have been using CMR for over 6 years to
recycle all of our unclaimed mobile phones. The
service they provide to us is excellent and their
care and attention in providing assistance
whenever required is invaluable”
Lucy Jenkins, Property Manager
Mat Lambert
email: [email protected]
tel: 07805 700 348